The File

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Chapter 12

Adam awoke early in the morning. He tried yet again not to wake up Mariel but that was easier said than done. She awoke with him and wanted to try to persuade him from going today but she knew whatever she was going to say wasn’t going to work. Adam took a long shower, and got dressed in his black suit. He grabbed his watch off the dresser and put his tape recorder in his inside coat pocket. He walked into the kitchen but remembered the juice Mariel had gotten was spilled on the ground. He grabbed a bottle water and left the apartment. Just as he got to the elevator he realized that he was missing his wallet. He opened the door and grabbed it off the desk and closed the door behind him and headed down stairs. He decided not to take the elevator for some odd reason. He was thinking a lot of what he wanted to ask Linda about her husband but more wanted to figure a way to asked her for her help. He walked out his front door and to his surprise Jackson and Toms weren’t across the street. He walked about a block and got in his car and began to make the long drive to Rye New York. He had met Linda once at a class reunion but doesn’t really remember her. The drive yet along one seem to pass by pretty quickly. He had so much on his mind that the time just flew on by. He pulled up to the house of his late friend and parked on the street. He got out of his car and walked to the front door. He rang the bell and there was no answer. He called out “Linda.” but, he heard no answer. He followed the cobble stone path around the house to see if the back door was open. He opened the gate to the back yard and there was Linda sitting on the lawn furniture. She was dressed in a black pant suit and hand a tissue in her hand. She had been crying for a while now. Adam approached her and sat down. He put his hand on her shoulder and before he could speak he noticed there was writing on the tissue. It read “Adam don’t say anything just go inside and get the flowers off the counter.” Adam was very confused he felt like he was in the middle of a spy movie. He got up and walked inside. On the kitchen counter was a large boutique of flowers. He picked them up and inside the boutique was a small note bring then out tome and walk me to the limo. He did what it said, he took them outside and took Linda by the arm and walked her around to the front where there was a large black limo out front. He opened the door and helped her in. He got in and closed the door. They started to drive off and Adam wiped his forehead and asked “what the hell is going on Linda”

“My house and everything is under surveillance. If they thought Adam had something in the house surely they would have bugged it some how.” She said softly

“How do you know this limo isn’t bugged” He replied

“I don’t but I don’t think they would.” She said

Linda Opened her bag and pulled out an envelope. On the front of it had Adams name on it. He opened the letter and began to read it to himself.

“ Adam if your reading this then i’m dead. Adam I’m so sorry that your in the middle of this. I put this letter in my lock box in the house the day after I spoke to you. What I have found is greatly important and you need to get it and get it into the hands of the proper authorities. I cant go into great detail of what your gonna find because the less you know until you have it the better. Getting it will be tough but I’m sure you will have figured out something by now. I have the same type of lock box in the office in the wall above the picture of Tom Seaver. Get it, get the file its rather large and do what needs to be done. Also make sure Linda will be safe.


Adam looked up and knew that he was gonna ask Linda to help but he didn’t know how to ask. He gave Linda the letter and she read it. She began to cry and Adam moved next to her to console her. They pulled up to the cemetery and they got out and walked to the grave. They were greeted by tons of friends and family members. The service was a nice one. Linda went to talk to some family and Adam stayed off in the distance.

He walked over to the limo and was gonna wait but, was greeted by a gentleman he has never met before. He was a tall man in a nice suit, slicked back hair and dark black sunglasses. He introduced himself.

“Hi, my name is David Melman, I was Chris’s boss. It was drastic shame about Chris’s death. My guess is that your Adam Hastings.”

This made Adam very nervous. Who was this guy really and how did he know who I am. “Yes I am Adam, and how did you know my name?”

“When Chris’s body was found I was called immediately and I read the report filed by and Detective Jackson and Toms. It had your name and address and a picture of you.”

The names Jackson and Toms made him even more easier. He glanced over his shoulder and was looking for Linda so they could get on the way but he didn’t see her anywhere. He looked back at him to get a bigger picture of him. He noticed his watch and stared at it for a min. He was trying to remember where did he see a watch like that before. It was sort of big for an average wristwatch with a large screen on it. Then it hit him like lighting Chris was wearing the same watch when he visited him at the apartment. Maybe this guy is with Toms and Jackson and looking for what he is. The only reason why he thinks this cause Chris kept checking it and then the final time he looked at it he ran out. Adam got one last look at the watch and all he could see was a number and then what looked like a standard g.p.s. you see in cars.

Linda finally came up behind Adam and when she saw Melman she walked to him and gave him a hug. She still had tears in her eyes.

“Linda, I cant begin to tell you how sorry we all are about Chris. If there is anything the agency could do please let me know.” Melman said with sorrow in his voice

“That’s sweet of you David. I see you met Adam. They were good friends from way back and Adam brought me here and is gonna take me home.”

“OK, that’s probably best. You need to rest and if you need me you know where to reach me. Also when you get around to it if there are any files form the agency in the house we like to pick them up or just anything from the office.” Melmans voice went from sorrow to one of anxious.

That set off an alarm in Adams head. He knew he wanted to see everything that Chris had at home but, if they are government files they do belong to the CIA He opened the door for Linda and they got in. Linda stretched out and closed her eyes and Adam began to think how he was gonna get Linda to go along with this crazy Idea of his.

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