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Maisey Drew is a wannabe cat burglar on the hunt to help solve what happened to her brother’s dead girlfriend. So when she becomes desperate enough to break into an empty mansion looking for something to exonerate him, what will she do when a sexy off-duty cop catches her redhanded?

Mystery / Erotica
Age Rating:


The weather was bad that night as a bone-chilling rain cut through the air and soaked the ground. It seeped in through the cracks of an abandoned mansion on the other side of Ivytown. The house had once belonged to a famous medical doctor years ago, but now it stood empty with no life left in it. All that remained was a single bookshelf loaded with dirty, dusty books and old papers, the only thing left from a massive library.

The sound of glass breaking followed by a loud thump echoed around the room. Someone had thrown a brick through the only window and fallen headfirst onto the musty carpet. A well-placed streetlamp outside cast the perfect amount of light onto who the person was...

A fairly young woman named Maisey Drew, about 27 years old with long dark hair, buttercream skin, and curves for days. Her big expressive dark eyes were red and puffy from crying all day- her older brother Samual was currently locked away in jail for a crime that he swears he didn’t commit. He and his friends were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when they stumbled upon the dead body of Samual’s ex-girlfriend Carrie while hiking in the woods the other day. The two had broken up before Carrie disappeared, so naturally, the cops blamed him despite the lack of evidence and the exact cause of death to be a mystery. The only clue was that Carrie had a history of heart problems.

Therefore, Maisey took it upon herself to find something, anything that would prove Samual to be innocent. That’s why she found herself breaking into this old mansion to look for any medical books about heart issues on a stormy night when mostly everyone would be indoors. After checking to make sure that her tight black bodysuit had no tears in it and her mask was still on, she swallowed her nerves, turned on her flashlight, and walked over to the bookshelf.

It was a huge 10-foot tall structure with splintering wood and cobwebs at every corner. Maisey had no idea where the books about the heart would be, but she wouldn’t give up until she found them. Not when her brother’s life was at stake....

Her flashlight shined on everything that the bookshelf had to offer - medicine, illegal drugs, human anatomy, mental health issues, and even poisonous plants... but so far, not a single book about the heart or its problems. Maisey’s mouth grew dry and her stomach churned like a river. Stuffing down the urge to start crying again, she began to paw at the dusty books and pull them down from their shelves. They stirred up clouds of dust and dirt and it made her eyes itch, but she kept going. If she had to empty the entire shelf to find what she was looking for, then so be it.

Thump after thump echoed around the room as Maisey tossed whatever she didn’t need into a pile at her feet. Her mind started to wander... about how her brother could be taken away from her with no warning... how close they had been since they lost their parents... how nobody in the police force seemed to even care about finding the truth except for her...

Well... all except for one cop in particular... an officer who went by the nickname “Pickles” because he ate them almost every day (his real name was Patrick, but that wasn’t nearly as catchy). He was about 32 years old and had been a homicide detective for more than a decade. Maisey liked to secretly compare him to the fictional Lieutenant Columbo because once he was onto something, there was no stopping him from solving it. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift to what the handsome detective looked like... soft black licorice hair... hazel green eyes... perfect toasty almond skin... and a body like something out of an adult magazine. It was enough to soak Maisey’s panties.

Unfortunately, though, Pickles was not assigned to the Carrie case and therefore, probably didn’t know much about it as an outsider. The only reason that Maisey knew him was because he had arrested her once for trespassing. But that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about making love to his sweet self...

She became so deep inside her own head that she almost didn’t notice the sound of footsteps just a few feet away from her until a loud voice called out-

“Police! Turn around and show me your hands!”

Maisey turned around, alright, but she was so startled that she yanked out her pocket taser and struck the person with it. An ear-splitting buzz rang out followed by Maisey’s screaming and a thump. To make matters worse, she had dropped her flashlight somewhere on the floor in her moment of panic and didn’t know where it was, so all she could see was a tall dark figure. If the person really was a police officer, then she could strip them down to get rid of any dangerous weapons and buy herself some extra time. The flashlight would have to wait.

Maisey controlled her breathing long enough to feel around the body. With trembling hands, she worked hastily to undo all the buttons and carefully slip his arms out of the shirt. Then she removed his shoes to make it easier to take his pants off. When she moved her hands to feel around his legs for weapons, she got quite a surprise that made her stomach churn again- the man wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Now even more frantic, Maisey scurried around the room to find her flashlight and spotted it just out of reach underneath the spotlight of the streep lamp outside. She crawled her way back over to the unconscious man and shined the light onto his face. What she saw took her breath away...

It was officer Pickles in the flesh. Maisey didn’t know his schedule very well, but she knew that he usually got off duty at around midnight and liked to patrol the surrounding area in case of lingering trouble. She checked her glow-in-the-dark watch and sure enough, it was now after midnight. The only thing she couldn’t understand was why Pickles wore no underwear! It was certainly going to be an awkward conversation when he woke up.

Still, Maisey couldn’t resist the urge to stare at him; Pickles was a beautiful man and she noticed for the first time that his chest and arms were littered with tattoos in various places - everything from flowers to his favorite snack that gave him his nickname. She ran her fingers over the artwork and continued down his rock-hard abs, almost drooling over how good he looked.

Like a giddy teenager, Maisey moved her flashlight to peek between his legs. She bit her lip when she noticed just how... large he was down there, definitely bigger than a pickle! Her little heart pounded and a huge pink blush flooded her creamy cheeks as a wicked idea came to her mind- she decided to chain him to a pipe that was exposed in the low ceiling... using his own handcuffs! Then she could really admire him like the Greek statue that he was! She just hoped that he wouldn’t be too mad at her.

No longer feeling afraid, Maisey got to work fishing out the handcuffs from his belt of weapons. She clipped one end to his left wrist and struggled to hold him up long enough to clip his other wrist so that the chain in the middle was hooked over the pipe, effectively trapping him there. Pickles was just tall enough for Maisey to be able to stand him up on his feet without him falling over. At last, she stood back a few inches so that her flashlight could catch everything.

The blush that stained Maisey’s face was spreading to her ears as her big dark eyes admired the artwork in front of her. Forget about being beautiful... Pickles was drop-dead gorgeous. He finally began to stir and move his head around and Maisey held her breath. When he opened his hazel green eyes, they quickly widened with confusion and worry.

“M-Maisey...?? What... where am I? And what are you doing here...?“ He looked up above his dark head. “And why am I handcuffed to this pipe...??”

“I’m sorry, officer, but my brother needs me and I have to save him from a terrible injustice!” Maisey interrupted.

Pickles gave her a questioning gaze.

“My brother Samual,” she continued. “He had a girlfriend named Carrie who recently turned up dead and the cops don’t care that he didn’t do it! But Carrie had a history of heart problems, so I’m here to see if I can find any books about it!”

A sudden realization crossed over the young man’s face. “Sooo... is that why you broke into this house and knocked me out?”

Maisey nodded. “Yes, and I’m sorry I knocked you out- I swear it was an accident! You just... startled me...”

“O-kay... but that still doesn’t explain why I ended up like... this...”

Pickles blushed hard as he realized just how vulnerable he really was... standing there... naked and handcuffed and completely exposed... to a woman he had been in love with since the day he arrested her a year ago. She was so beautiful and she really didn’t mean any harm... she just cared too much.

“Umm... I only took your shirt and pants so I could search you for weapons! I promise I didn’t do anything else...”

“But then... why handcuff me... and put me on display this... unless... ooohhh...”

Pickles blushed even harder, but he smiled slyly as Maisey nearly crumbled with embarrassment.

“Maisey, honey... did you... want to admire the view?”

The young girl stared at him with wide eyes and a beet-red face, trying to keep from falling over as her knees became weaker.

“Well... what do you think? You like what you see, you little cat burglar?”

The way Pickles was teasing her with his deep voice and giving her a lustful stare was enough to cause Maisey’s last bit of resolve to disappear. She latched herself onto him without another word and smashed her lips against his, pouring everything she had into the kiss. Not to be outdone, Pickles opened his mouth and let her tongue slip in, tasting the sweetness. He wanted to hold her close to him, but he was still handcuffed to the pipe.

“Maisey...” he murmured in between her kisses. “Get me out of... these damn things... there’s a key... in my pants pocket...”

Without hesitation, Maisey broke away to find his uniform pants, dig through the pockets, and pull out a small silver key pick. She hurried back over to Pickles and held the flashlight over the cuffs to find where to unlock them, finding the tiny key hole at the very bottom. As soon as they were off, the handsome detective grabbed Maisey in both arms and practically threw her to the floor. He was already getting a boner, but he focused on tearing off Maisey’s tight bodysuit by unraveling the zipper holding it together. When he saw her bare flesh underneath it, he laughed to himself.

“It appears I’m not the only one who decided to skip the under garments...”

”Oh, just shut up and finish the job...” grumbled Maisey, holding back a smile.

Pickles gladly obeyed and exposed more of her creamy skin that he licked and nibbled at. Her breasts popped out and he greedily sucked on her tan nipples, which were puckering from the cold air of the broken window. He was forced to stop so that he could peel away the rest of her costume from her body and as soon as he did, Maisey opened her arms and legs to him.

“It’s cold in here...”

”Don’t you worry, honeycomb... I’ll warm you right up...”

He slipped a finger into Maisey’s heated core, smiling at how wet she had become.

”I think you’re ready for me... this your first time?”

The pretty brunette blushed and nodded before trying to look away. Pickles lovingly kissed her.

”We don’t have to go any further, you know...”

But Maisey only held on tighter to him.

”There is no way I’m losing my virginity to anybody else...!”

”Mmm, good... ’cause tonight... I wanna get nasty... oh, so nasty...”

Maisey let out something between a cry and a giggle before Pickles slid himself into her soaking wet pussy and French-kissed her with his tongue deep in her mouth. He pumped her hard and fast without mercy, grunting like an animal. When he needed to breathe again, he released her lips and listened to the panting sounds she made. His hazel-green eyes watched the way her milky breasts bounced... the way she twisted her head back and forth... it was enough to make him mad with sexual frustration. Pickles wrapped Maisey in his arms like a warm tortilla and began to slow down with his thrusting. He wanted her first time to be an unforgettable experience... but he also didn’t want her to orgasm just yet. Since he had skipped the foreplay, he decided to start purring some dirty things into her ear.

“Your pussy is a fucking paradise, honeycomb... you smell just like vanilla... you taste like sweet buttercream... and you’re sooo wet for me... I wanna fuck your hot... wet pussy... until you cum... so fucking hard...”

Maisey could barely form a coherant thought, let alone think of what to say in return. The itch of her orgasm was gnawing away at her insides and Pickles wouldn’t stop teasing her. He stubbornly held back his own relief to satisfy her.

“But... I won’t let you cum... not until... I have you... screaming my name... out loud...”

“Ha... ha... P-Pickles...”

“Louder, honeycomb... don’t be shy... no one can... hear us...”

The sexy cop started to pick up the pace again, hammering away at his lover’s pussy. Her juices were seeping down her thighs and making them sticky.


“Hehe... louder, my dear...”

He thrust hard into Maisey’s love box and pinched her left nipple at the same time. When he poked against her g-spot, that was it.

“PICKLES!! I’m... I’m...!”

“Go ahead... I’m right here, baby...”

Maisey screamed the house down in complete euphoria as she orgasmed so hard it made her entire body shake and tremble. Pickles finally let his own tsunami of an orgasm take over and poured himself into her tight canal. They had to lay there for two whole minutes just to let the waves die down. Slowly, Maisey found her way back down to earth and shyly looked at the man on top of her. He lovingly kissed her when he noticed.

“I love you, Maisey... I always have... and I always will!”

Pure joy radiated from the young woman’s face.

“I love you, too, Pickles...!”

“And your brother will be just fine... I’ll help you find what you need to set him free... okay, honeycomb?”

Unable to say anything else, Maisey simply nodded her head and cried all over again. Pickles flicked her tears away with his thumbs.

“C’mon, my dear... let’s get you home now!”

Maisey only lived a block away from the abandoned mansion, so she and Pickles hurried to redress themselves and get out of there as fast as humanly possible.

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