I Must Confess

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Leave with a bang

I must confess that I had murdered Juliet and Jeffery Blanche.


“So you’re leaving on Friday, huh?” Zac asked cavalierly, concealing his disappointment.

Jake stared at Zac out of the corner of his eye, noticing the sudden mood change despite Zac trying his best to conceal it.

Before Jake could comment on it, Jane came walking in with Jason trailing behind her, his hands carelessly hanging from the loops on his black jeans. Zac raised a fine brow but didn’t comment on the bipolar couple, instead he reverted his attention back to Jake.

Noticing the attention on him, Jake turned towards Zac again and said, “You can always come with us you know? Dad won’t mind.”

Jane quickly figured out what the topic of discussion was and sat next to Zac, “Yeah. Dad won’t mind at all. In fact he’d like it if you’d come, he thinks that you keep us out of trouble,” she ended off with a grin.

Jason was quiet this whole time and when Zac actually acknowledged his presence in the room, he wasn’t surprised to find Jason looking at Jane intently.

Zac smiled timidly before apologetically saying, “I can’t. Keira’s here remember? I can’t just up and leave.”

The twins looked confused for a second before realization dawned on their faces.

‘They probably forgot who she is already, not even a week after meeting her,’ Zac thought in amusement, yet finding it slightly scary that their memory is so faulty.

“Oh well that sucks,” Jake said bluntly before turning towards Jane, “Looks like our plan of dumping Harry on him went down the drain.”

Jane looked just as crestfallen as her brother when she realised this, “Aw man! I really wanted a Harry free holiday!” she complained vociferously.

Zac decided that he had enough of being in the dark and asked the million dollar question, “Who’s Harry?”


“So now what?” the woman asked anxiously.

The man looked at her briefly before bringing his attention back to his computer. “We’re going to Rio,” was the curt reply she received.

They were making up a conversation to throw their pursuers off. They knew that they were being watched and were being extra careful.

“But why? That’s so far away.” She said, remembering the script that they had gone over the night before of all the specific details they were to mention.

“I have a friend who lives there. He has information that will be useful to us.”

“Okay, but what if we’re followed?”

“No need to worry about that, we’ve been careful enough not to give ourselves away. In any case our flight is at 4pm sharp tomorrow. You sure you’ve got everything?”


They nodded at each other, silently congratulating themselves on sounding so convincing. Now they just had to wait and see if their plan would go smoothly. They just hoped their doppelgänger’s remembered what they needed to do.


Keira was out with friends and Zac had absolutely nothing to do. It was safe to say that he was jaded.

Laying on the floor and contemplating life, he suddenly remembered a K-Pop group that Keira was raving over and decided to look them up.

Typing in the search bar, he looked up the group called, Blackpink. He only started watching one of their videos when he got a call from Jane ordering him to get his ‘fine ass over this very instant’. Laughing to himself he made his way right over, not wanting to anger her majesty.

Zac had been at the Darcy household for an hour now and he was still mind blown.

“You want to do what now?!” Zac asked for the first time since hearing the news.

Jane playfully rolled her eyes at him and said, “Don’t make me repeat myself, Zac.”

Shaking his head he said, “So you want to leave for the holidays with a bang? And this is your idea of a bang?”

“Yes. Besides, both Jake and Jason are on board. Come on Zac! The crowd will go even crazier if ‘The Zac Blue’ is doing it with us.” Jane said persuasively.

Zac sighed begrudgingly and Jane gave a satisfied smirk. “Practice is tomorrow at 4pm sharp!”


It was the school’s annual talent show and Zac, the twins and Jason were set to perform soon. Standing backstage and watching the other acts and singers going up was actually quite tedious. None of the siblings or Jason were nervous, all three used to being the center of attention.

Zac wasn’t nervous either as he was in the spotlight for most of his life.

“And now the performance that everyone has been waiting for, Jane Drew!” The announcer called, motioning for them to come on stage.

Once they were all in position on stage, Zac looked towards the crowd and saw the principal’s jaw hanging on the floor. Jane noticed this as well and smirked slightly before nodding her head towards the DJ, indicating for him to start the song.

‘Va Va Voom’ by Nicki Minaj started playing and Zac was sure the principal would faint. “Poor guy,” Jake murmured to Zac from his place beside him.

The music started and both Zac and Jake started their stripper dancing in the back.

All three boys were wearing dark skinny jeans and sleeveless, black shirts that clung to them. Jason was at the forefront with Jane while she was dancing around him. She was wearing black tights, thigh-high black boots and a black, sleeveless, v-line, black crop top.

The crowd was going crazy and it didn’t help that Jane went down on all fours and pretended to scratch them. She continued moving languidly on the stage while she was singing along to the song. She even went as far as jumping on the spot with her fist in the air while shouting, “Sing along!”

The student population went crazy after that and started screaming the lyrics, “If you got it, you got it, you got that boom boom!”

The highlight of the night was when Jake and Zac stepped forward and Jane and Jason stepped back, letting the two boys take the show home. Once in front, Zac and Jake continued their slow grinding dance moves, just this time they slowly removed their tops and threw it into the crowd. They continued dancing seductively until the song finally ended.

The crowd went completely bonkers after that and they all bowed before sauntering off the stage.

“Wow! I’m on such a high right now it’s unbelievable,” Jane gushed, her face flushed.

Although Jason, Jake and Zac didn’t say anything, you could see that they were also on a high. Jake and Zac managed to find their respective backpacks and pulled out a shirt to cover themselves while Jane got them all a bottle of water.

“You guys never fail to entertain do you?”

A tanned skinned girl with dark brown hair and eyes so dark it looked black came walking towards the group. She was of average height and quite good looking.

“Megan?” the twins echoed each other’s shocked voices.

While Jane went and hugged her, Jake just stood back and watched them. When Jane finally released Megan she asked, “How come you’re in Drase? And where’s Jared?”

Megan gestured behind her and said, “He’s coming now. And anyway my dad had another case that brought him here. Jared and I decided to tag along since we’re on break and all.”

The twins nodded before remembering that Zac and Jason were also in the room. Jake coughed awkwardly before making the introductions. “That’s Zac Blue, yes the famous model. And that’s Jason; I’m not sure what he and Jane are though so for now he’s just here.”

“Hey!” Jason said lamely and turned towards Jane with a frown. She just smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips, making his frown vanish instantaneously.

Jake rolled his eyes and made a ‘see what I mean’ gesture. “Zac, Jason, that’s Megan. Her father was the head investigative officer on our mother’s case. She used to come around to our house a lot whenever her dad had a case here in Drase.”

“Hey,” Zac greeted politely, offering her a hand.

She took his hand and said, “I’m a huge fan by the way. And I think you’re really good looking.”

Megan was suddenly pulled back and wrapped in the arms of a tall guy with dark hair and hazel eyes. His face was quite defined and he looked like he worked out.

“Jared!” Megan shrieked, “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

Jared just nuzzled his face in her neck and said, “I leave you for a second and you’re already telling other guys how good looking they are?”

Megan just rolled her eyes and flippantly said, “I was just complimenting his good genes.”

Jared let her go and smacked her butt playfully, “I see. I guess I’ll just have to tell Rachel that I thought things through and that I will finally go on a date with her.”

Before she could retort, Jared had already turned towards Jake and did the whole bro hug thing.

“Hey man, how have you been? Still suck as badly at football?” Jake asked jokingly.

Jared just grinned at Jake’s greeting before turning towards Megan, still speaking to Jake, “I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to ask Rachel.”

Megan looked ready to kill. Whoever this Rachel girl was, Zac felt sorry for her.

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