The File

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Chapter 21

Adam had been sitting in Captain Reed’s office for about an hour explaining everything. He went over the contents of the envelope with him one page at a time. He showed that Chris was trying to be true to his country and was killed trying to defend it. He told him about Toms. How he killed that guy all those years ago and was caught in this and tried to get out. Adam knew that Toms name was tarnished and would never be cleared in the departments mind but, he thought that Toms got his salivation anyway. He gave the captain the watch that would show where each person connected with this assignation attempt on the president were and would be able to catch them one at a time. Reed just looked at him and laughed a little and couldn’t believe that this person in front of him had just literally saved the presidents life and he knew he would get no reconition from it cause even the mention of his name and how he stopped it would put his life in danger. Adam stood up and stretched and heard a familiar voice outside the door asking for him. He looked at Reed and he just nodded. Adam opened the door and Mariel ran into his arms with tears flowing down either cheek. She was crying heavily and as Adam opened his eyes he saw Linda with tears also. She walked over to him and thanked him for doing Chris a great justice. She kissed him on the cheek and went into the Captains office and closed the door. Adam couldn’t believe what he had been through and looked Mariel in the face and asked her if they wanted to get away for a little. She told him anywhere but here. He knew he could walk out cleanly and before he did Reed came out of the office and ran to the stairs and caught up to him before they left. He looked at him and asked him was there anyone else involved that you maybe forgot to mention. Adam froze and looked at Mariel and smiled and looked back at reed and told him “Not to my recollection Captain.” He the turned and continued walking. He began to think about Linda for a minute and what she could have said behind those closed doors. He didn’t want to know anything and he and Mariel walked out the door.

Mariel and Adam had arrived in Honolulu Hawaii for a weeks vacation. They got to their hotel checked at about 11pm and just went to sleep. Adam tried sleeping but just couldn’t he got up and walked to the window and opened it. They had a room overlooking the beach and he could smell the fresh ocean air. It was a lot better than the air back in the city. He heard a noise come form behind him and walked back into the room. He turned on the hall light so he wouldn’t wake Mariel up and noticed an envelope had be slipped under the door. He picked it up and opened it. It contained a small piece of paper and it read Tomorrow morning meet 7am in coffee shop.” Adam was reluctant o meet any person that he didn’t know but at the bottom it had the letters CIA. He walked back over to bed and turned off the light. He looked at Mariel and saw how peaceful she was. He climbed back in to bed and was on back when Mariel shifted her position and draped her arm around his waist and he was so happy and relaxed he fell asleep.

Adam awoke very early like he would on another day and looked at the clock. It read 6:45am. He got out of bed put on some shorts a shit and his running shoes and Mariel awoke and asked him where he was going. He told her to the gym to run and he be back soon. She looked at him with tired eyes and said “Oh now you want to use a gym. You never use the own I own.” He just laughed and said “he needed to just run to get his mind clear.” She turned her head and he headed down stairs. He got to the coffee shop and there was one person sitting at a table. He sat down and was about to order what he has wanted all week was a glass of orange juice when the other person at the table came over and told the waitress he needs a few minutes. He looked at Adam and told him he was Victor London and he was now in charge of undercover agents for the east coast. He showed him his badge and Adam just leaned back in his chair and listened to what he had to say. When his conversation ended Adam summed it up quickly for him and figured out that they wanted him to come work for the CIA. Victor looked at him and nodded and Adam told him to leave. Victor obviously had the worse timing ever and was about to speak when he saw other customers coming for breakfast and he noticed one was Mariel. He asked Adam to think about it and call him when he gets back. He got up dropped his card and left. Adam picked it off the table and put it in his pocket. Mariel came over and sat down and looked at him and said “going for a run huh?” Adam just smiled and said “Thought about it and just wanted something to drink and was gonna come back up stairs.” Mariel laughed and didn’t want to mention the man he saw with Adam and really thought nothing of it. The Waitress came back over and asked them did they want anything and Mariel replied “I need a minute please.” The waitress looked at Adam and asked “How bout you hon” Adam smiled and looked at her and said “A glass of Orange Juice” and smiled at her and Mariel and he reached out for her hands and kissed each one. The waitress brought the glass over and placed it on the table, she looked at Mariel to take her order and Adam sipped the juice smiled and leaned back in his chair all relaxed and content. Except for the fact he was now thinking about a life with the CIA.

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