The File

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Chapter 13

The car was about twenty minutes away from the Robertson house. Adam knew that Linda had mentioned that the house could be watched so he had limited time to get his idea across to her and see if she would be willing to go along with the idea. Linda was still sleep so Adam moved next her and tapped her shoulder. She awoken and looked at Adam. Adam looked at her and began to tell her his idea. He explained to Linda that he received and email from Chris the night before he died and that there was another hidden lock box in his office that Adam knows of the location. What was in this box he didn’t know but whatever was in there was meant to be gotten for Adam and to be given to the proper person. Linda kept her eyes on Adam and was listening attentively. Adam continued to say that she was the only person who could get into the building. She gave him a looked of puzzlement. Adam noticed this and kept on explaining that Chris probably had personal effects in the office and she would probably want them for herself. These items could be photo’s, awards, any clothes he had. Time was of the essence cause they would probably box them up and ship them to her soon if she didn’t come to get them. He then went on to say that she couldn’t do it alone. He was going to persuade his girlfriend to be with her. It was easier for two of them to retrieve the file or whatever was in store for him. The idea was that Linda was to still be in deep morning of her late husband and needed some help to gather his personal belongings. Since no one had any idea who Mariel was her I.D. would be clean and she could pass by security with out any problems. Once in the office she would ask for a minute alone with her husbands things and that would give them time to get the item that was being hidden. Adam knew the location of the lock box from Chris’s note. By the time the car reached the house Linda had her mind made up. She figured that if she helped Adam and his cause this might get her husbands name cleared with the justice department. Right now Chris’s name was ridiculed and tarnished with in an inch of its life. By doing this maybe it would make things better and besides since her husband was a agent for the government and they were married threw everything thick and thin she felt like she had been working for them as well and now was time to pay her debt to her husband and get his name cleared. She gave Adam a wink and told him “When your ready to do this let me know.” all Adam could do was smile and the they got out of the car and gave each other a hug, She went back in to her house and Adam into his car. He began to drive back to the city and thought to himself the easy part is done now the hard part. If convincing Linda was just this easy than convincing Mariel to walk into the lions den was gonna be almost impossible.

He arrived back into the city at around eight in the evening. He turned the coroner to where his building was and saw a spot right in front. He pulled in and he thought everything was going his way until he got out of his car. Back in there place across the street from his building was the same crappy blue ford piece of shit undercover vehicle that Toms and Jackson were staking his apartment out for the last few days. Why were they back they were gone this morning when he left. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to the building. He walked in an rode the elevator up to his floor. He got out and opened his door and walked in. He noticed that Mariel had fallen asleep on the couch while she was reading some catalogs for her gym. He went into the bedroom got a blanket and came back into the living room and draped it over her. He went to the fridge and grabbed a coke from the shelf cause water he wasn’t in the mood for. He went to the bedroom took off his suit and laid it on the chair and then got into a comfortable pair of sweats and was gonna get into bed when Mariel stood at the door way and tapped her foot on the cool hard wood floor. Adam turned to look at her and just smiled. He walked over to her and gave her great big hug and kiss on the lips that was kinda like there first one. He had a lot on his mind and needed to try to explain why he was nervous. She could see something was eating away at him and didn’t want to pry but she couldn’t hold her tongue. She put her hand ever softly on his face and asked him what was troubling him. He looked at her and told her “nothing is wrong. I have a lot on my mind and I need to ask you something but, its hard to say.”

“You can ask me anything. I love you and I’m sure whatever it is I can help.”

Adam looked up at her took a deep breath and began to explain everything what had transpired during the afternoons events. He told her about Melman and believed he was now being watched by not just the police but by the government as well. She unnerved her but, she kept on listening. He went on telling her what he told Linda and explained to her that her help was very valuable to the success of this plan. She looked at him like he was making one big joke of this whole thing. Adam just sat there giving the same look that he had on his face from the moment her began his rant. She looked at him and her smile went more to a frown.

“Your serious Adam. You want me to go and steal from the federal government. Oh yeah If I get nabbed and arrested I can use my talents of running a gym in prison. I would be everyone’s favorite.” She yelled.

“Calm down sweetie. Nothing is gonna happen. I know I haven’t planned these things before or have been in this building, but I cant go cause they probably have my faced tattooed on the guards arms so I cant get in.”

She looked at him and got off the bed and went to the closet and grabbed her coat. She had been cooped up in this apartment for now the last 24 hrs and she wanted to walk. Adam got off the bed and ran after her. He knew that Toms and Jackson car was out side and He couldn’t take the chance they see her or take her picture for files of people in the building. He wrapped his arms around her and was pleading for her to stay. She was hysterical and wanted to go but Adam wouldn’t let her go. He kept on telling her the only way out was this way and after this is all over he would make it up to her but, right now he needed her to go along with this. She turned around and wrapped her arms around him. He was just holding her and was trying to show how much he loved her and was stroking the back of head and rocking her back and forth. She was a little chocked up and went to the kitchen got a galas of water and sipped it slowly. She looked at him with sort of a smug look but still with a hint of a smile.

“You know your crazy. No crazy is to nice of a word. You’re a lunatic and you need your head examined. But I love you and whatever Shiva your in then I will do my best to help.” she said this in a serious by comically voice with the hint of a sigh at the end

Adam Looked at her and began to go over the plan step by step. He couldn’t phone Linda or even send her a note. He knew anything he did would be watched. So he played it smart. He went next door to his neighbor Mrs. London and asked her to send this fed ex for him. She was kind of puzzled and asked him why couldn’t he do it. He explained to her that he was feeling a little ill and wanted to get in to bed and didn’t want to go out. He also mentioned that drop box outside gets picked up at 9 so if she could do it for him it would be great. She obliged cause one time Adam came and fixed her shower faucet. Adam was kind of handy with certain things like that. He went back inside and Mrs. London went downstairs and out the door. Jackson noticed the lady who was in her late sixties come out. He watched her for a minute but didn’t pay any attention to her. She walked over to the fed ex box put it in and went back inside. It would be a day or so before she could respond so Adam knew he would have to keep busy and be seen leaving the house and doing stuff like going to the office tomorrow. For now he went back into the bedroom laid on the bed, Mariel came over to him laid right next to him and draped her arm over him. He reached over and turned out the light and closed his eyes. He knew that tomorrow was going to be a hell of a day.

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