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Neha sped in her car following the police car. She finally reached the media-surrounded campsite. She pushed everyone aside and was another dead body!
"What is her name" asked Neha, teary eyed.
"It is Rita Sabharwal. We couldn't trace her family" said an officer. Just then, Ompreet sir came.
"Sir, the girl was killed in the same way Aesha Deola was. This surely connected. We must find the roots." she said.
"What roots? How many days will you find the roots?? When will you start the real hunt? You think it's simple as she is your friend? No! I am pressurised from the higher officials! It's no joke! I'll give you three weeks and one day grace. If you succeed, you'll get a promotion. If you don't,....I'm afraid you'll have to sign a voluntary resignation letter" he said as he stormed off. Neha was sure she was sacrificing her career for this, but nothing stopped her. Aarti came and her team surrounded the grounds.
"Neha, we think we have found something!" one of them said. Neha went to see. It was a pill!
"Isn't this.....zaleplon? It's a sleeping pill! So the killer must've given it and then raped her. So that means nobody knew as she didn't scream, she was asleep!" Neha was sad. She could not save her. Although she knew her life was in danger, she was unsuccessful.
"Take it for post mortem. I want to see if Aesha's and her's are the same type" she said.
"Ok" she said.
Neha called Manoj.
"Hey, she's no more"
"You said she came camping with her friends. Who are they?"
"Well, I don't know"
"Ok bye"

She asked if there was CCTV surveillance around. When Aesha was killed, the CCTV's weren't functioning, said the owner. But she knew it was a trick. This time when she checked it, there was a shirt hung in front of the CCTV. It was still there. Neha smelled it. It was..... different.
"Aarti, do you think you can say which perfume this shirt is bearing? This could be someone's signature smell, but I'm confused" she asked. Aarti sniffed it and came to a conclusion.
"It a woody scent. Girls definitely use this!" she said.
" it isn't a boy. Or... could be, we never know" she said.
"Ok, I'm leaving" she said.
"Do you know who uses this scent. Many may use it..but I'm asking the people you know" she asked.
"Um...nobody else I know" she said.
"Ok, bye.." she said. Neha was sorry. There could be a girl next in line. Neha sat in her office and thought about all the events in chronological order. What was she missing? What was wrong?

"Hello Neha? Are you there?" called Aneeldeep, at 9 pm that day.
"Yes, I'm thinking of the case. From six hours I've been struggling. I think it's Manasvi who's behind this, but I don't know why..."
"Hmm...I want to say something. Come to the park"
"" he cut the call. She went there.
"What's up, Amoli and Aneeldeep? What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong. Everything is right. We are together!" said Amoli. Neha looked blindly at them. She blinked twice.
"Is today April fool day?" she asked, astonished.
"No, silly! I'm not lying. I love him!" she said.
"You?" she asked.
"Me too. I love her!" he said.
"Oh I'm really happy for you guys!! I didn't know! Well, Aesha would have thrown a party at a club if she was alive to know this" said Neha.
"Well, the club we go!" said Aneeldeep as he drove them all to a nearby club.
"I'll get the drinks, you guys stay here.." he said. The second he left, Amoli ran to the bathroom to check her makeup. Neha was all alone, neutral. She looked around and waited for two minutes. Then, she heard a familiar male voice. She looked behind. She held her breath. Was it......Umed? She went backward and peeped through. Yes, it was Umed, along with.....a girl........Manasvi!! They were kissing! And....the same scent!! Maybe the scent was from the crowd of couples dancing..but it wasn't clear.
"But umed said he never drinks! He said he was single! He said he didn't know anyone I mentioned as suspects! He was lying? Why? I thought he liked me,.....was I wrong?"
Neha's thoughts killed her. She closed her eyes.
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