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"Ding dong!"
The doorbell of the Gargs rang loudly. Neha's mother went to open the door.

"Who are you? Why are you all here?" she asked as she confusingly stared at the visitors. Neha came running at this. She had expected Taran to come.
"Is this Neha Garg's residence?" he asked.
"Yes, who are you?" asked Guri.
"I'm Taranjit and my parents, Mr and Mrs Kaur. We are here to complain on your daughter's misbehavior" he said as he walked in. Her mother looked questioningly at her. Neha just turned her head. She was in an ugly state where she neither could spill the beans nor could she let herself get scolded.

"Who is it Guri?" asked her father.
"It's some Kaur family! Come na!" told her mother as she got her father to the living room.
"Who is this?" asked Karanveer.
"Your daughter thinks she is earning a living and feels free to slap the MLA's grandson!" said the man in a harsh tone. All at once, the Gargs stopped at their tracks. The positions were like Karanveer combing his hair, Jagveer pulling up his socks and Guri serving breakfast in plates.
"What have you done this time Neha?" questioned Guri.
"The chutney is dripping off the spoon" said Neha.
"Did I need to speak at all??" thought Neha as she smiled innocently.
"We have come to notify you that we are going to file a complaint against your daughter. We have a witness. Taran, call in Umed!" shouted Mr Kaur. Umed walked in with folded hands.
"What are you doing here sir?"questioned Neha with her hands on her hips. Umed just grinned, trying to escape from her at every step.
"Eh Umed! Tell them what you saw!" instructed Mrs Kaur. Umed looked at Taran once and gulped.
"Who am I to judge what she did? Who am I to judge what he did? I'm just a poor journalist" Umed had thought of an escape plan and uttered with feeling of confusion.
" he is the witness who saw everything and cannot determine who's right! This would happen if you had blackmailed him only..." Jagveer backed up for Neha. Both of them gave each other a fist bump. Mr and Mrs Kaur looked angrily at Taran and he looked pleadingly at Umed. Again, Umed just grinned.
"Since you have no witness, take this case closed" said Jagveer.
"We have a witness! Umed, raise yourself to the skies! Tell them the truth!" said Taran.
"You want the truth?" asked Umed.
"Yes, or else would you lie??" said Taran angrily.
"Ok yes! I was blackmailed by Taran and the Kaurs'" said Umed. Taran and his parents covered their mouths with their hands and Mr Kaur spent his time fanning Mrs Kaur with her saree.
"What did you say????" said Taran as he crunched his teeth and friction-ified his fist.
"The truth! I told the truth! Bye, it's time for my shift. Deal well!" said Umed as he winked at Neha and rushed out.
"You rascal! Idiot! Cheater!" screamed Taran as he and his parents rushed behind Umed. All were gone.

"What nuisance? What is happening?" asked Karanveer. Neha bent in half blushing, three-fourth laughing and one-fourth shamefulness.
"See Papaji, they are lying and you can see it clearly" said Jagveer as he went out to his car.
"I have my shift, bye!" said Neha as she ran out.
"Shameless idiots!" mumbled Karanveer as he went inside.
"Ohh gosh the chutney is dripping!!" screeched Guri.

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