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"Let's storm, or else we'll be late for the meeting" said Aneeldeep.
"We still have 20 minutes. 10 minutes to change into uniform, and 10 minutes to run to the base. Quick guys, storm!" said Neha as she and the others drove to Amoli's flat to change while Aneeldeep changed in the car itself.
All of them changed into casuals and carried their ID cards in their secret shirt pockets. They were undercover agents and were not to be noticed as one, so, they did not have uniforms. An ID card was enough to allow them ito the base.

They drove far away from the flat towards a construction site. Huge rocks were being broken by huge machines and the area was very very vast. All of them went to a corner of the land where there was a manhole which was locked from the outside by the two hefty armed guards kept in charge of the PDIACD base. Nobody was looking. They all took out a pen and opened it's backside cap. Further twisting of the pen grip gave rise to a red laser beam which when focused, would slightly burn. They all focused the light beam on the keyhole of the lock together one on one. The lock clicked open. As soon as they all climbed inside, the guards locked the manhole. They all climbed down the ladder which ended at a wall. They all kept their thumbs on the wall. The lights brightened up and the wall started processing and initialising the thumb prints.

"Welcome!" said a robotic voice. The wall opened to a huge room where everyone was sitting around a conference table.
"Come in agents! Please settle down. The meeting is about to start." said Ompreet sir, their Boss along with his assistant, Chuni Babbar. After everyone settled down, he switched on the projection screen which displayed the face of PDIACD's President, Kuwarjeet Ahluwalia.
"Quick! The speech is beginning!" said Chuni.

"Sat sri akaal agents! We all have gathered here today for a special meeting. First, let's rewind the history of our Private Detective Investigation Agency of Crime Department, known as PDIACD. One of my friends, Dhanush Aneja, started this department. He made me the president. We have been working as a team from 10 years and have been helping the Punjab Police and Government in many cases. You are all secret agents and this department serves as a platform for you to train for the unexpected. We are expected to travel to any place at any time for the case we take up. You all have been given special training for this very day. We must all respect the ideals of the PDIAC Department. We have many other branches for which there are many other presidents.
I therefore come to the point. At the end of this month, I will personally award the best agent of all branches of PDIACD. So, I expect everyone to be on their best behavior and solve as many cases as possible. Thank you and disperse!" concluded Mr Ahluwalia. Everyone kept talking about it everywhere.

"We must ask sir to handover us a case to solve, we were merely jobless from a month!" said Amoli.
"Yeah" said Aesha.
"I can't. If there is any, I'll reach to you immediately. Disperse!" said Mr Ompreet. Everyone climbed out and boarded the car.

"Wait! Who is he, he looks familiar?" asked Amoli as she pointed towards two men standing under a tree and surfing through their mobiles with their bikes parked beside. Neha recognised one of them as Taran.
"Please!! I beg you to drive away from that tree! Please Amoli!!" Neha insisted and shouted.
"Why? You know him?" asked Amoli.
"He's that irritating customer, Taran!! Drive! Steer! Away!" screamed an agitated Neha.
"You must pay for what you did this morning!" said Amoli as her eyes glowed with fake evilness.
"No! Not now! Not definitely the time to take revenge on your poor friend!" pleaded Neha.
"You remember what happened right?" asked Amoli as she winked at Aesha.
"But he came back to me in a jiffy this morning! You didn't do anything na!!" justified Neha.
"What happened this morning between Taran and you? Huh?" asked Aesha as she tried to pretend to not know. Amoli hid her laughter.
"He's your FREQUENT customer right?" asked Aesha.
"He's your REGULAR customer right?" asked Amoli. By now, Neha got annoyed with her nerves frayed and fried well due to her 'devastating' friend clan. She thought of hiding under the seats until they drove away. Unfortunately, Amoli honked the horn and the men looked up. One of them came up to them and Amoli got down the window pane.

"Kya chahiye saab?" asked Aesha.
"Actually, we were supposed to reach the Pathankot Basketball Stadium, but, we took some wrong turning and gaya! Now we are checking in the GPS and fatak! No reception!!" said the other man.
"So many sound effects huh?" muttered Neha. Aneeldeep tried to control his laughter.
"Do you have reception?" asked the man.
"We didn't check and.....yeah! You won't receive reception around this area man" replied Aneeldeep.
"Why Bhaiyya?" he asked.
"Uhhggg!!! You wanna go to a basketball court, that's it right? So g--" Neha's flow of irritation was interrupted by the man.
"Not any court, the Pathankot Basketball Stadium only!" he corrected.
"Kuch bhi!!" screamed Neha. Everyone kept mum. Neha realised that her outburst had brought Taran into the scene.
"Oh hi!! You're Neha right??" asked Taran as he curiously widened his eyes.
"Yeah it's her!" replied Aesha instead. Neha shot a dirty look at Aesha which zipped her for the next few seconds.
"Yes sir, what's your problem??" asked Neha as she leaned on the car egoistically.
"Our friend is in a basketball match and we're going. Could you guys accompany us to the venue?" asked Taran.
"Will you leave me if we come?" asked Neha. Taran nodded.
"Amoli, lead the way to Pathankot Basketball Stadium, they're following us" ordered Neha as she boarded the car. They were off.

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