The Meeting

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Anticipation built inside him as he waited for the woman of his dreams.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Start writing her“Did I turn the stove off at home? Oh my God….”

“Why is A called A and not B?.....”

“I wonder what the boss is angry about now…..”

“Oh, I definitely need to shave myself tonight…..”

“Why aren’t blueberries blue?....”

“I hope my mum makes the pancakes I asked her to make …….”

“How much time will I have left for soccer if I do my assignments today….”

“I love Tom Cruise…..”

“If only I had a day off….”

“Jimmy needs to marry Rose in the next episode, else……”

“I, uh, l-l-like y-you…ughh what am I gonna do…..”

“Heartbeats fast, colors and pro…….”

“I guess I can eat as many as 8 fries at once…..”

“Love is in the air you hooo…..”

“Tell me. Is it fun? Is it? Reading other people’s minds?”

The fast-walking footsteps came to a sudden halt as the question rebounded in James’ mind. With eyes as wide as saucers and hands trembling in shock, he came across as a funny figure, standing still in the middle of The Times Square. The bustling street made it difficult for a person to stand at one point for more than a few seconds. Fast descending footsteps echoed in his ringing ears as he tried to find the owner of the question. People rushed past him, checking their watches, fearing their boss’s reaction. Street dancers and singers presented their skills as the crowd cheered loudly. Students huddled in bundles as they try to decide their routine for the day.

To any other person present in The Times Square, it was merely a normal day full of stress and chitter-chatter. But for James, it was as exciting as the day when parents hear their child’s first word, as exciting as the day a performer has her first show, and as exciting as the thought of having a warm bubble bath after an exhausting day is to the working people, if not more. Never in his lifetime had he ever communicated with someone through his thoughts. Sure, he could read them. But never had he met someone like him. To say that it came across as a shock when he heard someone ask him how it felt would be an understatement of the year.

James turned around sharply, looking for the person who dared to interrupt his morning and that through his thoughts. The people bumped into him on their way but he paid them no heed. He was fervently looking for that one person who could read his mind. He turned around – again and again. Again, and again. But he only came across people thinking about useless things- at least useless to him. He tried to concentrate on finding the person behind his discomfort and blocked out any other voice entering his mind. He had more than enough practice to do so, for 30 years was a very long time indeed.

James could feel a headache coming on from concentrating so much and was about to lose hope when that voice spoke again-

“Having trouble finding me?”

“Who are you? How are you reading my mind?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. And why is that a surprise to you? If you can, why can’t others?”

“Where are you?”

“Somewhere around here. Let’s see if you can find me.”

“Tell me who you are, please. Reveal yourself. I want to meet you.”

His heart was thumping at an abnormal rate. He was afraid that if he didn’t calm down, it would burst out.

“Turn around.”

He heard and shifted his gaze to the people standing behind him. He tried to locate the person who contacted him but found no clue as to who the person was. Just as he was about to move forward to search further, his phone rang- his boss asking him about his whereabouts. Just as James turned around to take his leave, he saw a woman dressed in all black, wearing a hat that covered her face. His eyes focused on her figure and as she raised her hat in greeting, he heard in a dull whisper – “ See you tomorrow.”

James saw as the woman disappeared from his sight and made his way to his workplace. His thoughts were muddled with the strange woman who had managed to shock him for the first time in his life. And that too, at their first meeting. His quickened footsteps were nothing compared to the speed at which he walked through Times Square, the next day, anticipation building inside him as he waited to meet the woman of his dreams. e…

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