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Amoli came back and saw Neha smiling. Umed was still there, having a conversation with the bartender.
"I must not go face to face with Umed. He is going to run. I will wait till he leaves. Anyway, Neha is here right!" thought Amoli. She sat down until Umed left. She then gave the cash and saw Neha awake.
"Come, we'll go to my house." she said as she lifted Neha with her hands. Neha remained quiet, but came. The night soon ended with Amoli and Neha dosing off at her house.

"Amoli? Where am I?" asked Neha, now totally conscious.
"You were knocked out completely after the bar incident. So, you came here so that auntie won't scold. BTW, how did you drink so much??" asked Amoli. Neha got every memory back. She looked shocked at Amoli.
"Oh sorry, I reminded you of Umed. You want to know, someone untied Manasvi from our department. I don't know, but we are in trouble. I'm leaving there now, you need to too" she said as she opened the door.
"Wait, who....Manasvi? No!!!" she screamed as she ran wild through the door, not waiting for Amoli.
"I think she got her mind back NOW!" thought Amoli as she too headed out.

"Security, come here with Aneeta once." ordered Amoli. Aneeta was Manasvi's attendant.
"Yes ma'am?"
"Who freed Manasvi? You guys are the only ones who gave the keys so....I want the truth and only the truth!" asked Amoli. Neha was sweating.
"We don't know ma'am, in the morning, we checked that she was missing and we filed a notice to Mr Aneeldeep. He was busy maybe" they said.
"Sure he was busy!" muttered Amoli.
"No where is she?" asked Neha.
"I don't know. Let's check" she replied as she and Neha were about to leave, when some woman from the lobby came running towards them with a sweaty face.
"Neha, our suspect Manasvi is dead! She died I think in front of the bar nearby. Ompreet sir called all three of you immediately." she informed. Neha started sweating. What was happening?

They arrived at the crime scene, if it was even a crime. They didn't see the body but saw that the blood was puddled then and had dried now, leaving the pigment. The media were there and Ompreet sir didn't even look at Neha. He had given her time.
"We can declare it as a suicide. She was a suspect and did bad things and got caught red handed. Why will she want to live? She will obviously die" said Amoli. Aneeldeep and Neha looked at him.
"We saw her at the bar last night. So.....could Umed do this to her? Or....was it a suicide? Or did Umed do something that she so badly wanted to die? You cant just declare anything. Afterall, she's a suspect!" said Amoli.
"Neha, what's your take?" asked Aneeldeep. Neha looked troubled. She was hyperventilating. Her hands were shaking.
"What's wrong? Do chance.....know the murderer? Or...." asked Amoli as she looked at Neha impatiently.
"! I could something like this happen without our knowledge,...we were there all that time!" she said.
"Don't freak out for such a petty think Neha! She deserves it completely! I became an issue and this definitely means something" said Amoli. Their conversation was interrupted by two police officers. They were coming towards them.

"Neha? Who's that here?" one officer asked.
"She. What happened?" asked Amoli. Neha gulped at seeing her friend point towards her.
"Ma'am, you are under arrest. You are the killer, as we also have evidence" one officer said. All the three looked shocked.
"What? Are you mad?? She is the case leader! Why will she do that? You must show US the evidence!" demanded Amoli.
"Who even gave you that evidence?? Must be some bakra who's involved in this crime! Show that evidence! Who e-----" Aneeldeep was interrupted by Neha's sigh.
"That will not be necessary. See the evidence if you want, but....don't expect much. You won't see me again." she said as she looked down with shameful tears in her eyes. Amoli and Aneeldeep stopped stock still.
"' You killed her?? I mean...may not be true! You're joking right? You're saying that so you are in depression? You want to end this long lasting case? How---" Amoli then realised that Neha was right. Her head didn't go up. She couldn't see her again. Amoli and Aneeldeep saw the evidence. It was a clip of drunkard Neha coming up the top floor of the bar and pushing Manasvi from the end. That's what happened. Aneeldeep sunk in the chair beside. His friend...was a murderer!? But why? He didn't have time to ask anything. The police took her away.....
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