The File

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Chapter 15

Toms and Jackson arrived back to the station house at about 6pm. They signed the log that they checked in and were going to be in the precinct. They got a visitors pass for Simon who is the man with them who took all of the pictures. Toms and the Simon went into the photo lab while Jackson went and got some coffee. Toms asked Simon what he need to get started ans he told him that he could find it himself. Jackson came in with the coffee, Toms grabbed a cup while Simon was printing the 120 photos he took today. He brought the photos over to the table and spread them out. Toms and Jackson were looking at them to see if they recognized anyone from the building. Obviously they noticed the ones of Adam Hastings and the old woman who mailed the Fed-ex package the other night. The noticed some of the people leaving the building and realized they didn’t return cause there was only one shot. The pictures were being taken over a two day period so they have day time and night time shot of people coming and going. They figured they could discard the pictures of just single shots and started grouping multiple shots. They came across of one person that they have seen leaving the building before. The shots were of Mariel. Toms looked at them closely and realized he recognized her. He pointed out to Jackson that’s the woman they saw the day they looked around Hastings apartment. Jackson remembered that a woman had left a message on the phone when they were there. Jackson asked Toms if he remembered the name and he couldn’t recall. They put her picture aside and kept sifting through some of the others and pulled 5 other younger woman’s pictures and put them aside. Jackson mentioned that they could take the time tomorrow and begin looking at those pictures and try to come up with some alias so they could possibly identify to see if this woman was with Hastings. Toms felt uneasy again, he knew exactly why he wanted to find this mystery woman of Hastings. He knew that Jackson would use this innocent woman who ever she was to get anything out of Hastings. Toms knew once he was out of this mess he was gonna be through with Darcono and Jackson. He also knew that if he was through he was as good as dead. He was gonna need a good plan to get out of this one. Toms told Jackson he was gonna head home and would return in the morning to try to find out if any of these woman were with Hastings. Jackson nodded and Toms left for the night.

Toms life was ruined from that one fateful night. He kept on picturing that event over and over for years. If he only waited a few more seconds before he fired, he would not have been in this mess. Well at least he thought so. He must have figured it so many ways. If he didn’t kill that agent then Jackson would have and then when he figured out who he was and tried to arrest him Darcono probably would have shot him in the head and that would have been it. Another scenario was that Darcono would have killed him and as he moved in for the arrest then Jackson would have killed him. SO anyway he figured it he would be six feet under. He’s alone cause he killed that agent and decided to be corrupt instead of the good cop he always believed he would be. He kept on driving and like a lighting bolt striking a lighting rod it hit him. He came up with an idea that would involve him getting free of all of this with out facing his demons. Then he would just be on the run in his mind. He would always have this mans death on his hands. The only way out of this was to turn himself in and that would do him nothing cause he would be killed in less than twenty minutes of being locked up. If you think about it, Jack Ruby got to Oswald while being surrounded by cops then how hard would it be for Darcono or Jackson to get to him and take care of him in the same fashion. He needed time to figure a way out of all of this but how. He knew it had to involve the death of Jackson and Darcono. He had to include his disappearance. For now he knew this was gonna take time and he had to be on top of Hastings and try to find out if any of those women was his girlfriend. This way if by chance his plan doesn’t work he can still guarantee his life will be worth living. For now better be safe than sorry but it didn’t mean he wasn’t gonna figure a way out this Mishiva.

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