I Must Confess

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Who is Jessica Blanche?

“Whoa!” Zac exclaimed when Jane cut him off.

“Before you ask, I felt like dressing like this.” Jane gestured towards the outfit she chose emphatically. This week they were allowed to dress casually to school and Jane decided to dress in all black on this particular day.

Zac raised a fine brow at her in amusement before he said, “Actually, I was going to say it complimented your hair and eyes...and your mood.”

Jane just flipped him off whilst Zac chuckled and followed her and Jake into the school building.

“Jane! Oh my beloved Jane!” A guy with dark hair and blue eyes called out dramatically, jogging over to where Zac and the twins stood. Jane scowled at the newcomer and hissed, “I’m not in the mood for you, Jason.”

The guy, Jason, just raised his hands and said, “Hey now, I just wanted to see how my favourite person is doing today.”

“Well now you saw so go away.”

“You haven’t seen me in months. Why not take advantage of being in the company of the dashing and debonair?”

“You should’ve just stayed in Gallo you egotistical mmm...”

Zac couldn’t help but stare at the two of them bickering. They looked quite the sight with Jane wearing a plain, black crop top; black high-waisted skinny jeans and black Doc Martens while Jason was wearing a tight, black, long sleeved t-shirt that emphasized his muscles with black jeans and Doc Martens as well.

When Zac finally tuned back into what they were doing, he couldn’t help but blink. He blinked again and again.

Turning to face Jake he asked, “Is it just me or are they having a make-out session after Jane made it clear that she doesn’t like him?”

Jake sighed, running his hand through his hair and said, “Jane always gives into him even though she tells him to get lost. I like to think of it as enemies with benefits.”

Without breaking the kiss, Jane flipped them the bird before completely ignoring them and focusing solely on Jason. The boys just chuckled before heading to their respective classes.


“Ugh!” Jane screeched, gripping her hair. “What idiot discovered calculus?”

“I think you mean what genius invented calculus and why it was forced upon the dumb and stupid like yourself.” Jake retorted, flicking the dirt from beneath his nails nonchalantly.

“Dumb and stupid are synonyms, idiot.”

“Oh, looks who’s using not two, but three synonyms in one sentence, dimwit.”

“Dimwit is also a synonym of those three words I used you dumbfu-” Jane started before she was interrupted by Zac who loudly entered the Darcy’s living room.

He threw himself on the couch, resting his feet on the table where Jane was working on. She was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table, so she was unfortunate enough to be attacked by Zac’s putrid smelling socks that rested right next to her.

After hitting his feet off of the table with her ruler she started a long dramatic speech on why she couldn’t finish her homework, “I’ll just be like: ‘Sir, my cat jumped on the wall and saw a whale die. He was so traumatized that we had to take him to a neurologist. He wouldn’t eat for days and he kept howling at night-’”

Zac cut her off, with his nose in the air and one finger up, he said snottily, “Firstly, that excuse is like legit uncreative and stupid. And secondly, calculus isn’t that difficult at all.”

Jane shifted so that she was facing Zac before she retorted, “Yeah, and this is all coming from someone who is what? Ten years old?”

At this Zac just smirked and said in a fake baby voice, “My word! Did poor little Jane not hear?”

At this Jane’s eyes narrowed, “Hear what?”

“Apparently I’m too clever for my grade so now I’m in yours.”

“WHAT?! You can’t just skip two grades.”

“I can and I did. I’m in your grade now Jane. Oh and by the way, your first answer is wrong.” Zac said staring at her smugly.

“Did you know about this?” Jane asked Jake, completely ignoring Zac’s last comment.

Jake just shrugged his shoulders and lazily looked up at her, “I might’ve known. You would’ve too if you weren’t too busy sucking face with Jared.”

“His name is Jason and I wasn’t sucking face with him. We were only catching up.”

Zac and Jake snorted in unison. “Guys I’m serious, we were only catching up. You know? Talking.” Jane said exasperatedly. Once again Zac and Jake snorted and said in unison, “Sure, whatever you say.”

Jane looked at them weirdly before saying, “Seriously guys, stop speaking with each other. It’s creepy.”

Zac and Jake said, once again, in unison, “What if we don’t want to?”

Jane looked up at the ceiling and said, “Dear Lord, help me!”

Zac and Jake just chuckled and sang in unison whilst doing the chicken dance where they were sitting, “Jason and Jane sitting in a tree. K- I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes sucking face, then comes ‘talking’ then comes the baby before their marriage.”

Jane’s eye twitched. “You guys rehearsed that didn’t you?” She gritted out.

“Maybe,” the boys said in sync, a smug smile pulling at their lips.


Later that night, Zac was sitting in front of his desk with the lamp light on. He was reading over and over the letter but couldn’t find any clue as to what it meant. Suddenly he recalled what his aunt told him the night before and quickly typed the name ‘Jessica Blanche’ on Google. Several articles popped up and he randomly chose one of them. The articles’ headline read: Unfortunate circumstances leaves prodigy child orphaned.

The article furthermore said,

Last Wednesday Juliet and Jeffery Blanche were involved in a car accident. Officials believe that it was a murder plot against the actors. Since they were liked by almost everyone, police suspect that they had quite a few haters as well. Relatives of the actors told officials that there was someone who kept threatening their niece who stayed with them at the time. They were targeted for trying to protect their niece, Samantha Blanche. Apparently there was a feud between Samantha and the person who killed Juliet and Jeffery. What exactly happened between them remains a mystery. Samantha, 19, and the Blanche’s daughter, Jessica, who is 9 years old will be put under protective custody.

The next article caught Zac’s eye. It read:

Jessica Blanche, 20, went missing Friday evening when she was on her way to meet up with some friends. She is a mother of twins who were only two at the time. Her cousin, Samantha, wasn’t in the country at the time and after speaking to her it was suspected that the same person who killed Jessica’s parents kidnapped her.

Police in Gallo found the suspected kidnapper with 5 other victims. While four were killed only one was alive. The one who was alive was said to have amnesia. Before police could question her or even find out if she was Jessica Blanche, an unknown man said that under orders he would take her and no questions were allowed to be fired at her. No one was able to identify who she was since she mysteriously vanished after that. Rumour had it that the woman changed her appearance and is in fact Jessica.

At the time the woman was two months pregnant so officials took this as their chance to find her when the time neared to when she had to give birth. It seemed though that thewoman was completely under the radar and no traces of her could be found.

The following article heading also caught Zac’s eye but he was disappointed when he read what it said:

The information in this article is completely confidential and was therefore removed.

Zac quickly got up and fetched his phone, dialing someone he hasn’t spoken to in months.

“Well isn’t this a surprise? Zac Blue is actually calling me?” The voice on the other side of the phone said sarcastically.

“I know it’s been a while and it’s wrong of me to do this, but I have a job for you.”

“I’m listening.”

“Good, because here’s what I need you to do...”

© Crimson B

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