The File

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Chapter 20

Jackson had everything going his way for now. He had the cops and Darcono’s guys all looking for Toms and Hastings. He figured that if they were caught by the police then death in prison would be easy but, the file would take time. If Darcono’s guys got them then the file and their death would be even easier. Jackson still had a long standing partnership with Toms so he would probably clear his name after he was dead. Jackson got into his car with out Darcono, he wanted to be far away from any of this so he could establish and alibi just in case he was investigated if things went wrong. Jackson began driving and took his phone out and put it on the seat. He glanced at the phone and realized he could find out where Toms was pretty easily. All he had to do was call dispatch and ask them to activate the tracker in Toms phone. Each Police detective’s phone was installed a tracker in case they needed to find them. He knew activating his lo jack wouldn’t do anything cause Toms was too smart to be driving. He quickly grabbed his police radio and called dispatch and told them to activate his tracker. With in minutes they call back and told him that his phone tracker couldn’t be found. Jackson knew Toms was smart but, didn’t think he would have taken the tracker out or smashed his phone. He tossed the radio aside and started to drive to Hastings apartment and see if he could find them there.

Toms and Adam were trying to hide their faces as best they could. They wore baseball caps and sunglasses to try to hide their faces. The had run about ten blocks when Toms slowed down to figure out the best way they could get to the station. Toms looked where he was and told Adam they were gonna have to speed it up cause the had a long way to go. As they turned the corner Adam tripped and his glasses came off. A woman saw Adam stand up and screamed “It’s him the murderer!” She reached into her pocket get a cell phone out to call police and Adam took off. Toms knew it was only time before Jackson, Darcono and his boys and the entire metropolitan police force was on to them. They kept on running making the best time they could but with all the people that were walking it was getting more and more difficult. Adam was trying but knew he had to keep going, Toms on the other hand was fine but knew he couldn’t let Adam fall behind. He kept pace with him and made sure he wouldn’t fall back no matter how much his legs hurt.

Jackson heard the call on the police band that they had a recent location of Toms and Hastings. Jackson flipped the switch in his car and sped his way to that location. Jackson wasn’t the only one listening. Darcono also had a police band radio and began to make his own way there himself. Jackson got to the recent location and got out of his car. A woman told him that they went west on Lexington ave. He got in his car figuring that they were running and began to drive but, not to fast so he could spot them. Jacksons phone rang and he noticed the restricted number and knew it was Darcono. He asked Jackson do you have them yet and he told him not yet but he’s closing in. And when he has them he would call him and told him to back off. Jackson turned the corner and he noticed two guys running and knew he had them. He sped up and pulled his car into the corner of the street. Toms knew who it was and told Adam to run fast. Jackson got out of the car and chased after them. Adam was typing and knew he was in trouble, Toms wasn’t going to let anything happen to him. Adam turned a corner and Toms had to redirect to keep up with him. It was the wrong turn, it ended into a dead end ally and they were cornered. As Toms turned around to look he heard two loud bangs and felt two very hard rips through his chest. Adam turned and saw Toms go down hard and saw his gun fall out of his hands. Toms dropped to his knees and them fell straight on his stomach. Jackson walked up to his body and picked up the gun. He walked towards Adam and with a smirk on his face said “Well Mr. Hastings finally the end of the long run and you tried so hard to clear not only Toms name but Robertson’s name as well. All you had to do was turn this information over to us and we might have just killed you, now I have to go and find that girl of yours. What was her name Mariel Fisherman.” Adam was in full anger and knew he couldn’t do anything. This was gonna be his demise and Mariels cause he tried to do the right thing. He looked at Jackson and with sort of a smile on his face said “Well I guess you want the file huh?” Jackson had reached into his coat and pulled out a white handkerchief and started to clean the gun. He was looking at the gun and replied “That would be nice of you. Just hand it over to me and I will kill you quick. It’s kind of funny, Your going be blamed for the death of Toms and I am gonna be the hero who caught you killing him and right before you could get away I killed you my self. Everything will be gone, the file will be in my possession and the President will be Killed.” Adam pulled the large padded envelope out of the bag he had and placed it on the ground. He knew he only had a few minutes left in his life and they were all used to think about Mariel. Jackson made Adam get on his knees so he could kill him execution style. Behind Jackson Toms was bleeding and near death, he reached behind him and pulled his spare gun and maneuvered him self quietly for a shot. Adam noticed this and asked Jackson “Hey Jackson just one last thing.” Jackson thought there was no harm to hear a last request. He looked at him with ease and said “what?” Adam looked right at him and asked “How does it feel to know you about to die” Jackson turned around, Adam rolled out of the way and Toms fired twice and hit Jackson in the chest and leg. Jackson dropped to his knees, Toms life was about over and he dropped his gun. Jackson turned to look where Adam was and before he knew it a bullet cut right through his head and Jackson fell forward. Adam was in shock, he had never fired a gun and the one shot he fired was a money shot. Adam picked up the file and went over to Toms to check on him. By the time he got there Toms was dead. Adam figured that Toms got his redemption for being made to do all of these years of servitude to Darcono. Just as Adam got up he heard sirens and then saw cops running down the alley. There yelling at Adam to put his gun down and get on his knees. With out hesitation he did. As soon as the first police officer got to him and got him on his feet he told him “look I need to speak to Captain Ben Reed, I have information he will need to see.” The officer took the envelope and ushered Adam into a squad car and told him “Sir not to worry Toms texted me while you being pursued and asked me to arrest the two of you and get you to the station. Unfortunately I got here too late Toms was a good man.” Adam breather a sigh of relief and replied “He was a great man and deserves to have his name cleared. I can do that the moment you get me to his captain.” The officer looked into the rear view mirror and told him “all in due time right now just relax”

Darcono was sitting in his car with Rocco when he heard about Jackson’s and Toms death being talked about over the police ban. He told Rocco to take him back to his restaurant and get money as much as they had and make plans to leave for now. This plan is gonna blow up he thought to himself and he knew he couldn’t be in the city. People were gonna be arrested and in case any of them squealed and linked his name in any way the farther away h was the safer for now. All Darcono knew was that the only person who really knows who was behind this was Hastings and possibly his Girl Friend Mariel. He thought to himself that no one has ever got the best of him and if they didn’t say anything about him then he could part ways with them for now. Darcono arrived back at the restaurant with Rocco and they went inside packed up the cases with money and one case of guns, radios and Id’s and left the city for an undisclosed destination. He left the restaurant in his body guards hands for now and told him he be back at some point. He walked out tot he car got in and they drove off. All Darcono thought was that his name is safe and no one could touch him and just closed his eyes and let Rocco get them out of here.

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