The File

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Chapter 18

David Melman wasn’t going to be just hanging around waiting for Toms call. He knew he will be blamed for what has happened. When that information gets back to Darcono he knew his life wasn’t going to be worth anything. From the moment he hung up with Toms he was in hurry up mode. He closed out all files on his computer, he shredded all information that he had on President Davidson and grabbed a bag out of his closet. This was a government bag and had the FBI label on it along with a badge and id pass that was programmed for the highest security. He began to pack it with plenty of cash, his gun, and one file he didn’t destroy. This was a file about Darcono. It contained plenty of information on him and he planned to use it to guarantee his safety once he was long gone. Melman was about to leave when his phone on his desk rang. He hadn’t yet signed out yet and he knew he had to answer it in case it was one of the higher bosses. He walked over and on the screen said front desk. He answered it and the guard had said “Mr Melman, there is a detective Doug Jackson down here to see you. Melman just froze in his place and looked at the phone. He knew he was here to kill him. He began to utter some words and then it came to him. He had a way to buy himself some time. He put the receiver to his head and said “Please send him on up.” The guard hung up the phone and Melman left his off and was running for the stairwell when it hit hi. He was going to count to thirty and hit the fire alarm. This would shutdown everything in the building including the elevators. He began counting and when he got to thirty he pulled the lever and the fire alarm went off. Jackson had just reached the 35th floor when the elevator shut down. A loud announcement came over the PA system for everyone to evacuate the building due to the fire alarm pulled on the 35th floor.. Hundreds of people were heading for the stair well and Melman was one of the first to head on down. Jackson knew what Melman had done and figured he was here to kill him. Well he was right about that. Jackson picked up the phone in the elevator and a security guard on the other end picked up and tried to explain what the problem was and Jackson told him who he was and told the guard to reactivate the elevator. The guard did and it was put in reverse and headed back down to the lobby. Melman knew he only saved him self minutes and began to move as fast as he could but with all the people he couldn’t go much faster. Melman got out of the stairwell and looked towards the elevators. Just as he looked Jackson emerged from the bank of elevators and there eyes locked. Melman began to run but, Jackson didn’t Melman got out of the building and turned right and headed for the parking garage where his car was. Jackson knew he had all the time in the world and got out of the building and headed for the same garage. Melman reached his car pressed the unlock button on the keypad he had on the key ring but nothing happened. He thought the battery was dead in it so he moved to the car as fast as he could but as he approached he smelt an odor that was pungent. It smelt like gasoline mixed with something else that he couldn’t place. He started to back away when he heard foot steps. He knew that it was Jackson that was coming up behind him. He reached into his bag and pulled out his weapon and had it ready in case. He was pointing towards different directions cause the footsteps started to multiply. He saw Jackson coming around the corner and fired several shots at him. Jackson dropped to the ground and fired a few back. Both of them missing but Jackson had no intent to hit him. All of a sudden Melman felt a bullet rip through his right shoulder and he dropped his gun and was on the ground riving in pain. Jackson Got up and began to walk towards him. He saw Jackson and the turned around and saw Darcono and another person he has seen in the restaurant. It was the big guard he had sitting out in front of Darcono’s office. The heave set gentleman Picked him up and placed him on his car. He then bent down picked up and canister and poured it all over Melman. The liquid got in his wound and it sure did hurt. As Melman began to yell the heavy set man put his hand over his moth to muffle the loud scream. Jackson Pickled up the bag and pocketed the cash and took the file and handed it over to Darcono. Darcono looked at it and smirked. He then looked at Melman and asked him “were you going to Blackmail me?” Melman couldn’t think cause of the pain but whimpered “NO, Johnny I wasn’t I as going to mail it too you when I got where I was going. I would have never talked about anything and by me sending this file I would hope you would have erased my name form any list.” Darcono started to laugh and motioned Jackson to walk towards him. He whispered something in his ear and they both began to walk away. The big heavy man was left with him and looked him in the eye and said “No one makes fun of my reading” He pulled out a Zippo light and ignited it and through it on the car. The car went up in a huge flame and Melman was engulfed in the fire. He began thrashing around and the big man Was walking away and thought to himself enough is enough and pulled out his gun and put two shots into Melman’s head. He couldn’t stand listening to the screams. Just as all three were clear the car exploded. Darcono now had any evidence that the C.I.A had on him smiled. He turned to Jackson and asked him “is it hot in here or is it just me.” Jackson reciprocated by taking off his coat and throwing it over his shoulder and they left the building. Jackson knew that he was still in hot water along with Toms. He had hoped that Toms gets to that file and recovers it even though he was starting to have doubts about Toms loyalty but, he wasn’t going to mention anything to Darcono cause then he would have had him killed and all the weight of the fiasco would be on his hands. He reached into his pocket and tried to call Toms but all he got was his voice mail. He left two messages with instructions for him to call him as soon as he could so they could meet up and begin looking for Hastings, Robertsons wife and this mystery woman who was now another person involved in this mess.


Adam was patiently waiting at Marie’s apartment that she sublet, at this current time it was empty cause she was still fixing it up. He heard voices and knew who it was, he opened the door for them and they came in with the box from the office and the jersey. Adam was kind of puzzled cause he didn’t see a file in the box and all he saw otherwise was this framed jersey. Mariel placed it upside down on the coffee table and began to unlock the back. Adam looked with curious eyes as the back part of this framed piece was opened and there were mounds of papers. He began to gather them up as Mariel went into the other room and Linda was in the kitchen. He started to read and was amazed at all the information. There must have been hundreds of notes on the movements of the President and Vice President. There was schedules and locations for safety. This wasn’t an ordinary file. This was information that was gonna be used to assassinate the President of the United States. He was overwhelmed with all the information but one key thing was missing. There’s no mention of any names who was involved, no individuals were identified no clear cut plan. If this information was so special there had to be names. Adam started to go through all of the paper work again and was amazed he couldn’t find anything. Linda came back inside and noticed a piece of paper on the floor. She bent down and handed it to Adam and he looked at it. This was something he hadn’t seen yet. It was a list of names and phone numbers and then in the last column a three digit code was next to each of them. There was no code name or idea how to know what it meant. He racked his brain for answers and asked Linda if she knew. Linda was baffled, Mariel came back in and placed the watch on the table. Adam asked “where did you get that from?” Mariel looked at him and told him “I had it hidden, don’t worry about it.” Adam just smiled and reached for it and looked at it. It didn’t look like any watch he had ever seen before. It wasn’t on, no time showed or anything. It did have a lot of buttons though so he decided to push one. He pushed the one on the top right and nothing happened, he them began to push them all and nothing happened again. He looked a the watch and on the back was a little red button. He pushed it and a he heard a small beep. He looked a the front and a green screen came on which looked like a map. There was a dot blinking with a three digit code above it and the address below it. Adam stood up and knew what the number was and knew it was a tracking device. He quickly turned it off and put it on the table. The three digit number that had come up was 822, Adam quickly looked a the paper and saw 822 was Brady’s number. This watch is a tracking device for everyone and when its on it can show an exact location of some one. He knew he only had it on for a few moments and hoping it wasn’t long enough for anyone to recognize.

Unfortunately for Adam there was one person who got the signal. Toms had already checked out four the addresses but saw Brady’s number pop up and knew there location. He turned off his watch so Jackson or Darcono couldn’t find them but also hoping they didn’t see the signal. He drove as fast as he could and knew he didn’t want to use his siren cause that might tip them off and give them some time to get out. With his tracking signal off he was undetectable and could use this advantage to get out of this mess. He pulled up to the building and got out of his car and walked up to the door showed the doorman his badge and walked in. He looked at the directory and saw Marie’s name. He ran up the stairs and got out on the 5th floor. He walked up the to the door and pressed his ear against it and could here some voices. He knocked on the door and the three of them froze. Not one of them made a sound. Linda ran for the box cause she hid the gun she found in the box. Toms kicked the door open and Linda pointed the gun and tried to fire and didn’t know the safety was on so nothing happened. Toms came in with his gun drawn. He told Linda to dropped the gun and for all of them to get over to the couch. He closed the door and kept his gun pointed on them. He saw the papers on the table and walked over to it and began to gather them up. Linda and Mariel were nervous and Mariel had tears in her eyes and Linda was shaking. Adam put his arm around Mariel and looked at Toms with thoughts on his mind of over powering him and getting his gun but he knew there was no chance for that. By the time he could have made a move toms would get at least one or maybe two shots off and kill him. He could only just sit there and comfort Mariel and try to figure a way out of this. Toms sat across form the three of them with his gun pointed at them and asked Adam “Like what you read Adam?” He asked him a calm voice. Adam was at a loss for words, he didn’t know what to say or even how to respond. He thought for a minute and replied “I guess you can say I found it interesting, but didn’t see all of it but got the Gist of it.” Adam put his head down after that cause he expected to be shot. Toms placed his gun in his holster and told Adam to look at him. He asked Adam to join him in the other room and he looked a the ladies and assured them nothing will happen. Linda and Mariel were very nervous so just encase he picked up the other gun and handed to Adam and asked him to trust him. Adam was confused but nodded and they walked to the back.

Linda and Mariel were sitting for what felt like hours when in fact it was only about fifteen minutes. Adam and Toms came walking out and Adam was fine. Adam began explain the predicament that he was in and told them that he was gonna help him and them out of all of this once and for all. Just then Toms cell phone rang, it was Jackson. He told everyone to be silent and answered the phone. Jackson wanted to know where he was and Toms told him he was still searching for Hastings. At this point Adam was packing all the papers and the watch into a bag. They could all hear Jackson yelling on the other end telling Toms that he needed to find them and that file. Toms was about to say something when Linda sneezed. Toms looked over ans did all of them, Jackson heard this and said where are you? “I’m on the street someone sneezed behind me that’s all” He replied with a nervous tick in his voice. Jackson didn’t believe him and asked him to tell him where he was. Toms didn’t answer him at all and was about to hang up his phone and he heard Jackson “say his watch is off.” This un nerved him nerved him a lot cause he knew that there was only one person he could be with and that was Darcono. He remained on the phone and tried to find out if that was who he was with and he finally got his answer. Jackson was telling Toms to just give up or your fate will be marked. Toms hung up the phone and knew he was in trouble and so was all of the rest of them. His fate will be marked with the carving of a scythe, Darcono’s trade mark. He told the three of them they had to get out and to get everything they needed. One thing Toms did was show Adam how to use the gun he had in his hand and reload it. He gave him another clip to put in it. He also gave him the name of his Captain at the Centerpiece and this is the person to give the information to. Adam took a quick look at the sheet and his name wasn’t there. He told the three of them they were leaving in five minutes and driving wasn’t an option because Darcono would have people on the lookout for his car and they new the model and license plate. He repeated to them that they had three minutes and they were leaving.

At this point Jackson knew that Toms was helping Hastings to get out of this and there was only one place he could go and that was back to the preicent. Jackson made two phone calls. First was to the dispatch and told them that he witnessed Det. Toms murder Special Agent David Melman and he was considered armed and dangerous and to be shot on sight. The second call was to Darcono’s restaurant and asked for Rocco to meet them with the car. Jackson now knew that the File was in play and it needed to be gotten and the original plan to be carried through. Darcono was cool during all of this mess. He knew one way or another that he would get out of this and go on being who he is. He just was biding his time and basically using Jackson to do his dirty work and if anything could possibly be linked to him there was no evidence to tie him into any of this. No little id number in the file, no watch code to link him too it and his name was never mentioned in any of this. All he did was supply the idea and the money and that was washed with in an inch of its life. So he was riding cool, calm and collected.

Just as Toms and the rest of them were leaving Jackson texted him and told him to turn on the T.V if he was near one. He did just that and there on the channel 2 news was a special report with his picture in the corner. He sat down and watched listening to his good name being ruined. The reporter was standing in front of the parking structure just up the street from Chris’s office building and she began to speak.

“Hi this is Terry Crayton standing in front of this parking structure where several fire crews are trying to put out a blazing car fire. It has been released by police that this man Det Michael Toms was seen killing special agent David Melman and setting his car ablaze. Toms is considered to be armed and dangerous and he is accompanied by this man (Adam’s picture shows up next to him) Adam Hastings and it is said that help plan the killing of this highly decorated agent. If you see these men do not try to subdue them, please call 911 immediately. This is Terry Crayton reporting for channel 2 news.”

Toms and Adam knew they couldn’t go out now or head to the preicent. Their faces have been broadcasted all over the news and they were both sure that it was Jackson who started this. They were starting to contemplate how they could get out and make there way down to Tom’s Prentice. Adam looked at Toms and he looked right back at Adam knowing they had to try to get down there. They were a good 45 blocks away. The got up and it was Adam’s idea to have Linda and Mariel stay put. Mariel was crying hysterically tell him she wanted to go. Adam held her and explained that if anything happened to her that he would be devastated and couldn’t live with himself. He then went on to tell her that she has already stolen from the federal government and that’s enough crime for her for one day. She sort of laughed and tried to hide the tears. Linda came over and held her and Adam and Toms made there way out the door. Mariel ran after him and grabbed him and gave him a huge kiss and told him not to get hurt and asked Toms to take care of him. Toms looked at her an nodded and they headed down the stairs and Mariel went back inside and closed the door and locked it the best way she could cause Toms did break the door down and the chain lock was broken. She looked at Linda and began to cry again. Linda knew exactly what she was going through. Each and every time Chris would leave for an assignment she knew there was risks and would cry herself to sleep every night until Chris had come home. Linda looked up and asked god to protect Adam and Toms.

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