The File

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Chapter 11

Adam had dozed off and when he awoke he realized that it was night time. He got off the bed went to the bathroom closing the door quietly not to wake Mariel. He splashed some cool water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror. He had seen a change. He now saw a harried man who is on the edge of either being caught for obstructing justice or maybe end up as the same fate as his late friend Chris. He opened the door quietly but Mariel was up already and had turned on the T.V. Adam went over to the closet and opened the mirror glass door and started rummaging around. Mariel really wasn’t paying much attention to him and was really quiet. She was flipping around the channels trying not to hear anything about the body of Chris Robertson being found in a cleaners on the upper east side. The phone rang and as Mariel was reaching for it Adam jumped out of the closet and yelled “don’t answer that” Mariel got really frighted and slowly moved away from the phone. Adam sat on the bed and picked up the phone and answered quietly “Hello?” “Adam don’t speak and just listen. My name is Linda, I am Chris’s wife. I know what happened to my husband was part of an entire mess caused by corruption. I learned of his death on the TV and he had a hidden place in the house in case of something like this. In this lock box that he had was a letter for you. I need to get it to you and the only way I can think is to give it to at the funeral.”

“How can I get it from you there I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of people watching me and you?”

“You will meet me at my house like we have been long time friends and escort me to the funeral ill will give it too you in the limo.”

“OK, ill meet you at your house but, I don’t have the address.”

“Check your email and look for it from an email for a razor you were going to buy on Ebay.”

“OK, will see you then.”

Adam put the phone down and sat quietly. Mariel still kinda nervous asked him who was on the phone. Adam looked at her and told her what was going on. She couldn’t believe what he was going to do and alone. She wanted to go with him and be by his side. He explained that no one really knows about her or seen her and the less she is discovered the safer she was. Though she didn’t agree with him she wasn’t gonna jeopardize her life or maybe contribute to his end. Adam went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and to his surprise there was orange juice. He got a glass and put it on the counter and opened the carton. Just as he was starting to pour the juice to the glass an idea came into his mind and he dropped the carton and the juice spilled all over. He looked at the ground and then up towards the ceiling and started to talk to nobody. “Shit, Shit, Shit. Why of all the times when I finally get what I’ve wanted all day does this happen” Mariel came running in and asked him “What’s wrong?” Adam leaned on the counter for a min or so and then got some paper towels to clean up his mess on the floor. Mariel came over to help him and Adam looked up at her and told her “ I know how you can help. I have an weird idea but I will need your help to get through this but for now you need to stay here. Don’t go to the gym, don’t go out for groceries you need to stay out of sight.”

“Why must my life change. If I can help you fine, but my life isn’t gonna be ruined cause of this horrid mess your in. She snapped back him with a tone he hasn’t heard before.

“If all of this plan of mine goes the way I think it will we will be out of all of this once and for all but for now I need you to trust me and do what I say. If no one knows who you are the safer your gonna be and you being sort of an invisible person is just what I need of you to be.”

“Adam, I love you and if your telling me this idea will save us then I’m all for it. You already have my trust from now till the end of time.

Adam knew it was time to sit her down and explain how this was all gonna work. He got up and gave her a big hug and soft kiss on the lips and lead her in the bedroom and sat with her on the bed and began to explain what his idea was. The only thing was that Mariel was the first part of the plan the other part he would have to get help from a possible knew friend who he was about to meet.

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