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They walked in and looked around for a minute and the taller one turned towards me and asked me”can we have a seat” well what was I going to say no. I motioned for them to sit in the what was the living room and I sat across from them. The taller one looked at me to start talk but instead he made a motion for his pocket and pulled out a picture. He slowly handed it over to me and asked me “have you seen this man.” Well to no surprise it was a picture of Chris. I told them that I saw him earlier today but only for a minute if that. I wasn’t going to tell them that he was up here in case they were on to me that I was planning on helping him. The other officer didn’t say anything. He just sat there and looked at me with dismay. Did I give something away. I don’t think I did, but whatever I haven’t done anything wrong I asked him did he do anything wrong, is he wanted by the police?. That’s when it happened the other officer stood up as to try to intimidate me a little and said “What was he doing here earlier today.” he literary yelled it. The other turned to him and said” Jackson sit the hell down don’t’ you understand he has no idea what’s going on.” Now I am convinced these must be the two stupidest cops in New York. If they think that the good cop bad cop routine is ever going to work with me then they are wrong. The taller cop looked at me and asked me where I knew him from. I told him the truth, I went to high school together and were good friends. I bumped into him at the store said hello and left, That was it as far as they knew. The Detective handed me his card I looked at it. Detective Michael Toms of the 23rd percent. He asked me if I were to see him again to give them a call and let them know. I asked him why, he said it would be for your better interest. I started to look up at him slowly with my eyes squinted a little and my eyebrows down and asked him in a low voice “are you threaten me sir.” He looked at me dead in the eye and replied “why would I do that, if you don’t call us its just as good as aiding and abetting a known criminal.” Well between you and me I know from what he told me that it wasn’t’ true, but I only know one side of the story. I walked them to the door and Detective Jackson as he was walk out the door gave me a look. His face looked like um that character from Dick Tracy, you know prune face that’s it. He walked towards the elevator and detective Toms shook my hand and said well be in touch. Something tells me that I am going to see a lot of them.

I closed the door and went to the kitchen to finally have that glass of orange juice, that I have been craving all morning. I grabbed the glass spill a little on the counter and just as I got the glass to my mouth the phone rang. Yet again I put it back down and answered the phone. It was my friend Alex, he was calling to ask me to come up to Westchester to play some golf. I figured I didn’t have much to do so I told him to give me a couple of hour’s and I would be there. I hung up the phone grabbed the glass and finally began to take a sip of the orange juice. Just as it hit my lips I spit it out in the sink. Something tasted wrong. I looked a the carton and of course I grabbed probably the only carton that was expired. I spilled out the rest and put the glass in the sink, went inside to the bedroom got dressed, opened the closet changed my clothes and grabbed my clubs, left a note for Mariel so when she got back she would know where I was. I was walking to the door and realized I had left my notes on the couch. I went over to the couch to get the pad and that’s when I saw what I didn’t need to see. The page had been ripped in half. How could that have happened. I thought for a minute and that’s when it hit me. When Jackson got up and yelled at me he ripped the page. I picked up the pad and began to laugh my head off. I had two things on that page I just forgot where each one was. The first being the top was the notes about Chris, the bottom was my list of stuff that needed to buy for the apartment. So I guess he wants to know what fabric softener I use. I then went back to the bedroom took the tape out of the recorder and left for the club.

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