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Umed opened the door, and as usual, nobody was at home.
"Hey!" greeted Umed as he let her in.
"Are you mad at me for not telling you I am a detective?" she asked.
"No, people have secrets and that was none of my business" he said. Neha didn't say anything. There was an awkward silence.
"So, did you investigate?" he asked.
"We are. We are exploring new things instead of getting into the case. My senior will be angry now" she said as she sighed.
"I'm sorry for Aesha. But, I might have something which might help. That day on the camping trip, Aesha kept declining the same phone number for nearly 10 times. I didn't butt in but, should know. The last time she answered. It was someone who she was probably annoyed by and she was pretending everything was normal when I asked" he said.
"Will you come with me tomorrow?" she asked.
"Where?" he asked.
"To the department. We need to see that caller and you can help" she said.
"No, I can't. I'm not willing to be seen by any police type person" he said.
"Why?" she asked.
"Well, after you left school, I was depressed and that depression carried on to college. I often stole things and spoiling people's relationships. I was jealous. Nobody liked me and I passed with 51%. I didn't even have a basic idea of what I was gonna do after college. So, I am a reporter now. In college, I indulged in thefts and I even consumed drugs. I was caught by the police and was given bail after 4 days I guess" he said.
"I'm sorry for you" she said. Well, she really felt sorry.
"Not your mistake. It was mine. I couldn't let go" he said. Things turned pretty bad when he invited her for dinner.
"Um....ok!" replied Neha. They cooked at home and Neha helped. They had fun and were surely loving each other. Just then, Neha's phone rang. It was Amoli.
"I have to take this call, excuse me" she said as she lifted.
"Hey Amoli! What happened?" she asked.
"I discussed with Ompreet sir about the case and he said we had to hurry. He didn't sound happy. Next, I went to Aarti and she said she needed us to get the suspect in person to test the bite sample. She was too not too happy. Where are you?" she asked.
"At home of course!" she replied. She ended the call. She started texting.

Amoli: Are you at Umed's house?
Neha: yes, tips plss
Amoli: try to get close..
Neha: ok, going offline bye

Neha wasn't sure if she wanted to continue her 10th grade relationship, but she loved him.

"False alarm! Amoli was not up to any information!" she said as she sat down for dinner.
"Hmm..I wish I could eat Maggie for lunch, breakfast and dinner! It is the best!" exclaimed Umed.
"Wow, I think you would order Maggie even at a gourmet restaurant!" chuckled Neha as they both dawdled upon their food.
"Hey, do". Umed as being really slow.
"Well, what happened?" asked a not-innocent Neha. Umed came closer and she moved farther. She couldn't help it! Finally, the doorbell rang. It was some courier.
"Go get it" diverted Neha as Umed went to get it. He came back with a sigh.
"What?" asked Neha.
"Nothing. I'm just wondering if you will stay here or not" he said. There was an awkward silence but later, Neha kind of agreed on staying there longer. She and Umed were kind of hyperventilating.

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