The File

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Chapter 14

Adam awoke and got out of bed. He headed to the bathroom, had himself a nice hot shower. He was getting dressed when Mariel woke up. He just looked at her and smiled. She knew that he was going out and she was to basically stay in and not go anywhere. Adam got his briefcase out of the closed and headed off to his office. Mariel watched the door close and reached fro the remote and began flipping around the channels. She was bored she didn’t want to stay inside so against Adams request she was gonna go out herself.

Adam got out the door and saw yet again Toms and Jackson in their car. They saw him but did nothing. What Adam didn’t see was the third person. He was there with them taking pictures. Now this man wasn’t just taking pictures of Adam. He was there to take pictures of everyone who came in and out of that building. The reason for this was because, when Toms and Jackson had snooped around Adams apartment there was a message from Mariel but they didn’t have a face to go along with the voice. Adam got into his car and drove off to the office. At this time of the morning it would take him a good 30 minutes to make it there.

Mariel was getting dressed and was about to head out when she began to thing to herself what happens if she gets spotted. She began to contemplate the severity of this but, realized that none knew she was even involved with Adam as far as she knew. She decided to just go and get some groceries and was gonna bring them back. She would be gone for about twenty minutes she thought. This would have been long enough for her. She hated being so cramped she felt like she was getting cabin fever. She grabbed some money, not her purse just enough o get some things for the apartment and headed out. From the moment she walked out the front door she was being photographed. Now her picture has been taken but noon knew who she was and all they had was pictures. For all they knew right know was that she was either living there or was there visiting a friend etc... Mariel went inside to Grsitidies and bought some eggs, milk, cheese and a couple boxes of frozen hamburgers and hot dogs. She figured if she had to stay in she would make it like a camping trip in her mind and hopefully that would take her mind off everything. She paid for everything and went back out to the apartment. She was again photographed by Toms and Jackson.

Adam reached his office by 8:30am. He sat behind his desk and turned on his computer and began to look at some files that were sitting on his desk. At about 9:00 his secretary Jamie came in and asked him if he was OK. He looked at her with puzzlement. Was there something on his face or did someone maybe come looking for him he thought to himself.

“Why do you ask Jamie?” He uttered

“No reason really. You haven’t been here much and there was a man from the FBI looking for you really early this morning, so I was told.” She answered

“You didn’t see him, then who did he talk to?” Adam answered her in a nervous voice.

“He spoke with Mr. Owens and he left his card. I’ll go get it for you?” She said all of this with quite a bit of curiosity in her voice. Adam thought to himself. He spoke to Owens Great. Tony Owens was one of the partners in the firm and if word got out that the FBI was here to see him about a case file or even had questions involving Chris and he was implicated this would hurt his chances at staying with this firm. No firm wants any of it’s Lawyers associated with any kind of trouble especially with the Federal Government. Jamie brought in the card and handed it over to Adam. He reached across the desk and took it and looked at it with plenty of ease. The name on the card read “Special Agent Jason Glenn of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” This should have unnerved him but it didn’t. The only reason that it didn’t make him nervous was because if this person needed to see him or speak to him immediately then he wouldn’t have left his card. He probably would have stayed and waited for Adam to come in and if he didn’t come in he might have went to the apartment. Adam dropped the card on the desk and stood up in a flash. It hit him maybe he would go to the apartment to seek him out. He needed a story to leave for the day and needed one fast. Jamie buzzed Adams phone and said a Mrs. Laura Rabinowitz was on the phone for him and said it was urgent. Adam thought to himself that he didn’t know anyone by that name and wasn’t sure that he wanted to answer it. He asked Jamie to find out what she wanted and when Jamie buzzed him back she told him it was personnel and confidential. Adam picked up the phone and asked who this was. There was a little pause and some static like some one was on a cell phone but he heard what he needed to hear “Tomorrow Adam me and Mariel go to the office tomorrow 9am meet outside building just her and me goodbye.” Adam knew immediately how he was gonna get out of the office. He packed up his brief case and walked out and told Jamie that this woman was a friend of Marie’s mother and her mother wasn’t doing good and need them to come and see her. He asked Jamie to take his calls for the day and then take a few days off, no make it a week he thought and would be back Monday. This excited Jamie to have the entire week off she looked at him and asked “with pay Mr. Hastings?” Adam being in such a harried mood said “Sure, no problem.” He got his coat and went to the elevator. He was waiting when he heard Owens voice so he ran to the stairwell and ran down them. Normally one doesn’t run down 54 flights of stairs to gt away from their boss but in his case he needed to get back to the apartment. He drove as fast as he could with out attracting attention to himself. He got back found a spot and ran across the street towards the building. He got to the corner and noticed that Jacksons and Toms car was gone and darted to the buildings door ran up the stirs put his key in the lock and opened to door and then slammed it. Mariel heard the door slam and came running out of the bedroom. She saw the look on Adams face. He was flushed in the cheeks from running and was all sweaty. He was catching his breath and as he walked in he saw the grocery bag on the counter. He dropped his briefcase and looked at her. He was at a loss for words.

“Why, just tell me why you would go out after I repeatedly told you that going out was dangerous. I want to keep you safe, I don’t want you to be seen for two reasons. First the less they know of you the safer you are and second if no one knows you the easier this plan and action that’s gonna take place tomorrow will go.” He belted

“Tomorrow, Adam I’m not ready we need to go over this. I don’t know if I can do it. Besides I had to go out I was getting sick of being inside and I wasn’t gone long. I got a few things from the store and came home.” She was beginning to get more nervous and Adam could hear this by the tone of her voice.

“Did you at least get any orange juice?” with all of his luck he was hoping yes

“No, didn’t go for that.” she answered in a much calmer voice.

Adam just looked up to the ceiling and shook his head. He walked over to Mariel gave her a big hug and went in to change his clothes. He figured that if anyone was gonna come tot he apartment they would have by now and Mariel didn’t say anyone stopped by or phoned. He changed back into his sweats and a Dallas Cowboy t-shirt and came back into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass opened the fridge and grabbed a Coke opened it, poured it into the glass and before he drank it the phone rang. Adam looked at the phone like it was gonna start talking to him. He walked over and Picked it up “ Hello.”

“Mr. Adam Hastings please.” The strange voice asked.

Adam had no Idea who it was but he believed it to be the FBI agent from earlier “this is Adam” He replied to the voice on the phone

“Mr Hastings I have been trying to get in touch with you. I would like to make a time to see you if possible” The strange mans voice said

Adam was nervous and scared “For what purpose. Also who is this?” He answered

“well sir I would like to extend you the common courtsey of a free carpet cleaning” This person said in an excited voice.

Adam slammed the phone ripped the cord from the wall threw it against the wall leaving a dent in the wall. Mariel looked at him and could only think that the call as a fake call of some kind and then she looked at him and said “There goes the security fee on the apartment.” Adam looked at her and began to laugh very hard. She joined him and told him they better get to work if they were gonna do this thing tomorrow. Adam reminded her that he couldn’t be there but would make sure she knew everything she needed to do and would work on it hour by hour. They gave each other a hug and kiss and sat down on the sofa and started to go over the plan in full detail.

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