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"What? So you don't know Aesha Deola and your receptionist is...Rita??" asked Neha as she looked befuddled.
"Yes. Her name is Rita Jha. She was the only person who came forward to help our orphanage. She is....not a bad person. Such a lovely girl I could say" he said.
"Well, Aesha's call history shows your phone number. She is actually a regular donor, so I thought you knew her" she said.
"Generally, I stay in Delhi and I visit this orphanage once a week. That's when Rita was hired and not rich as you may think. I am an average man. I don't have the fund to repair the building, but as my mother's last wish, I bought an godown. I named it on her name" he said.
"How does Rita look? Do you know her phone number or anything?" asked Neha.
"Well, she looks beautiful and..she has black curls and thick eyebrows. I have it, but she wasn't responding to any of my texts or calls from the past week. I am habituated to enquire about the orphanage daily, but she didn't respond. She wasn't there in the orphanage too. I got your fraud call and I'm here! Leave me! I'm innocent! I have a family to be with!" he said as he urged. Neha was sure he wasn't lying.
"Will you do me a favour?" she asked.
"What?" he asked.
"Aesha Deola, our friend, was raped just after 7 days of her alliance arrangement. Did Rita too have a same problem?" she asked.
"Well, I don't know her personal details. I just know her name, looks, salary and nature. She just joined 6 days ago. She came for 3 days and took leave for 3 days and she was missing from then" he said.
"Hmm...well, someone called Manasvi had been posing as a receptionist of your orphanage from atleast more than a week. She knows you, she said. Why is she there in Rita's place?" asked Neha.
"I don't know! Well, I am responsible for any blame, but I really am not involved in any trouble! Promise me that and I'll help you!" he said.
"Ok. We need to track this Rita. She has something to do with this case and I'm sure!" she said as she untied Manoj.
"But I cannot come more than once a week here from Delhi. I have my expenses!" he said.
"Ok" she said as she took his number, dismissed him and left home.

"Now, what am I missing? After a week of her alliance, Aesha was raped. Now Manasvi is posing to be in Rita's place, but why?? Does she want to hide anything, or......did she harm Rita? But why? Did Aesha know Rita? Maybe Saurabh is of help, only he was the reason for finding Saarthak. Why did Manasvi, being a girl, take inappropriate pictures of Aesha and send them to her? Was someone else behind this?? Definitely, Manoj isn't. Rita could be the next target. I need to see her, only if I had her number!!"

Such were Neha's thoughts. She was sure Rita was a victim. Then why was she absent for those many days after joining her new job? She was puzzled. Then, she got a call from Manoj Tiwari.

"Yes Neha, I got a text from Rita"
"What happened???"
"She was on a camping trip with her friends and she didn't have reception there and couldn't call. That was her version"
"Camping?? Where?"
"I guess in Pathankot only, but I don't know else. I'm in the bathroom now"
"Give me her number after you finish pooping or peeing or whatever!"

She was now more suspicious. Aesha died in a lake! Will she too? She had to warn her! She immediately called Rita but she didn't respond.

"Hello? Manoj?"
"Ask where she is camping!"
"She isn't replying! I'm trying hard to get the answer..."
"The problem may not be reception. It may be that she is just saying anything"
"No, she won't lie!"
"She won't, but somebody else will!!"
"You mean...."
"I'm leaving to Pathankot Camping Area Phase 1. There are totally 5 phases with camping areas. We must go!"
"I can't come"
"Fine bye!"

Neha was off with her emergency kit, revolver and water. It was already 7pm in the evening and she started speeding to phase 1 first. She didn't inform anyone.

"Yes, it's Manoj Neha."
"Ask her to take a picture of her in the camper!"
"For knowing for sure that she is the one texting you!" said Neha impatiently.
"Ok.......yes, I've typed but she isn't responding."
"Call me even after she doesn't respond after 20 minutes!"
"Wait, there are two blue ticks on the message, but no reply!"
"So she saw it and is online, but isn't responding. She's in trouble for sure!!"
"Anything I can do?"
" the police when I text you!"
"Fine bye"

Now was bad for Neha. She was in a mess. She checked Phase I Pathankot Camping Area, but no luck. Just old roots everywhere!

"No! It is taking me 40 minutes to search only one phase!! What will I do alone? I must ring Amoli and Aneeldeep!" she thought as she opened her mobile to call. Just then, flashing police lights appeared. A police jeep was speeding towards the phase 2 camping area. Neha was right! She sped, following the police car. Did Manoj Tiwari call them?
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