I Must Confess

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The doors to the local café opened and in walked a beautiful, dark skinned, young female. She was no older than 16 years with brown hair that was cut into a bob and hazel eyes. Sunglasses perched on the top of her head; she craned her neck, searching the small café, until she spotted the person she was looking for.

Zac was seated next to the window in the middle of the café looking down at his phone when he noticed long, slender legs stop in front of him. Trailing his eyes up, he noticed the person wearing white skinny jeans. Looking further up he noticed a pink crop top and finally he locked eyes with the person. Hazel eyes and green eyes, staring, until the brown haired girl smirked.

“Well, it certainly feels like ages since I last saw you. Even though it was just a little over a year that you last visited before you mysteriously left.” The girl stated smoothly even though her eyes were saying something deeper, trying to convey a message to him.

Once she was settled opposite Zac in their booth, Zac said, “I know and I’m sorry. Everything was rushed and I didn’t have time for anything. But I’m glad that you did this for me. So what did you find out, Watson?”

The girl just rolled her eyes, ‘He definitely didn’t change. Straight to the point as usual. And what the hell is up with him calling me Watson?’ She thought.

Changing her dialect to Gallonese so that no one would understand what she was saying, she said, “Apparently that Samantha Blanche lady is bisexual. In her first year of university she shared a dorm with another female who was lesbian and naturally the two of them dated. After a while Samantha told the lady that she just wasn’t feeling anything for her anymore and that she was in fact in love with another person: a guy.

The lady was pissed because Samantha was the only one who she felt understood her, considering the extreme homophobia at the time, and Samantha was someone that she really loved. The lady was bat-shit crazy, a complete psychopath. Apparently the emotional trauma she experienced when she was younger is what caused her to snap. She attempted murdering the guy Samantha loved but could never find him alone. Samantha found out about her wanting to kill the guy Samantha loved by chance and, in front of the entire university, embarrassed her. Samantha told everyone how the lady was crazy and that even her own mother rejected her. The lady was furious. She started threatening Samantha until Samantha was forced to move to Drase where she stayed with her uncle and aunt who were both actors.

A few months passed until the threats started again. About four months later her aunt and uncle died. This traumatized not only Samantha but her nine year old cousin as well. The rest you know. The nine year old child, Jessica, disappeared 11 years later. But everyone says that she went crazy after the accident so it wasn’t clear whether she disappeared purposefully or if she was kidnapped. The guy who helped the lady everyone thought was Jessica in Gallo covered his tracks really well. Even the lady couldn’t be traced for 14 years now.”

Zac was stunned at the news he just received. He stared at her in awe before asking, “How’d you get a hold of that information?”

She just raised a fine brow at him, “I’m not called a hacker for nothing you know.”

Before Zac could retort to her conceited statement, a girl with red hair and sunglasses plopped down next to him. Jake then appeared and sat down next to the brown haired girl who looked astonished at the sudden appearance of the newcomers.

“What are you doing, Jane?” Zac asked in amusement.

Her red wig hit her hard in the face as she quickly turned towards him, “How’d you know it was me?”

Zac scoffed, “Only you would be stupid enough to think that no one will notice you in that. And seriously, oversized sweats?”

“I told you it wouldn’t work, you stupid orangutan.” Jake said smugly.

“Why are you hiding from Jason?” Zac asked knowingly.

Jane wasn’t even surprised that he figured out what she was doing and sighed, “We had a disagreement and I don’t want to see him. I don’t want him to know we’re going to Varna for the holidays.”

At this Zac’s eyebrows shot up, “Wait. You’re going away?”

Jake replied this time, “Yeah. Our dad has something he has to do there and we’re staying with cousins that we haven’t seen in years. Sorry for leaving you, man.”

“It’s chilled. I have Keira here who’s going to keep me company.” Zac said, smiling at the brown haired girl who just raised her eyebrows at him.

The twins just stared at her for a while before realising that she was there the whole time and they didn’t even introduce themselves. After introductions were made, Jane asked, “So how do you know each other?”

Keira grinned and said, “Well, something you don’t know about Zac is that he’s into older girls. We both modelled for the same company and ever since he set eyes on me he couldn’t leave me alone.”

Jake smirked at Zac and said, “So, older ladies huh?”

“Exaggerative much...” Zac muttered before being cut off by Jane who hissed under her breath. Following her gaze, he saw what, or rather who, she was looking at: none other than Jason. He spotted them and made his way over.

“Why must he have brilliant eyesight?” Jane mumbled. By this time, he had made it to their table.

“Hey guys. Do you know where Jane is?” Jason asked, smiling at them.

They all shook their heads while Jane held her head down. Zac replied, “No we haven’t. Why are you looking for her?”

Jason looked directly at Jane when he said, “I want to speak to her about something but since you haven’t seen her I’ll be on my way.”

With that he walked away. From where Jane was sitting, next to Zac by the window, she had a clear view of Jason leaving. Heaving a sigh of relief, she ripped the wig off of her head and dumped it in front of her.

When she caught Keira looking at her she asked, “What? You’ve never seen people do this in Gallo?” Keira just shook her head with a slight grin on her face, not even bothering to answer.

When Jane looked out of the window, her breath hitched. Wondering why she was frozen, the other three looked out of the window as well. They all caught sight of Jason standing on the other side of the street staring right at Jane. Jane quickly scrambled up and bolted for the back door of the café. Jason then ran to that side of the building and sprinted after her.

“Are they always this…” Zac trailed off looking for the right word, “dramatic?”

Jake sighed for the millionth time that day, “Yeah. I bet you that he caught up to her and she tried to resist him but failed. Then she told him we’re going to Varna and then they’re probably going to start kissing.”

“Then there was absolutely no point of her trying to dodge him.” Keira noted. Jake glanced at her from the corner of his eye and nodded his head in agreement.

“How long are you staying here?” Jake asked Keira conversationally while Zac ordered a coffee for each of them.

“I’m staying for the entire holiday.”

Jake nodded in understanding and further asked, “So where are you staying? With family?”

Keira shook her head and replied, “No, I’m staying at a guesthouse...”

Zac quickly interrupted her by saying, “For the night. Tomorrow she’s staying with me.”

Keira and Jake both quirked their eyebrows at Zac in question.

“Why should she have to pay when she can just stay in the mansion with me? And besides, aunt Kailey knows her.” He directed his answer towards Jake.

No one spoke on the subject again and instead spoke about how Jake and Zac were having their last football (soccer) game on the upcoming Saturday.

Keira just listened and looked at Zac. To Zac it felt like she was trying to look into his soul and try and figure out if he was the same boy she used to know.

Once Jake left them saying that he had to separate the two lovebirds, Keira asked the question that was on her mind for a while, “Why would you just decide that I would willingly stay with you?”

Zac sighed and tiredly smiled at her, “I know I still owe you from way back and I promise that I’ll make it up to you. As for your question, I need your help remember? If you’re in the same house, then we can work on it together whenever; but if you stay in the guesthouse then we’ll barely get time to work on it if we have to come to each other the whole time. And what if one of us forgets the things we found out by our houses?”

Keira sighed in defeat, “Fine. And if you think sweet talking me is going to make everything better between us then you’ve got another thing coming. I’ve changed over this year and a bit that we haven’t seen each other.”

Zac just smirked in amusement when Keira suddenly asked him, “Where’s Diaan?”

Zac’s face became impassive and he monotonously replied, “Working on a TV show overseas.”

Keira noted the change in Zac’s demeanour and cautiously asked, “When do you see your mum again?”

Zac shrugged before releasing a sigh, “Not sure but something tells me that I’ll be seeing her very soon.”

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