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"So, found a suspect?" asked Aarti.
"Yes, and we need to interrogate them" said Neha.
"Neha, I think we should bring them here. Afterall, they may have guns" said Aneeldeep.
"Yes, and that will do with my style of interrogation!" said Neha.
"Let's bring them then!" said Amoli from the door.
"Ohh! You came! Come, let's get our guns!" said Neha as she and the other two left, speeding in her car.

"Hey, is this the receptionist?" asked Neha. It was clear that Manasvi recognised them.
"Yes madam. Do you want to donate now?" she asked.
"We first, want to.....I need to use the bathroom. Can you show me where?" asked Neha, winking at her friends.
"Ok, come along" she said as she went straight to the bathroom and opened the door for Neha, when suddenly, Neha pounced on her and cupped her mouth. By then, Amoli and Aneeldeep had already pointed their guns towards her and Neha put a kerchief around her nose, that was dipped in chloroform. They carried her unconscious body to the car and threw it in the trunk. They left to the department again.

"Hello??" screamed Manasvi as she tried to untie her ropes. She was in a chair, hands and legs tied to the chair.
"Ohh! Now do you have Manoj Tiwari's contact?" asked Aneeldeep.
"Asking won't help guys!" said Neha as she snatched her mobile from her pocket.
"What are you doing??" asked Manasvi as she wriggled.
"Shut up!" screamed Neha as she snatched her mobile. But she did not find his phone number!
"Now guys, You and Amoli will make a emergency call to the phone number of Manoj Tiwari from Aesha's call history, go to the orphanage and attack him the same way. Ok?" instructed Neha as she sat in a chair opposite to Manasvi, a table dividing them. Amoli and Aneeldeep left.

"Ok, so, do you know anyone called Saarthak Kiran?" asked Neha.
"Why should I even tell you??" said Manasvi as she adamantly wriggled again and again.
"Veena, bring the hammer and a nail. I'll start my treatment!" said Neha as she looked into her eyes.
"Ok. Now, this nail has grooves and it will go into your toe if I hammer it once. What do you think is better, loosing a toe or answering??" asked Neha.
"Yes, I know Saarthak Kiran. He is a usual donor for the orphanage." she said as she trembled.
"Hm..Do you know Aesha was raped?" asked Neha.
"You told me last time you came there" she said.
"Did you come to her house anytime?" asked Neha.
"Yes, I told you she insisted me in coming" she said.
"Did you by chance go to the bathroom?" asked Neha. It looked like she was surprised.
"! I stayed for a very short time there!" said Manasvi.
"Then, what is this?" asked Neha as she took out a webcam from her pocket. On the way to Savita's orphanage, they went to Aesha's house and luckily, it was still stuck to the bathroom ceiling.
"I don't know!" she muttered.
"You know, as you were the reason that Aesha's pictures were taken." said Neha.
"Hey! She is my frequent donor and she donates wholeheartedly. Why will I try to kill her or why will I even try to humiliate her by keeping those photos in the bubble wrap??" asked Manasvi as she started to get aggressive.
"I didn't tell you about any bubble wrap or photo album?! You did it, didn't you???" shouted Neha as she slapped her thrice. Manasvi didn't even look sorry. She felt guilty just for blurting the word bubble wrap!
"No tell me, you must be knowing about the whole sketch to kill her! Say!!" she threatened as she kept the hammer and nail ready in case she didn't speak.
"Look, you may try to threaten me however you want, but I won't say a word. I don't know anything and it is clear that I will die instead of answering!" she said as she looked at Neha boldly.
"I'll show you how you will suddenly love living and open up!" she said as she pricked a safety pin into her nail. She screamed with pain but refused to tell anything.
"Ok, I'll give you time till tomorrow. If you open up, you will be safe. If you don't, you will surely lose one of your precious organs" she said as she whispered something to Veena the assistant, and went away.

"Hey Neha, Manoj Tiwari is in that room, go interrogate" said Aneeldeep.
"You aren't staying?" asked Aesha.
"No, I'm helping Amoli with some stuff at her house today. We can't wait. Bye!" he said as he left.
"Ok I will handle!" screamed Neha, although he didn't hear a word. He was off.

Neha took Manasvi's teeth measurements, but they didn't match with the bite marks or the saliva sample. She checked Manoj Tiwari's too, but no luck. He soon came into consciousness.

"Ok, Manoj Tiwari is it?" she asked as she got the hammer and nail.
"Leave me! I'm nobody" he said as he too, wriggled like Manasvi.
"You know Aesha?" she asked.
"No! Who is she?" he asked.
"Do you know Manasvi?" she asked. He refused.
"I don't know who Manasvi even is!" he said as he wriggled again.
"Who is the receptionist of your orphanage?" asked Neha.
"She is Rita!" he said. Neha saw that in his mobile, her name was not stored. It was just named as Orphanage's receptionist. By this, it was clear that Manasvi or Rita was not close to Manoj Tiwari. Now, Neha started to think; Was Manasvi a different person or, was she trying to impersonate her, or....Did she change her name?

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