The File

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Chapter 12

David Melman has been the head of undercover agents in New York for the past ten years. He being controlled by Darcono just like Toms and Jackson. They were all being paid by Darcono but each were being blackmailed by him too. Each one has a secret and Darcono found it out. The only one who is truly corrupt is Jackson. Toms shot and killed an undercover agent and instead of being turned in he was just turned. Melman on the other hand had a deeper secret. He was selling identities of undercover agents for the right price. Darcono bought one of those agents names killed him and then kept all the info he got from Melman and used it to employ him. The difference was that with Darconos blackmail he wasn’t getting paid he was paying. He kept them on the pay roll and if they refused they would be exposed. Sure Killing Darcono was always an option but surly it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. They all had families and surely if something happened to him and it was discovered that either of them had anything to do with it not only would there secrets be reviled there families lives would never be safe again.

Melman had been driving for what seemed to be hours. He was only going twenty five blocks to Darconos restaurant “Everything is Eventual.” Weird name for a place but kind of fitting for his personality. He arrived and pulled up front. A gentleman in a red jacket came and opened the door. “Good Evening sir.” The mid twenties man said politely.

“Don’t park it too far I don’t plan on being here all that long.” Melman replied

Melman opened the doors to find as usual the restaurant was packed. It was filled with the cream of the crop of Manhattan. At one table he could see the mayor and his wife and kids, at another some actors he had seen in a movie the other night with his wife. Over by the corner he saw the senator from New York and her Husband. Don’t hear about them too much anymore he thought to himself. He walked to back left corner and ascended the winding stair case that went up about 30 feet to the second floor. Yet again the upstairs dining area was packed as well. He walked to back right corner where a rather large black gentleman was sitting in a chair with sunglasses on and was reading a magazine. He walked up tot he door and the gentle man stood up and asked him “And your are?”

“David Melman, here to see Darcono.”

He reached down next to the chair and picked up a black leather binder. He opened it up and flipped to the tab with Melmans name on it. It included a photo and some information. He looked at Melman and asked him if he was armed. Melman reached into his coat and pulled out his Glock nine millimeter and handed it to the gentleman. He began to open the door and looked at the guy who sat back down to read his magazine. Go figure he was reading sports illustrated but, to his surprise that was the outside the inside was a comic. A real idiot he surmised and began to enter the room. The room was kinda musty form cigar and cigarette smoke. Darcono was on the couch with not just one but two very attractive looking girls. They were pretty young barely looking of legal age. He walked over to the couch and Darcono looked up at him and asked him if he care to share what he has. Melman didn’t care to answer and just walked over to the desk and sat down behind it in the brown Italian leather chair. Darcono looked at the girls and asked them to step outside and he be with them shortly.

Darcono approached Melman and sat on the desk and looked at him. Melman knew why he was here. He was called about the lawyer. What does he know and does he have the file.

“Does He have it David.?”

“Not sure, he wont talk to Toms and Jackson and he hasn’t been doing much out of the ordinary.” Melman responded

“He either has it and is keeping quiet, Has destroyed it or doesn’t have it all and is planning on getting it.” Darcono said just after taking a puff from the freshly lit cigar.

The smoke blew right toward Melmans face and he shut his eyes so they wouldn’t water. Melman hated the smell or taste of cigar smoke. Yet he was sitting and tasting it at this very moment. Melman arose from his seat and began to walk towards the door. He turned around before he opened it and told Darcono “If he ever gets his hands on it the file with all the info he wont live long enough to read it”

“That’s what I wanted to hear David.” Darcono replied

Melman opened the door and the two girls came back in. The man sitting outside the door gave him his gun back and just before he left he looked at the gentleman and said “Don’t Jughead and Archie just crack you up” The big man stood up and just looked and him. Melman walked down the stairs and out the door, the young man got his car and he gave him five dollars and got in and drove off. All he could think was how was he gonna get into the lawyers life with out the usual channels. He was in the middle of midtown and he thought about Linda Robertson. Maybe he could use her to get to Hastings. He drove to his apartment and began to contemplate how could he get to her and him and it came to him Robertson’s funeral. He would intercept them both there.

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