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The four reached the Pathankot Fashion Mall where they worked.
"Um....Neelam sir, we only can work for half day" said Neha. Her Boss was furious.
"What is this? You four are useless! You work for half day, come back at lunch time and work another half day. Somedays though you don't even inform me that you're not coming! Today you're asking me permission again! It won't work out this way people! Next time it repeats guys are dead meat!" shouted their Boss. Everyone glanced at each other for a minute and started giggling.
"Arey yaar! He is only begging for an increase in his salary and he says he can complain on us! Wah Rey Wah!" said Neha as she tied her hair in a bun. All of them ran to their respective floors and were in duty.

Neha was in the third floor, where they sold men's formals and casuals.
"Arey! Taran is coming today too??" thought Neha. Taranjit was Neha's regular customer.
"Hey hi Neha! Today I'll see....." said Taran as he thought of the wildest fashion. Neha kept her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.
"May I ask why you come like everyday to this Mall sir?" asked Neha, who already knew why. Taran searched for a possible answer.
"Umm...yeah! To savour the beauty of this Mall! It's beautiful walls, clothes, face...." replied Taran.
"How does a mall have a face??" asked Neha.
"Umm....I meant the west face of it, it's cool!" he said.
"For your kind information Taran Sir, the west face of this Mall is still under construction" said Neha.
"Ohhh....Is this the west face, I mean east face, I umm...get confused between these faces!!" said Taran. Neha lifted her eyebrows in confirmation.
"This guy is surely flirting with me, I'll give him right and left today!" thought Neha as she smiled at Taran.
"So sir, what would you like to purchase?" asked Neha in a professional tone.
"I want your beautiful body...." murmured Taran.
"Sorry sir, for two things. First, this shop does not contain a mannequin of me and two, we don't sell mannequins, as in, not for sale" said Neha.
"Oh! So--" Neha interrupted him.
"Would you like to purchase anything else sir or try on any of our new suits?" she asked.
"And get out as soon as possible?" This was her next thought.
"Um...I'm looking for a beautiful lehenga choli for my friend's wedding! Can I find one?" asked Taran.
"Sorry sir, out of stock" she said. Unfortunately, her Boss had come for inspection and overheard her words.
"Sir, you may find plenty of regal wear designs in the second floor" said Neelam.
"We're NOT out of stock! Don't lie!" whispered Neelam.
"I need an escort" said Taran as he wantedly asked such questions.
"You may go sir!" replied Neha.
"Um....Neha, please show sir some of our regal wears! Come sir!" corrected Neelam as he gave Neha a dirty look.
"Remember you're talking to a customer, not your friend! Last warning Neha!" whispered Neelam as he cast a disgustful look at her and left.
"Great!!" said Neha to herself.

She escorted him to the second floor and saw Amoli there.
"Hey Amoli! Please show this sir the way to find regal wear!" said Neha as she kept a beggar like face.
"Um...please sir, follow me!" said Amoli as she walked behind him.
"You! you're----" Neha interrupted Amoli's scoldings.
"He is flirting with me!!!" whispered Neha.
"Oof! You'll pay for this!!" whisper shouted Amoli as she shot an angry look at Neha.
"Where is she, uh...Neha Garg is she?" asked Taran, having read the name tag on Neha's shirt.
"Um...her shift is done!" said Amoli as she made up a believable tale.
" know what, I didn't like any of your models and...." said Taran as he prepared to go to the third floor.
"But you haven't seen any of our regal wears sir! See this orange and pink choli sir, with a boat neck and---" Taran was off already while Amoli was busy showing the lehengas.
"Whatever!" thought Amoli.

Taran ran to the third where he saw Neha folding the piled up clothes.
"I thought your shift was over?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.
"I thought you were surfing through lehenga choli's for your friend's wedding?" nervously asked Neha in return as she waited for his reply with a pale scaredy-cat-face.
"Ok! Let's come straight to this. What do you want from me?" asked Neha in a demanding tone.
"I just came for you! You're cool and pretty and....yeah! So," muttered Taran as he blushed profuosly. Neha smiled lightly.
"You know what? Thanks for your compliment! And now, I really have to go cause my shift is really over now! Bye Taran sir!!" said Neha as she smiled.
"B..b..bye!" said Taran as he blushed again.
Amoli ran upstairs to collect Neha.
"He really likes you, geez!" she said.
"I know!" replied Neha as she and Amoli raced out of the Mall.

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