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2 days passed. Neha, Amoli and Aneeldeep were given the responsibility of the case. They had informed Aesha's parents. All was ruined.
They had to go to get the autopsy reports.

"Neha right?" asked Mr Ghosh, the pathologist, who had conducted the autopsy.
"Yes. Neha Garg" she replied.
"At autopsy there were 5 stab wounds to the body, numerous defence injuries, her throat was slit and there was generalised organ pallor(paleness of organs) as a result of exsanguination(loss of blood). The stab wounds fractured and injured the legs. On the upper right arm, we identified a bite mark. After the original was swabbed for DNA, it was cut out and preserved in formalin for your further investigation. We made a silicon cast out of the mark. This is for sure, a rape" he said as he walked away. Everyone looked at each other.

"What would have possibly happened that night? We slept at 11:00 pm that night and we even had seperate tents! Me and Aesha had one, while Umed and Aneeldeep had one. She talked to me about her marriage getting fixed and, that's it. She went to sleep."
"Wait, what? Her marriage getting fixed?? Why didn't you tell me before? What else did she say about it??" asked Neha.
"She said that she didn't think of marriage yet and her parents forced her to marry. She said that she wanted to run away from home" said Amoli.
"Did her fiance meet her anytime?" asked Neha.
"I don't know all that, but I only know that she hated him" said Amoli.
"I have to meet her parents" said Neha.
"And I nearly forgot, Aarti, please find out the DNA sample of saliva and inform me" she said as she walked out.
"She looks like a big deal" mumbled Aarti.
"Well, she is" said Aneeldeep as he and Amoli walked out.

The three of them reached Aesha's house. Her parents were sobbing. Amoli went to console them.
"She would have been married and I would have had the hope of being a grandmother!" said her mother.
"Did you arrange her marriage?" asked Neha.
"Yes! We arranged it on 10th October only!" she said.
"So that was on the matrimonial site?" asked Neha.
"Yes. Punjabi matrimony" she answered.
"So 10th was when the in-laws visited you?" asked Neha.
"Yes" she said.
"Did she agree to the alliance?" asked Neha.
"Whatever our decision is, it's her's too. This is our family tradition" said her mother.
"Hmm. Could you possibly show me her room?" asked Neha.
"Sure" she said as she led them upstairs to her room.
"You see while I will prepare coffee for you people" she said as she left for the kitchen downstairs.
"Looks like an orthodox family" said Aneeldeep. Neha nodded.
The room was filled with sticky notes pasted everywhere. Underneath a pillow, Neha found a diary.
"Should I open it?" asked Neha.
"We're doing this for her revenge on that killer, so.....she will not mind" said Amoli. Neha opened it slowly. It was a personal diary as she had expected. She flipped through the pages with great anxiety.
"She keeps all her work neat. Also, she is precise on data. This may help in the case" said Neha as she finally flipped to 10th October after five minutes.
It was written.......


What is happening?? Ma and Papaji agreed to the alliance!! I didn't like the man at all! I wished for some other man and not him?? My life is broke! That Saurabh even had smoking habits! I asked mom and dad for time but they didn't grant me. They never listen to me. When the in-laws asked if it was ok to me, I was about to say no when mom took me in and scolded. Then, I had to say yes. Now, they talk about babies!! My career is no longer free. The conditions too were severe! They want me to bear kids in a year?? I want to leave the house and run to Neha! She is fixing with Umed and I must help her. But as a break, we're going camping tomorrow!!

Neha read everything. Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't see her friend's situation.
"Neha? Are you fine?" asked Amoli as she shook her back and forth.
"Yes. Just, processing every detail of Aesha's life" she said. Amoli took the diary from her and smiled.
"She never told us anything. She kept it to herself" said Amoli.
"Wait, she wrote her last entry on October 10th. That means she wrote the entry that night and came for camping the next day morning" said Neha.
"We have no clues. Who would've even raped her?" asked Aneeldeep.
"Let's call her parents for interrogation. We'll know if Aesha had a beef with anyone" said Neha as she came downstairs.
"Wait! See this!" cried Amoli as Neha rushed back hearing her call.
"What?" asked Neha.
"She wrote a suicide note!!" screamed Amoli.

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