The File

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Chapter 16

The car pulled up the office building that Chris used to work at. Linda was dressed in a black dress as any woman who just buried her husband. He part was to be in morning and Mariel was there as support. They got out of the car and walked to the front door. Mariel opened it and Linda had tears in her eyes as they walked to the desk. The portly gentleman behind the desk recognized Linda and told her how sorry he was about Chris. She had told him why she was here and that the woman with her was a friend to help collect things. Before he could let them by he needed to see her I.D. Linda was baffled and then realized he meant Mariel. She took it out of her wallet and as she was handing it to him she noticed the security cameras and her hand trembled a little. This caught the attention of the guard and asked her “are you OK miss, you seem a little nervous” Linda put her hand on Mariels shoulder and Mariel responded “just chilly that’s all” and smiled. He gave her a visitors pass and let them go up to the Chris’s office. Just as they left for the elevators he picked up the phone and rang an office. He explained to the other person on the line that Linda Robertson and a friend were here to pick up Robertson’s personal effects from the office. The man on the phone told the guard thanks and he would meet them at the office. Linda and Mariel were in the elevator and they were ascending to the 40th floor. The doors opened and as they walked out they were greeted by David Melman. He looked a the two of them and recognized Linda of course and gave her a long hug and began again to tell her how sorry he was that Chris’s was gone. She smiled at him and introduced Mariel to him. She shook his hand and looked him in the eye. He told her that it was nice that she could come and help Linda collect his effects. Mariel smiled and replied “that’s what friends do for one another.” They walked along the hallway past numerous closed door and up on the left she could see the what looked like caution tape. That must have been Chris’s office. Melman began to explain to Linda that they had to close the office cause of the possible conspiracy that Chris could have been mixed up in. Linda looked at him and smacked him in the face and said “my husband was a good man and was in no way part of any conspiracy.” He apologized and told her he didn’t mean anything by it but it was procedure. She looked away and ripped the tape and was about tot enter when Melman pulled a key out from his pocket and unlocked it. He was gonna go in with them when Linda asked “I would like to be alone when I do this.” Melman thought to himself for a minute and knew the office had been checked for anything they needed and all that was left was his personal effects and no harm could come from it. He looked at her and said “Since it’s you and your friend I can give you fifteen minutes and that’s all. There isn’t much but Ill give you your privacy.” She looked upon him and smiled and went in and closed the door. Melman walked down the hall to the mens room and figured he had a few minutes.

Once in the office Linda looked at Mariel and told her “when they say fifteen minutes its more like ten.” She said this quietly and moved a chair from the desk to the wall where the jersey was. Mariel was taller got on the chair and started to reach above the framed piece of memorabilia and couldn’t find it. She looked to Linda for help and Linda was confused. She began to think how Chris did things and then it came to her she told Mariel to get down off the chair. She did and Linda move the chair to the other wall. Mariel looked at her and said “I thought it was above the Jersey?” she said fast but quietly. Linda put the chair in place and said “It is above the jersey. Chris did things like this in case of certain situations.” Mariel got on the chair and started to feel around and that’s when a piece of wall moved. She pushed it diagonally and pulled it out. In the wall she could see a metal box. She pulled it out and it was sort of heavy. She handed it to Linda and stepped down. They out it on the desk and opened the lid. They both looked in and saw a thick envelope. It was heavy under the envelope was cash, a gun, passport and a funny looking watch. Mariel stuffed the watch in her bra and looked at Linda and then her own watch realizing there time was thin. Linda had a huge box with her so she was putting pictures and other effects like his mug, pens in the box while Mariel cleaned out the box and put it back in the wall. One thing she didn’t realize when she put the piece of all back that it wasn’t aligned. The had no idea how they were gonna get the file out of here and it came to Linda to take down the Jersey. While Mariel was lifting the heavy object Linda took Mariels Idea and stashed the cash in her own bra and put the passport in her own bag in the bottom. Mariel placed the framed art on the couch. Linda told her to turn it over. She opened the e back and opened then opened the file. She placed all the information from the file and aligned it with the back of the jersey. She then closed it and realized time was almost up. She still had the large envelope and took all of the cards on the desk and other loose things and put them in. Just as she closed the envelope a knock at the door came and it opened. Melman came back in and asked if she found everything. Linda nodded and Mariel told her that they should be going. Melman looked at the box and say the envelope. He walked over and asked her what the envelope was. She told him that he could opened it and when he did all he saw was a few objects and cards nothing that wasn’t on the desk already. Mariel Picked up the box and Linda was going to get the Jersey when Melman said “Ill carry that for you Linda.” Linda tried to persuade him by telling him that she could do it but, he wouldn’t have any of that. SO there they were heading down the hall and towards the elevator. Mariel was starting to sweat and Linda was nervous and Melman had the contents of the file right in his hands and didn’t know it. They got into the elevator and Mariel put the box down, Melman rested the Jersey against the side of the Elevator and Linda stood in front of the door. The elevator descended to the lobby and stopped. Mariel picked up the box and Melman the jersey and started to walk to the door. The same guard who saw them earlier came in front of his desk and opened the front door. They walked out of the building and the car that had brought them there was waiting for them. The driver got out of the car and opened the trunk. All they could hope was that the jersey would fit. He slid the framed piece in and it just fit. He closed the trunk and opened the door for Linda and she got in. Mariel slid the box in and got in herself. Melman told them both to have a good day and told Linda if she ever needed anything to call him. She took a pair of sunglasses out of her bag and put them on and just nodded. He closed the door and they drove off. A big sigh of relief came from the both of them. Linda looked at Mariel and said “When he picked up the jersey I thought I was gonna die.” She said with a slight laugh. Mariel reciprocated and thought the same. She took out her cell phone and text Adam and texted him “The Eagle Has Landed.” She closed her phone and said she just needed a good stiff drink.

Adam had been nervous all day. He decided to watch some old sporting events he taped along time ago. He was in the middle of the Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl Twenty Seven win when his cell phoned was beeping. He got up and ran for it. He opened it and collapsed on the bed and looked up to the Ceiling and said “thank you.” He yet again was talking to no one but you can guess his prayers were answered. He went back into the living room grabbed his coat and keys and left for the place they arranged to meet.

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