I Must Confess

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A discovery?

“Zac! Jake!” Turning around, Zac caught sight of Jane pushing through the crowd of students wanting to go home.

“You weren’t joking when you said that all the girls keep staring at you,” Jake commented, looking as lazy as ever, before stopping to lean against the wall.

Jane finally caught up with the two boys, her leather jacket still on even though it was bloody hot outside. The school had a uniform but allowed their students to wear any jacket they wanted as long as it was black, white or navy blue.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zac asked the black-haired girl with a raised eyebrow.

“Do you want to come over to our house? It’s not far from here.” Jane asked him unsurely.

“Yeah sure. It’s not like my aunt will mind.” Zac replied with a shrug.

Jake turned towards Zac, “Your aunt? Don’t you live with your mother?”

Zac shrugged again and said, “My mom is busy with a TV show overseas and I don’t who my father is.”

After shooting Jake a glare, Jane said tenderly, “We know how you feel. We don’t know who our mother is; she died when we were two. But at least we have a picture of her, so it helps.”

They finally arrived at the Darcy household. It was a cream coloured, double story house. On the inside it was furnished plainly but it immediately made you feel at home.

“Jake! Jane!” someone called from what looked like the kitchen.

The Darcy siblings exchanged weary glances, “Why’s he home so early?” Jake whisper-yelled to Jane.

“I don’t know. Do you think Mr. Gawain complained about us almost burning the lab?”

A good looking man in his early thirties walked in. He had the same hair and eye colour as the twins, as well as the same light brown skin tone. But what surprised Zac the most was how much the man resembled himself. The only difference between the two was their eye colour and slight variation in skin tone.

Looking at the strong but lean man, Zac thought excitedly to himself, “Maybe this is my mother’s family! Maybe a sibling or cousin and his children!”

Zac was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even hear the twins introduce the man.

“I’m sorry, what?” Zac asked flushing red with embarrassment.

Jane just laughed while Jake shook his head and repeated what they said earlier. “This is our father, Carson.”

Zac shook Mr. Darcy’s hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you, sir. I’m Zac Blue.”

Carson concealed his slight surprise at how much Zac looked like himself before smirking at the ‘sir’ reference. “No need to call me sir, Carson is fine. And I’m very aware of who you are, after all, my kids can’t stop talking about the Blue models.”

The twins both flushed bright red and shouted in unison, “Dad!”

Mr. Darcy raised his hands in surrender, “Ok! Ok! And I’m having a word with the two of you later. Don’t think you’ll get away with the lab incident.”

The twins just groaned before telling Zac to follow them up the stairs.

‘So that’s what it feels like to have a dad,’ Zac thought to himself.

Zac had many questions he wanted to ask Carson but he refrained from doing so. His questions would surely raise suspicion and bring about the subject of his mother’s condition which he didn’t want anyone to know about. There were already enough people watching and looking into their lives, if word got out about her condition the media wouldn’t leave his mother alone.

~ ~ ~

The next few months flew by quite quickly. The twins came over to Kailey’s house where Zac was staying almost every day after school. Every time they came over they marveled over the interior and exterior of the mansion.

Their favourite parts of the mansion was the gaming room, the movie room, the indoor pool and lastly the huge yard that housed a fountain filled with koi fish as well as many trees and flowers.

Zac was just as often by their house as they were by his. Mr. Darcy became the father that he never had. Over the four months that Zac knew the siblings, he found out that they were quite popular. The school population were a bit wary of their bluntness but there was also that sense of admiration that they held for the twins. The twins considered Zac as a younger sibling and were super protective of him.

Zac himself was quite popular with both the girls and the boys. Both Zac and Jake were on the soccer team while Jane was on the hockey team. All of them good at the sport they did.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Zac was getting ready to go to the twin’s house. He walked towards his aunt’s office to tell her that he was off when he heard a man’s hushed voice, “She’s not getting better. She keeps mumbling things like ‘Leave me alone! I don’t know where she is!’ and she constantly gets nightmares. The psychologist can’t help her because she keeps spacing out and mumbling things. I’m sorry but we’ve tried to help her for one month now and we’ve seen no improvement, in fact it seems like she’s getting worse. We’ll try for two more months and if she doesn’t improve we’re sending her to a mental institute.”

Deciding that what they were speaking about was none of his business, Zac just left his aunt a note saying where he was going. He was still wondering who the person they were talking about was but quickly brushed it aside as soon as he saw the Darcy’s house.

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