The File

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Chapter 17

David Melman watched the car drive away. He walked back into the building and went over to the guards desk and asked for the sign in sheet. He was curious who this person was with Linda. He went to elevator and pushed the button to call the elevator. The doors opened and he got in and pushed the 35th floor. The doors closed and he was looking at the clip board. He saw Linda’s name and then the one below it was Mariel. The name didn’t ring a bell and he had never met her but its not like he ever met all of Chris or Linda s friends anyway so there was no reason to suspect anything but was gonna check it out anyway. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. He started walking down the hallway and remembered he had to put the caution tape back up on the door way. The door was still open so he figured he take one last look He walked into the office and looked at the basically empty office. All that really remained was the couch the desk and the chair behind it. He looked at the wall where the Jersey that Chris loved so much was. He could still see the outline of where it hung from the door and dust that accumulated on the wall around the frame. He glanced at the other wall and did a double take. He dropped the clip board cause what he saw panicked him. A part of the wall was crooked. He grabbed the chair and slid it over and stood on it. He turned the piece of wall just like Mariel had and saw the metal box. He slowly pulled it out and placed it on the table. He opened the lid and found it empty. Nothing was in it, Melman picked it up and threw it. Not out of anger cause he knew that he just help walked the contents of a hidden box out of the building and literally gave it to a stranger. He knew going to Linda’s house was going to do him no good cause there would be no one there. The address on the drivers license could be where they are going but unlikely. He knew that there was only one thing to do. He didn’t walk, he ran to his office picked up the hone and called Toms and Jackson.

Toms was still going over all of the information that he could find on Mariel. She is now the link between him and Hastings. The phone rang and he picked up with his normal salutation. On the other end was Melman starting to tell him about what had happened. Toms got up from his chair and closed his door. He took a deep breath and said “Are you telling me that Robertson had a secret hidden area in his office and no one knew anything about it?”

“That’s what I’m telling Toms. I have no idea what was in it but its big enough to hold that file.”

Toms didn’t know what to say. He sort of paused and asked him “who came into the building to retrieve it.” Melman told him to hang on and he ran back down the hall into the office picked up the clipboard from where he dropped and ran back down the hall way and slammed it down on the table. He was short of breath and read off Linda’s name and when he mentioned Marie’s name Toms dropped the receiver and put his hands over his face. He picked it up and told him good bye and he would be in contact and to leave and start heading home. Toms wasn’t upset about any of this but he now had a way out of all of this but not exactly. He could disappear but he needed to get that file. Toms picked up the phone and called Jackson and told him about Melman’s call. Well he didn’t exactly tell him the truth. He told him that Melman found a hidden compartment in Robertson’s office found the file and left it out and now its gone yet again. Jackson was infuriated. He told Toms not to stay in touch he was gonna take care of this matter. Toms leaned back in his chair and started to think. He knew that the file was in play but how could he get it and get rid of all of this mess he is in. He knew that Hastings was him but the odds of them returning there or to Robertson’s house was not likely. He grabbed his

coat and his gun off the desk and the one he kept in the lower left hand draw for emergencies. He left his office and walked down the hall checked out of the preicient and walked out the door. He got in his car ans began to start driving and wanted to think where they could be heading. He knew that he had no idea where they would be but was gonna figure it out some how. His firs instinct was to head to Hastings and see if he was still there just to ask some questions but when he arrived Hastings car was gone. He drove off and wasn’t gonna drive to Robertson house it would take too much time and time wasn’t something he could waste. He picked up the receiver in the car and called the dispatch and asked them to find out as soon as possible if there were any other residences that either could be found under Hastings or Robertson’s name in the city area. He figured it anything came up then he would think they would head there. A few minutes later dispatch had called him back and said they found no other known addresses for either of the two “suspects.” Toms pulled over and got out of the car and just started to think. He knew that this woman was involved with Hastings. He began to think to himself. He knew that she was his girlfriend but he knew they didn’t have the same last name. He began to run and run fast. He arrived at Marie’s gym and the same manager who was there earlier. He asked for Mariels last name and the manager told him Fisherman. He ran back out of the gym and got back to his car and called dispatch again as he started to catch his breath. He asked if there were any addresses for a Mariel Fisherman in the city. They called back with nine different Mariel Fisherman’s. He began to think what are the odds and asked them to send the information to his phone. The told him it would take about 20 minutes and he got back out of his car to go get a coffee and a map in case he couldn’t find the places all that well. He walked back to the car and got in. His phone beeped and he retrieved the addresses for all the listings for Mariel Fisherman and started to get on the way.

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