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Adam had a reasonably easy life. He has a great job, beautiful girlfriend and was able to afford to live in a very big city that never sleeps. A phone call from an old friend he hasn't seen in years ends and is in the worse trouble with the worst people. Adam tries to help but, now he is mixed up is this great mystery of the file.

Mystery / Adventure
Mark Halpern
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Chapter 1

Blazing orange light is what I can see right now. I try turning my head to get away from it but no use. Why did I have to have a room with lots of windows. I wake up and look at the clock. It says what I thought it would 7:30am. It’s the time I usually wake up to go to work, but its Saturday. Of all days to wake up early it would be Saturday. I heard the shower running so I would guess that either I left it on all night or Mariel is taking a shower. Mariel is my girlfriend of just over a year now. She is great, she has her own aerobics studio in which she teaches a few classes her and there.

I met her at my local gym. I just moved into my apartment and I was in search of things around me and I saw the gym and went in to see if it was anything like the one I visited frequently at home. Well I walked in and the guy behind the desk introduced himself. I told him I was new to the area and he arranged a small tour of the facility. Well when I got into the large gym someone yelled “heads up” and wham. I was hit in the head by something. I hit the floor hard and when I opened my eyes I saw two things. One was the guy who was showing me around and the other was this pretty red head saying “I am so sorry, I tossed it and then you came around the corner and I hit you. I am so sorry.” Well all I can say is that what ever hit me it hurt. As I was getting up I looked to the left and saw the small size medicine ball on the floor. I guess that’s what hit me. She was telling me that the person turned to talk to someone and I came in and boom. Well she got me an ice pack and we began to talk. The rest history from there.

As I look out my window I can see the city has never stopped moving. Cars are double parked with their hazards on and delivery trucks trying to get close to the shops they are delivering to. People are on the streets walking, some standing outside the local Starbucks drinking their coffee and just talking. Of course it wouldn’t be the city with out one or two sirens blaring close by. I walked into the kitchen to get some orange juice, but of course there is none. No milk either, this isn’t starting out good at all. I looked for something to drink and I had a choice. Water or water, not my best choice. I went back into the bedroom and I couldn’t hear the shower running so Mariel must be done with her shower and to my surprise she was just getting dressed. I leaned up against the molding of the door and watched. I made a decent enough sigh so she could her me. She turned and threw the towel at my face while laughing.

“Didn’t you get enough last night” she said in her soft sexy voice.

“Guess I just love looking at you no matter what.” I replied.

She smiled and finished getting into her jeans and shirt and grabbed her gym bag and was out the door for her morning class. Well now what am I going to do. Well I might as well go to the office for a few and get some work done, but wait I just finished a 75 hr stretch. No way I thought, I am going to go to Grsitidies and go food shopping. I went to the closet picked out some day clothes and left for the store.

Little to know this was going to be a wild day. I got to the store about 8:15am and grabbed a wagon and started to head towards the dairy aisle to get some milk, juice, cheese (preferably cheddar) when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned and looked it was a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a real long time. Not since the High School reunion 5 years ago. His name is Chris Robertson. I went to high school with him and lost touch after that. He looked OK, he had a ring on his finger and looked like he has been running a little. The streets in the morning make good time for running especially real early. He asked if he could have few minutes of my time. I told him sure what’s up. We walked over too the ice freezer and he told me he has been waiting for me to come out. He told me that he was in a little trouble and he needed some help of a good attorney. Now he said good, I consider myself adequate, but he is a friend let me see how I could help. I suggested that he come up to the apartment, he agreed, but was telling me he had little time to waste. I grabbed the juice and milk went up and paid for it and we went up to the apartment.

When we got up stairs I told him to have a seat and I ll be right here. I went to the bedroom grabbed my legal pad and went back to the living room. I sat down and looked at him, he was biting his nails. What was he so nervous about that he needed me?

“OK Chris what’s going on? What type of trouble do you have that you need my help.” I asked curiously.

“Look Adam, I kind of saw something then took it and now people are after me to get it back.” he was shaking when he said this. “Why me, after all these years you come to me with this why?”

“Adam, I cant trust anyone else with this. You were good friend to me back then and I need you to be the same one right now.”

So I sat there and listened to this remarkable story. We must have been talking for an hour before he looked at his watch and got up and said “got to go, got to back to safety.”

“Safety, your safe here no one is going to find you just hang here.” before I could do or say anything else he was out the door and went down the stairs not the elevator.

Well needless to say I was in shock about what I heard. I had also tricked him. Not only did I have my pad I had put my tape recorder in my front pocket and recorded the whole thing. I went to the kitchen to get my glass of juice that I had wanted all morning and just after I poured it there was a knock at my door. Well needless to say I put the glass down and went to the door. I looked through he peep hole and there were two men. One tall about 6′1" 210lbs white hair, face unshaven (sort of a five o’clock shadow) the other bout my height 5′8" 180lbs brown hair with a mustache. I asked who is it. The reply came stern and the man with the white hair said “Police.” What could I have done I was thinking. I asked to see a badge and he they both held them up so I could see them. Whether they were real or not I didn’t know but I had nothing to hide so I opened the door and let them in.

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