I Must Confess

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“I must confess that I was going to kill you.”


Jake and Jane had left for Varna grounded. Mr. Darcy had gotten a phone call from the principal and had immediately demanded an explanation from the twins.

When all he got was a weak, “we wanted to leave with a bang?” he grounded them for the whole holiday.

To Zac’s surprise though, the twins were okay with being grounded. When questioned on why they weren’t poignant over the fact that they couldn’t do anything without their father there with them, they surprised him, “It was our plan all along. We don’t want our cousin, Harry, anywhere near us so we devised this plan to get grounded. This way we will not be subjected to being left at his house.”

Zac couldn’t help but gape at their explanation. “So you ruined your entire holiday just to get away from your cousin?”

“Pretty much,” they said in unison. Zac was baffled at their thought process and at the fact that none of them were mature enough to tell the other what a stupid idea that was.

The day had arrived for the twins and Mr. Darcy to leave for Varna. Zac was standing with both Megan and Jared at the airport, waving the twins goodbye. The trio couldn’t help but laugh when they saw Mr. Darcy holding one hand of both Jake and Jane, dragging them towards the terminal to prevent them from causing any more trouble.

“They never cease to amaze me,” Megan laughed breathily, shaking her head in amusement. Both Jared and Zac couldn’t help but agree.

“This holiday sure is going to be boring without them,” Zac commented morosely.

Jared looked at Zac and said, “We’re staying here for a while, so why don’t you hang out with us? We sure could use the company. Megan can get quite irritating at times.”

That last comment had rewarded Jared with an impressive shove which caused him to trip over his own feet and fall on the floor with a loud, “Oomph!”

Megan turned around, grabbed Zac and marched off, “Serves you right you little bastard,” she said with a haughty smirk.


“Hey, Keira! We’re going to the movies to watch Aquaman. Want to come?” Zac called, shouting up from the bottom of the staircase.

Keira appeared at the balcony and politely declined, “A little too late for that Zac, sorry. I already watched it.”

Zac just nodded and said, “Okay maybe next time.”

“It’s just us,” Zac informed Megan and Jason. They nodded before heading off for the movies.


“Wow! That was really amazing for a DC movie!”


“I would so watch that again.”

After carrying on and recalling the events that happened in the movie - even though they were all there watching the same movie - they finally left towards the ice-cream parlour situated right across from the movie house.

“So how’d you meet the twins?” Jared asked, slinging his arm around the back of Megan’s chair, both of them sitting opposite Zac.

“The principal was busy talking to me and explaining a few things when he caught the twins sneaking in. As their punishment he made them take me on a tour of the school and had them look out for me for a week at the most. It didn’t end up as a punishment though since they practically looked up to me.” Zac ended off with a smug smirk, recalling the first day he met the twins.

Both Megan and Jared laughed making comments of “typical” and “when are they ever not in trouble?”

Zac hung out with Megan and Jared for the rest of the day and found that they were actually really cool and laid-back people. They went ice-skating and the amount of times that Jared fell was hitting close to over ten. His pants were so wet he looked like he didn’t run for the toilets fast enough. He ended up holding onto Megan for support for majority of their time there.

Once they left the ice rink Zac and Megan were leaning on each other for support, neither of them able to control their laughter. Jared looked unimpressed and pretended to walk away from them.

“Wait!” Megan called before collapsing back on Zac, her laughing fit starting all over again.


“Bye Zac! It was nice hanging out with you. We should do this again tomorrow,” Megan said with a smile.

They were standing at the intersection where they would part ways. “Yeah man. We could try out that amusement park out there on Ferry Street,” Jared added, shaking hands with Zac.

Zac beamed, “Sounds like a plan. See you guys tomorrow.”


*Flashback 16 and a half years ago*

“Jessica! You’re going to be late to your own wedding! Hurry up! What are you even doing that’s taking so long?” A very frantic lady with pepper and salt hair exclaimed, rushing about.

“Relax Myrna,” Jessica said soothingly, coming up behind her and massaging her shoulders. “I’m done already.”

Myrna visibly relaxed before turning around and gasping, “Oh my goodness! What is that bruise on your arm? Is that from the banging noise I heard earlier? Did you bump into something? Oh my goodness we need to fix this now! The wedding is starting in half an hour and your make up isn’t even done!”

Jessica sighed before letting an anxious Myrna do her magic on her.

“All done! Thank the heavens,” Myrna said before quickly exclaiming, “We’re late! The poor groom probably thinks you ditched. Let’s go!”

It was a rush after that and once they arrived outside the hall in the rented Lamborghini, Jessica couldn’t help but smile in relief.

‘She’s going to give me grey hair soon.’ Jessica thought of Myrna with a fond smile before being pushed by said person into the hall.

“What took so long?” The groom spoke through a tight smile.

Jessica just gave him a shy smile before saying, “Uh well...I saw this cat try and kill this dog that was trying to steal its food so I...”

She was abruptly cut off by the groom kissing her, “You can talk so much crap it’s not even funny. But that’s why I love you.” He said, their noses touching.

“Aw! That’s sweet and all but everyone is waiting for you to say your vows!” The best man whisper-yelled, bring the two lovebirds back to the present.

The groom obnoxiously cleared his throat before saying the speech he had spent memorizing all night.

The procession continued without a glitch after that and at long last the day was over.

“Jeez I never want to go through that again,” Jessica said, collapsing onto the bed in their new house.

“You won’t ever need to. Unless you decide to remarry?” her new husband said, falling beside her.

“Nah. Where am I going to find a hot hunk like you again? And besides I wouldn’t want other women to have their paws all over you.”

“Wow. You know exactly what to say to make me feel loved and not used,” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Jessica just laughed breathily before grabbing his tie and pulling him closer, “What do we do now?”

He removed his blazer and tie before smiling suggestively, “Well Mrs. Darcy, I have quite a few ideas.”

“Me too but first, I’m actually quite hungry. Want a sandwich?”

His face darkened before he pulled her towards him and crushed his lips against hers. “Stop playing with me!”

“Who’s playing with whom now? Stop talking already!” She said with an evil smirk.

*End of flashback*

“Hey, Aunt Kailey? I’m actually very hungry. Can’t you make me a sandwich?”

“It’s three in the morning. Go make your own damn sandwich Zac!”

Zac sulkily walked down to the kitchen to get something to eat. He grumpily murmured, “She never had a problem getting up to make me something before. Humph!”

©Crimson B

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