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"Now, what did you want to tell us?" asked Neha.
"Neha, I think Aesha was murdered. I think I may have some clue" he said.
"Say" said Neha.
"I am a doctor. Just after the day of our marriage proposal visiting, Once, I was taking rounds in the hospital and I was searching for something too. Then, I found Aesha in the lobby, sitting in the waiting room. I didn't call to her but I decided to see. She was crying and I didn't know why. She was constantly checking her mobile. She was very frightened maybe. Then she got a phone call, for which she immediately answered. I don't know what was the conversation.
Caller: xxxxxxxxxxx-----
Aesha: yes, I came to the hospital, I'm safe. Please don't do that. I was following your orders and.....
Caller: xxxxx----
Aesha: No please, I love them. You will be arrested soon! I will if you do so!

That's it and I was called back for immediate surgery. That's what I know." he said. This time, Neha's eyes didn't glow. Maybe she was cheated again! What was the guarantee that Saurabh was telling the truth?

"Well, why didn't you tell us at the beginning of our conversation?" asked Neha.
"My parents don't want us to be any eyewitnesses" he answered.
"Which hospital?" asked Amoli.
"I'm a neuro surgeon at Pathankot Hospital, the one all Pathankotians use" he answered with a chuckle.
"Why did you move here suddenly?" asked Neha.
"We were just having trouble with those rumours, which is none of your business" he replied.
Neha and the others left without another word.

"I don't believe that guy. He must be making up some junk like Manoj Tiwari and Manasvi. He is not at all reliable. If he loved Aesha that much, he would have stopped her parents from paying dowry" said Neha.
"Well, let's see what we have at that hospital. Pathankot Hospital, here we come" exclaimed Amoli as she drove with great speed.

"Welcome ma'am. Please, tell us what your concern is?" asked the hospital receptionist.
"Ughhhh, again a receptionist, I remember Manasvi!" whispered Amoli. Neha chuckled.
"We are detectives and here are our identity cards. We came to check through your register, if you have any patient named Aesha Deola" said Neha. The receptionist examined the ID cards and checked the register for A in the alphabetical order.

"No, I don't think we had any patient with that name" she replied. She showed them the register and went to get the register of the previous month. Well, it was online, but she showed physical copies only to outsiders.

"I knew it! He was lying" said Neha as she closed the files.
"Wait! Look at this! Isn't this Aesha's signature??" asked Aneeldeep. In the 'guardian of the patient' column, Aesha's signature was evident! In the patient column, it was a man named Saarthak Kiran. It was also matching with the date Saurabh told them; 11th October! The next day of the visiting of the in-laws!

"This can't be! Why will Aesha even sign next to a man named Saarthak Kiran?? Who is he??" asked Aneeldeep. Neha was confused. What was she missing?
"Maybe the signature isn't Aesha's! It could someone else's!" said Amoli. Luckily, they have Aesha's legal documents and the signature was the same!

"Could it be forged?" asked Amoli.
"I don't know yet. We need to get this Saarthak Kiran. See, copy his phone number! Quick! Before that receptionist arrives!" said Neha as she stood still as the receptionist came.

"I didn't get an----" she was interrupted by Aneeldeep.
"We didn't get any information. Bye" he said as they ran off.

"Hello, is this Saarthak?" asked Neha as she kept the call on speaker mode. Amoli and Aneeldeep were listening keenly.
"Who is this?" asked a woman from the other end.
"We are detectives. Are you Saarthak's family?" asked Neha.
"I'm his mother" replied the woman.
"We need your address" asked Neha. The woman gave her address and Neha said she would be coming there.

"It looks like the guy isn't married" said Neha.
"Ohh! Today we need to connect with Aarti! She asked if we could come over today" reminded Aneeldeep.
"I'm not going, I have something to do first" she said.
"Ok, I'll go instead of both of you!" said Amoli. All went home except for Neha. She knocked on Umed's house.
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