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"Now, I'm Officer Prakash, head od this Private Detective Investigation Agency of Crime Department, you must be knowing. I checked your profile five months ago and felt proud. But now, I'm interrogating you before you go to jail. Anyways, we have proof of you pushing a woman from the top floor of a bar, resulting her death. Do you accept your mistake?" asked Mr. Prakash. Neha was brought to interrogation for closing the case; before she was sentenced to in jail. She nodded her head in approval.

"So you accept. So,...please fill in your details on this sheet, we need to give a statement to the media" he said. Neha reluctantly read the form. Her fingers trembled and tears soaked her cheeks.
"Um.....we want to ask you, since you were in power, you want us to show your face in the press meet, or no?" he asked.
"I don't have problem for both" she said in a shaky voice. She was no longer considered a part of the department. Her parents would hide their faces in shame. Amoli and Aneeldeep would ignore her name itself. Aesha would spit on her face for making a girl face the same fate as her, that too being her BFF. Neha cupped her face and sobbed, her hair covering her cupped hands. Prakash took no notice of this, as he was used to it. But he had never seen a department agent of her own case kill her own suspect and cry of guilt. He stood up and called in two agents. Amoli and Aneeldeep!

"Please you guys, also handled this case and I know nothing. You are interrogating her and writing a statement for the press meet." he ordered as he left. Amoli and Aneeldeep entered, their faces sorrowful.
"I'm not facing them. They won't see me. They don't want to see a killer. My life is over, but they have a bright future. They musnt waste time on me!" such were Neha's thoughts. She uncupped her hands and looked down in shame, tears falling drop by drop. She couldn't dare to look up.

"Please,...explain why you killed a woman like that?" questioned Amoli. She, with her shaky voice, gathered the courage and asked her own friend such a question.
"I...will explain. When I went to the bar with my friends,........sorry!! I need to frame the sentence. Please give time" she stopped as she couldn't hold her tears back. She couldn't speak; not because she didn't want to admit, but because she knew her life wouldn't come back. Amoli too, couldn't hold back her tears. Aneeldeep laid a comforting hand on her. Neha couldn't now on demand for such comforting company from her loved ones.
"Ok. When I went there, we all sat and my friend ordered tequila shots. I drank too much and also drank half a bottle of scotch. I never usually drink too much, but I was in a depression, that my love cheated upon me. Then, my friend went home to get cash for payment. Then, when that girl was alone, I pushed her down out of mere jealousy" she gulped.
"So.....the reason for her death is jealousy" said Amoli as she wrote everything down. She was surprised. Just because she went home, Neha was uncontrollable. If she would have been there, it would be good.....
"Tomorrow, you need to come to the court. We will take you under custody. You will have to sleep here for today and tomorrow we're off. The judge will decide your fate" said Aneeldeep as he ran out at once. He didn't want her to cry. So, he stated sharply.

"Sorry,... excuse me" said Amoli as she ran out cupping her mouth. She couldn't control her tears. Neha was left in the cell for that night. She refused to eat the salty curry and a dry roti. She sobbed and sobbed. She was supposed to announce the real culprit....but now, someone else would take over and she would be left with nobody.

"Aneeldeep! How could I let her do this!?? I was supposed to stay there!! I am responsible!! She was jealous and I didn't care! What have I done?? She went with us to college, to every punishment and every trip. Now she'll not be there with us and who knows her fate?? Will her parents respect her? Will society accept her? Will people think that she was the one who killed Aesha?" she screeched as she held her head.
"Just go to bed Amoli!" said Aneeldeep. She looked at him with tears.
"Do you even care? What's so important about sleeping? Why are you expression less???" she shouted as she threw a glass showpiece vase. Aneeldeep hung his head and went inside. Amoli knew he loved Neha like a sister....but he didn't want himself to cry to death.

Neha was generally a caring and responsible person. Why would she murder someone out of anger? No, it was mere jealousy that killed her life. What was left-----nothing. Just four grey walls for several days. After that, she would not even dare to show her face to her family, who had many hopes on her.
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