The File

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Chapter 15

Adam awoke to the blaring alarm from the clock to the right of the bed. He reached over to turn it off. He turned on his other side to find that Mariel wasn’t there. She wasn’t in the bathroom. So he went into the living to find her sitting on the couch. She seemed fine and when she saw him she stood up and smiled sort of. She wasn’t dressed in the pant suit that Adam had laid out for her. She was dressed like any average day, Jeans a nice loose fitting floral blouse and an pair of sneakers. Adam took one look at this attire and was at a loss. He walked over to her and asked her “What happened to the pant suit I laid out for you?”

“Well I figured that since I am going as a friend to help pick up some personal items, I should be dressed as a friend and not a high powered attorney”

Adam heard this and just sighed. He knew she was right but hated to admit it. He gave her a hug and looked at the time. She smiled and picked up her purse, which included only what Adam wanted it to have in it. Certain things that were necessary, such as a wallet with some cash not much, a couple of credit cards and her driver license. He didn’t want any photo’s of him or anything that could be traced to him but, he forgot that her driver license could be traced back to him because of her address. The only thing he had going for him was the fact that no one knew who she was. He heard his cell phone ringing and went looking for it. He found it on the night stand next to the bed. It was the text message he was waiting for and the message was plain and simple “file is in office on the desk.” He knew that meant Linda was only a few minutes out. He had her get a new cell phone under her maiden name so there couldn’t be any quick connections. He walked into the living room and just looked at her. She was calmer than he was. He knew that once she went out that door all he could do was wait. Mariel gave him a big hug and a long soft kiss and walked out the door for only a few hours but he knew it was gonna feel like a life time. Mariel walked down the stairs and out the front door to a black sedan that was in front of the building. She opened the door and got in. Adam was watching from the window and once the car drove off he knew the ball was in play. The one comfort was that he didn’t see the two assholes that are usually parked outside watching him come and go.

Toms was still thinking about his own ideas of getting out of this mess when he walked into the precient at about 9am. He walked into his office and began to look at the pictures that were in plain envelope on his desk. His phone rang, he picked it up and it was Jackson on the line telling him that he had to take care of something and would be in. This didn’t seem to bother Toms because this wasn’t the first time that he had done this. The pictures were the same as they were yesterday. All of them were unknown to him. He got up from his chair put his sport coat on and was on his way out to see if he could find out any info on any of these women. He figured the best place to start was stores around the building. He would have just asked the doorman to the building if there was one but that he knew would make it all to easy. He went into the grocery store and showed the pictures to the manager. He looked at them and confirmed that he had seen all of them but didn’t know who they were or where they lived. Being that the grocery store was tight around the corner it wasn’t uncommon for a manager to notice most of his customers especially the ones who make multiple appearances. He tried the Liquor store and found out the same information but with a slight change. The liquor store owner could only remember seeing five of the women in the photo’s. This could be a process of elimination and unfortunately for Adam, Marie’s was still in play. He went into several more stores around the area. The cleaners where Robertson’s body was found, the florist and the 15 different restaurants in a ten block radius. His number of most commonly seen woman was down to four. Mariels was still in the batch. He turned the corner and came to a local gym, Mariels gym. He went in and asked the person at the front desk if he could speak to the person in charge. She politely told him that she wasn’t here and that she would get the manager on duty. Toms walked over and got a cup of water from the water dispenser. The manager came up to him and Toms showed his badge like he has for the last hour. He showed the pictures to him and when Mariels came up the gentleman said “that’s the owner, is she alright?” Toms looked up slowly cause he was astonished cause he would now get a name with one of the faces. Toms reached into his pocket and pulled out a black pen.

“Can you tell me her name, where she lives and maybe a way I could get in contact with her”

The manger whose name was Ken went behind the desk and looked up the info that the cop had asked him for. He came back around with a little piece of paper with the info that Toms needed. All he had was a name and address and phone number. Toms looked up quickly and what seemed like a second was actually a minute. He was thinking where has he seen that phone number and that’s when it him. The phone number was the same as Hastings. He said thank you and left the gym. He was fumbling for his phone that was in his pocket as he started to jog. He got a hold of Jackson and told him that one of the woman in the pictures lived with Hastings. Jackson seemed cool to him on the phone and told him to get back to the precient and start to make a file on her and get all information that he could attain for some later use. Toms closed his phone and got to his car and drove off. He started thinking why did he call Jackson, now he would have this woman involved. He also knew that eventually she would have been found out. Just cause he was gonna put a file together on her doesn’t mean anything as of now. Maybe she knows nothing and will be forgotten about but, yet again she could know everything and even have the file hidden for Hastings. Traffic was slow so he flipped on his siren and began to drive a little faster. She wouldn’t have hid the file for Hastings he thought. If Hastings had it he would have went public with the file and himself and Jackson and whoever else is involved would be either dead or locked up by now. He arrived back at the priecent at about 1 in the afternoon and checked in and went to his office. He sat down and before he started he began to think about how he could use any if all info to help his own cause. How could he use Mariel except to get to Hastings but getting to Hastings wouldn’t do him any good unless he had the file. He thought to himself for a moment and realized that Jackson would soon be here so for now he was gonna start looking up any information on Mariel.

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