The File

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Chapter 3

Toms and Jackson were sitting in their unmarked sedan out side the apartment of Adam Hastings waiting to see if he was going out. Their plan was to follow him and try to find out what Robertson had told him.

“You know that dam bastard is lying to us. He was with Robertson for just about an hour.”

Jackson was too busy watching the apartment to hear his partner. His eyes were so focused on the front door that his mind was turned off from everything else.

“Tom’s are you even listening.” Jackson yelled.

“Huh, what do you want. I’m right here you don’t have to yell Don I’m two feet away.” he answered.

Jackson reached into his back pocket to retrieve the piece of paper he ripped off of Hastings pad in his apartment and started to look at it. He rolled down the window and checked it right out. Toms looking puzzled was wondering why he would do that.

“So, what was on it, anything we could use at a later date.”

“Well, I think the boss would love to know that his apartment needs, Milk ,O.J ,Soap and feminine hygiene products” All Toms could do was slightly smirk with out laughing out loud.

Just then Jackson noticed Adam leaving his apartment with his golf clubs. He motioned to Toms and they just as they were prepared to roll a tap came at their window. A street cop had tapped their window with his billy club and asked “Is this piece of paper yours sir, you do know there is a fine for littering in the state of New York.”

Jackson looked at the cop and smiled at first then the looked on his faced changed and he yelled “Look rookie do you know who your talking to.?”

“No, what politician’s son are you sir.”

“Politician” He reached inside his coat, the cop lowered his hand to his gun belt not knowing what he was going to pull out. Jackson showed his detective badge and said “your talking to a superior officer and unless you want to be sweeping up after parades you better just throw that out and get moving.”

Well needless to say the cop gave a quick salute took the piece of paper and put it in his pocket and began to walk on his way. Needless to say during the commotion they lost where Hastings was going and were back to square one so it would seem. Jackson motioned to Toms and gave a look that Toms had seen before. Toms agreed and they got out of the car and walked to Hastings building. They got to Hastings apartment and Jackson jimmied the lock with no trouble. Their only concern would have been an alarm but luck was on their side there wasn’t one. They started to look though the apartment. Hoping to find some information on Adam Hastings that they didn’t know. Well they knew he had met with Robertson but had no clue about what. So Jackson went towards the back of the apartment which housed the bedroom and bathroom, Toms took the front areas which had the living room and kitchen. They both sifted through each area being careful not to disrupt anything. Toms found nothing at all in the front part of the apartment. Nothing on the desk by the computer, He turned the computer on but with out know the password to get to the desktop he could do anything with it. Jackson found what he wanted and brought it to Toms to see. It was a tape recorder with a digital time record. He was able to see that the last recording was this morning and was for about an hour. They looked at each other and then Jackson opened the recorder to hopefully retrieve the tape but it was gone. They both knew where it was. Hastings took it out and probably had it on him or placed it somewhere in the apartment where they couldn’t find it. Just as they were about to search some more the phone rang. The were listening for a machine to see who would be calling. After the fourth ring they heard the machine pick up by the computer.

“Hey it’s Adam, not home right now either at office or out doing something, leave one and I’ll get back to you soon. If this is for Mariel press two now.”

Well they didn’t hear anyone press to so they waited for the beep. The beep came and it was Mariel calling to see if Adam wanted to go out this afternoon shopping with her. She told the machine she was on her way back and would see him soon. They decided that was their cue to get out of the apartment and go. Well Jackson put back the recorder on the bed where he found it, but never closed the lid. The both left the apartment and head down to the door via the stairs so they wouldn’t let too many people see them. Just as they got out side the turned towards their car and noticed a beautiful woman in what looked like work out clothes. They both nodded and smiled at he she smiled and went into the building. Jackson looked at Toms and said “why can’t I find some one that hot.” Jackson’s reply was “I don’t think your wife would find it too funny if you had someone that hot.”

They got in their car and headed off. Jackson said “we better go back to the precinct to make ourselves visible and write up something so it looks like we have been on duty today doing something important.” Toms looked at him and replied “If you didn’t leave it on the counter so Robertson could walk off with it then we would be fine and not in this mess” Jackson’s look of dismay told Toms that he didn’t approve of his remark but he looked forward and they drove off.

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