When dreams come true🤔

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Story of a girl, who was chased by a dream and story of a boy with tragic past

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


It was a big mansion surrounded by a lovely trees.
The mansion itself showing it's beauty by its entrance gate. The mansion is surrounded by trees and garden.
There was a old car parked in the backyard of the mansion.
A girl of 22 years opened the gate. At first, she felt a bit strange and fear was visible in her face. But her fear got vanished when she saw the mansion in that full moon night light. The mansion itself glowing like a moon in that light. She moved towards the main door to open. In the way she saw variety of flowers and grass. She opened the main door. As no one expected, the lights turned off and she suddenly felt that someone is watching her. She checked her surroundings and moved into the mansion..
As it was a full moon day, some light was falling at the entrance and she saw a candle inside the cupboard near the door. She huffed in relief and she was about to move out of the mansion. But no.. She was captivated by the painting at the door.. Then she looked around and saw a variety of painting...
She roamed around the mansion and enjoyed seeing the portraits and paintings...
Atlast, she reached the terrace....
There she found a small tank in the middle of the terrace which was covered by blue thick glass..

She tried to move the glass, but nope.. Then she hit the glass by a hammer which was beside the tank...........
Unexpectedly.. Smoke raised from the tank and she heard some foot steps in the smoke..
Due to smoke, her eyes were burning. She rubbed her eyes and saw a shadow of a man standing behind her..

Let's see whose shadow is that...

This is my first story.. Excuse me for any grammatical mistakes..

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