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Neha Garg is an agent working for PDIACD (Private Detective Investigation Agency of Crime Department) which is a private department that carries out investigations by developing into a highly trained, partnership oriented workforce. The Gargs are a respected family in Pathankot, Punjab. Neha's father opposed the idea of any of his children entering any defence or investigation agency as he knew the risks. But Neha, enthusiastic to fight off the bad, takes up investigation as the mainstream of her life. She doesn't disclose her indentity. She is proud of her profession. Suddenly, danger settles in and begins during an excursion, where Neha's friend Aesha Deola is brutally killed. Wiill she even investigate and crack the case which she takes up with her other friends Amoli and Aneeldeep? That's not it. She, during the investigation, mustn't dare to disclose her indentity to her family. What hurdles come her way?

Mystery / Thriller
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"Chup! Why don't you study well and aim for a better job? Look at your brother, all settled and earning well" said Karanveer. That spurt of anger depressed Neha. She sat straight, trying to heal herself.
Karanveer Garg was the father of Neha Garg. He had served the Indian Defence Department and was now a retired old man. He had a hefty body with long Kesh(beard) and a saffron Dastar(turban).

"But she is still 25 years and will get a jo----" Neha's mother, Gaganpreet Garg, was trying to support her daughter when her husband interrupted her.
"Go go go! The bhatura is hardening, I'll talk to her. You don't need to come Guri!" he said in a harsh tone. He didn't like it when anyone interrupted when he was giving someone his piece of mind.

"Haan ji!" said her mother in a sarcastic tone. She was a short and stout lady of 48 years of age. She was always seen as a woman wearing Salwar kameez in the kitchen and frying bhaturas or stuffing parathas.

"I'll....work on it papaji...." said Neha as she stormed off into the kitchen.
"And maa, I'll not be having breakfast today with all of you here" she said. Her mother placed a small frown as usual.
"Why?" asked her mother.
"Uhh....my friends are treating me in that new dhaba there on Singh street!" Neha answered.
"But why aren't you eating with the family these days? I don't understand what happened to you!" said her mother in a shaky voice. Neha placed a loving hand on her mother's shoulder.
"I promise! I'll be fine. I'm working on something and.......I'll get a job soon" she said. Her mother hugged her tightly.
"Bye!" she said. Neha waved goodbye and rushed out of the door.

After running away for a certain distance from home, she took out her phone and checked her missed calls.
"Ahh! Again this Ompreet sir is calling me! Won't he leave me for a second??" Neha rolled her eyes and lifted the upcoming call coming from her Boss.
"Haan sir! Sat sri akaal! (Salutation)" she said in a dreary mood.
"Sat sri akaal Neha! We have a meeting today at our base in.....yeah! 2 hours. Everyone must be present and no concessions this time" he said.
"Thik sir! I'll come for sure sir! Bye!" she said as she ended the call.

She was an undercover secret agent working from 4 years for PDIACD(Private Detective Investigation Agency of Crime Department). She never disclosed her identity, not even to her parents or brother. She was a slender and pretty girl of 25. She had pitch black hair, fair skin, brown eyes, dark and bushy eyebrows and a fit body of an agent.
She ran like a cheetah and finally stopped at a 3 floored old building. She got to the top floor and knocked the front door.

"Hey Amoli!! Looks like I've seen you after 10 years!" said Neha as she hugged her best friend.
"But you've seen me yesterday only na!" said Amoli as she snickered playfully.
"Where's Aesha? And Aneeldeep?" asked Neha. Aesha, Amoli and Aneeldeep were too secret agents who were working along with her. They were her best friends too. Amoli lived alone and everyone used her flat as their base.

"They're changing clothes on the terrace. You know right, after 2 hours we have a session with Ompreet sir. We'll work for 2 hours at the mall and then we're off" said Amoli.

The four of them were working at a shopping mall as sales girls and sales boys as a part-time job. They were constantly being abused as jobless rogues, but they didn't care much.
Neha ran upstairs and changed into her sales girl apron and skirt and four of them boarded Amoli's car.
"Do you think Ompreet sir will give us another case?" asked Aneeldeep.
"I don't know" replied Aesha.
"No way!" said Amoli.
"I don't think so" replied Neha.

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