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"who is this girl in the picture?" asked Neha.
"I don't really know. He meets new people here and there in his career and he is easy to talk to" she replied.
"What does he do?" asked Neha.
"He works in an orphanage" she said.
"Is it Savita's orphanage?" asked Neha, just to make sure.
"Yes! That's the one. It may be that she and my son were giving charity together. I don't know much about that girl" she replied.
"Thanks madam.." they said as they left.

"Guys! Did Aesha ever tell you about him?" asked Amoli.
"No. I don't even know about this guy! He died so suddenly! Why did he even go out of the house?" asked Neha.
"Maybe it was just to get some groceries or other stuff!" said Aneeldeep.
" could also be that he went to meet Aesha!" said Amoli.
"Let's listen to her call history again. Meet me at the department. I'll inform Venu for the call history. " said Neha as all went in different ways.

"Let's see the calls on 11th October first" said Neha as she and the others put on headphones for the same.

Aesha: Hello
Caller: Yes! Please come today for the donation. Don't bring old clothes and all, bring cash!
Aesha: children without parents prefer clothes and toys over cash! What can they do?
Caller: do what is said."

"Areyyy!this is the same call we heard! Scroll!" instructed Neha.

Caller: hello? Is this Aesha?
Aesha: yes
Caller: can I get your address? The courier is from Flipkart!
Aesha: ok, travel straight from Pathankot Market and you'll find Sunrise Apartments. I live in the third block, first floor.
Caller: okay madam.

"Ok, this isn't suspicious. Next one.." said Neha.

Aesha: Hello? Courier man is it?
Caller: Yes madam?
Aesha: I didn't order this thing. I ordered a watch with a gift wrap. You sent the wrong parcel!
Caller: ohh! I'll check! One minute!
(After one minute)
Caller: in the record, I have sent you the correct parcel. And the one with the gift wrap, some other courier service man will deliver in an hour. Please wait.
Aesha: but I didn't even order this brooch and......a photo album? That too with photos?? Please take this away!
Caller: madam, please wait for the other courier service man to come. Then, you take yours and return the one which you don't want. But you have paid for it and I have the online receipt.
Aesha: no! I didn't pay! I didn't even order this thing! Hello?hello?

"Oh! This seems suspicious" said Aneeldeep.
"So someone ordered this and paid for it from Aesha's account?? What is that?" questioned Neha.
"Hey, remember guys, when the body was identified, they said that she was wearing a brooch!!" said Aneeldeep.
"Track this caller Venu, we will see who paid" said Aneeldeep as he stood.
"So, go through the next call" said Neha.

Aesha: hello? Is this Flipkart Management head?
Caller: yes madam. I've heard Aesha Deola filed a complaint that she received the wrong product and wants refund?
Aesha: yes it's me. I received a parcel with a golden brooch and a photo album with photos in it already. Those photos weren't appropriate! I don't know what's happening but I surely didn't order these. I even didn't give my future pay card and account details to anybody! Nobody knows my pin! How can it say that I already paid for an item I didn't even order??
Caller: one minute madam, I'm checking your details.
(After one minute)
Caller: it says you paid for that golden filch brooch and a complementary photo album with it. The transaction was made on your name, Aesha Deola, date was on 9th October, gender female paid through future retail store?
Aesha: I didn't! Someone hacked my account!
Caller: then we aren't the responsible party madam. Please check with the future retail store Manager, don't bug us.
Aesha: hello?

"This is very funny? How can a person get her future retail account pin and all details?? Someone must've hacked it!" said Aneeldeep.
"It could also be that someone was beside her when she was making any other transaction, and they must've seen then" said Amoli.
"Could be, but this seems planned. First, she got a courier which she didn't order and two, she recieved a photo album with photos! I mean, who would sell photos with a photo album??? Someone must've opened the package beforehand and must've inserted them in, but why??" asked Neha.
"Wait, we can actually go to her room and still see if she still has them! I'm going there, you guys check Saarthak's call history as well!" said Aneeldeep as he stood up to leave.
"maybe it's better if I go" said Amoli as she left.

Amoli arrived at her house and she asked her mother if she knew any package that she had kept unopened.
"No, I don't know. Check in the kitchen drawer or in one of the cabinets in the dining room. We generally keep parcels there only" said her mother. Aesha checked thoroughly but it was of no use.
"Okay auntie, I'll go up to her room and see if I can find hope!" she said. She searched everywhere and finally, she found some old albums. It was just some albums which were from her childhood and some from her trips and tours. Amoli spent the next 2 hours in a scavenger hunt that was really boring. She saw the video tapes, blogs which had captured and kept private and many more photos and souvenirs.
She was about to leave, when she noticed a book covered in bubble wrap. It was a new photo album. She opened the photo album and found some photos embedded in the foldings of the packing paper. It was a picture of Aesha! It was surely an inappropriate one!! All were of Aesha's!! Amoli was shocked. She couldn't embarrass her friends by showing it to them, even if it was for investigation purpose. With a heavy heart, she decided not to search anymore and left

Meanwhile, Neha and Aneeldeep were listening to the other call history.

Aesha: Saarthak, I never knew you would something like this! Just because I pleased you doesn't mean you take inappropriate pictures! Why did you send me these couriers?? What is wrong with you? I thought you loved me, not used me
Saarthak: hey! What are you even saying?? I took inappropriate pictures?? This is ridiculous! I didn't!
Aesha: did you order a photo album and a brooch for me?
Saarthak: no! I didn't.
Aesha: then,...did you post any detail about me online?
Saarthak: why would I do that?? I love you Aesha, I couldn't do that!
Aesha: I found some pictures taken sealed in that photo album I received. Those were really not even taken by me! They are..... embarassing!! How did it even come??
Saarthak: I didn't! You don't trust me?
Aesha: no, I trust you, but......I just doubted you were the only one who....
Saarthak: whatever, but, I forgive you. If I were in your place, I too would doubt.
Aesha: ok, thanks..
Saarthak: let's file a complaint then, it was illegal to do so.
Aesha: no, I can handle this matter. I'll try to inform you if needed. Bye.

"We were right. Aesha was Saarthak's girlfriend. And, if it wasn't Saarthak, who would even do that??" asked Neha.
"Maybe,....there was in her room!!" said Aneeldeep.
"Yes! But, who could've done that?" asked Neha.
"Yes! I think that day, when Manasvi came to Aesha's house, she told she had to use that bathroom and implanted a camera!!" exclaimed Neha.
"But we ruled out Manoj Tiwari and Manasvi! Maybe they aren't involved!" said Aneeldeep.
"I think the camera could still be there in her restroom! Let's ring Amoli and ask!" said Neha as she rang Amoli.

"Hey! Are you still at Aesha's house?"
"No re, I came out long back!"
"Then where are you??"
"At a garden."
"Did you find any album?"
"Yes and I'm not showing it to anybody. It's inappropriate pictures! Of our Aesha! This is surely embarrassing to all of us!"
"Yes. I'm not gonna leave that rapist! I'll thrash his blood!"
"Will it help? Why did you call BTW?"
"So, we heard the call history and Saarthak was her boyfriend and he said he didn't do it, but I'm having a feeling that Manasvi kept the cam that day when she came. I called you to check the bathroom if you were still there"
"I'm not, and yes, the pictures had a tiling background which was of her bathroom. I can't explain more"
"I know how you feel, but,.....we need to do this!"
"Yes, I'm coming back to the department"

"What did Amoli say?" asked Aneeldeep.
"We were right. Someone implanted the cam in the bathroom but I don't know if it's still there. Amoli is on her way. She is pretty pissed off." said Neha.
"Let's go to that orphanage with that silicon cast of the bite marks from the forensic team. The measurement of specific traits and features, secondly, the comparison of the configuration and pattern of the bite injury can be matched to that of the suspect's teeth." said Neha.
"But, think Manasvi, a girl, did all this??" asked Aneeldeep.
"What about Manoj Tiwari?" asked Neha.

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