The File

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Chapter 4

Chris Robertson was back in what he called his safe place. It was an abandon warehouse in china town. He found it while running after he picked up the envelope on the counter and ran out of the office building. Chris ran for blocks before he realized he had no idea where he was. It was late and dark and knew that certain people were going to be looking for him. He turned a corner of abandon buildings and came to one with boards over the windows he managed somehow to get in through a loose board and made himself at home to speak. Currently the place smelled like many nations because of all the take out boxes that were there. Some Chinese, Italian, Thai and of course pizza boxes. He had a lot of basic amenities he would need to lay low. Flash lights, plenty of water, a small battery powered radio, a new cell phone attached to another persons name that he made up. So he had connection to the out side world. The only two things that mattered were his watch and the large thick envelope that he took. The watch looks like nothing special. He took it off the body after the murders took place in the office building from where he worked.

He work for the CIA in a undercover building in central New York. The only problem with his job was that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was in the building late just finishing up some old paper work. He was leaving and for some reason the elevators weren’t working so he had to take the stairs. As he walked down he passed by two gentlemen who he didn’t recognized at all. He didn’t think much about it but he being curious decided to turn around and go back up and find out who they were. He pretty knew about everyone who came in and out of that building. Especially all of the CIA personnel and he thought why were these two guys here this late. He crept upstairs and came to the 45th floor where he heard voices. He could hear two voices clearly. Probably was the two gentlemen who passed him going down the steps. Then he heard two more. One sounded like a guy crying and another was a man shouting “don’t do it”

When he stopped to think he realized who the other two voices were. They were two of the men who worked with him in the office, Brady and Troy. Then he reached into his coat and pulled out his Glock 9mm revolver and held it in his hand. Before he could think about making a move a gun shot ripped through the air. He heard glass shatter. He pictured in his mind two things one that one of his agents were dead and bullet passed through and though a window or a warning shot through glass. He then heard Brady yell “you asshole he had nothing to do with all of this. I would have handled him myself. He didn’t have to die.” Chris was just listening to all of this through the door to the 45th floor. He assumed they were in the office across the way from the door. Then he heard a voice he didn’t know, which he assumed was one of the two gentlemen.

“Handle him you have caused more trouble for this operation than you could possibly know. We recovered the package, we have it and we were told to get rid of you two.”

“Wait.. Brady said. I have more evidence hidden away. You have know idea what I have to prove this whole matter. I knew you two were coming the watch told me so.”

“Where is this information” Toms said

“I’ll tell you just get me up” Brady replied

Jackson walked over and picked him up and took off the rope that had his hands bound. Brady turned around and to talk and then Chris heard the second shot. He didn’t move just stood there in horror. Two agents killed in the CIA office building and he could do nothing.

“JACKSON, what are you doing.” Toms yelled

“he didn’t have any other evidence he was buying time, and was gonna figure a way out” Jackson said with authority.

“Well we will never know will we. Come on there’s a wash room up the way we need to get this mess cleaned up and get rid of these bodies from this hallway.”

Jackson followed Toms down the hall to end where the wash room was.

Chris then snuck in and saw the bodies of his fellow agents. He saw on the counter a thick yellow envelope type package. He went over and grabbed it and remembered hearing something about a watch he looked at Brady’s wrist and saw an plain watch but, with tons of buttons and had a little antenna sticking up He took it off the body and was gonna check out Troy when he heard the voices coming back down the hall. He snuck back out and ran down the stairs. Toms got back tot he room and the first thing he noticed was the packaged was missing. He asked Jackson where he put it and Jackson had pointed to the counter. Toms turned and looked at the bodies and noticed that Brady’s watch was gone. They drew there guns and ran to the door they could hear someone running down the steps and they followed. Chris got to the bottom level ran to the revolving doors right past security and out the door and just kept running. Toms and Jackson reached the lobby but knew they weren’t going to find this person. They turned around and went to the security desk and asked the officer behind the desk who was that who ran out.

“He was running fast man but I didn’t see his face. There was only a few people in the building. You two, Me and Mister Robertson form the 34th floor. Wait who are you two.” The officer asked.

Jackson went for his badge but before he pulled it out a bullet ripped past his head and right through the head of the officer.

“No witnesses Jackson. Get him to the elevator and will take care of him with the other two.”

“What about this guy Robertson”

“we will find out who he is in no time. He has to be government so finding him will be simple”

Chris went over to the make ship table he crated out of boxes. Put the watch in front of him and the package. This watch was something that could keep him alive for while. The watch gave locations of people and names. Sort of like a G.P.S. system or something. SO he could tell when someone was near him or was at least getting close. There was no reason for anyone to look down here for him but you never know how many people were gonna be looking for him.

He opened the envelope and spread everything out on the counter and started to examine it. He had looked once but not for long. Once he knew what he had he had to find someone he could trust. He looked at the papers and there it was in bold black letters “Assassinating President Davidson” He knew what he had was not good. Well in a way it was but the reason he had it wasn’t good. He had everything they would need to do what they were gonna do. Now the first thought he had was burn it all but, he then thought by getting this to the right people he could avenge the deaths of Troy and Brady who obviously had been wrapped up in uncovering the plan already. Having Adam on his side he thought he had someone he could trust to help him. As he was putting everything away he saw a piece of paper he didn’t notice before. It was a list of Agents and Police and other federal officials on it. What was this list. Was it a list of people involved or was other targets. It had addresses and numbers and all the way to the left was a 3 digit code. What was this code? He thought for a long time about what it could be. No need for social security here but what was it. He took a sip out of his water bottle and look down on the table and noticed the watch. It had a key pad on it. SO he picked it up and looked at it. He looked at the list searching for something. He found it Brady’s name. He scanned across the page and found his code and punched it in and it showed Chris his location. He shut off the watch gathered everything up and ran off. Now he knew that Brady was involved not Troy. With the watch off maybe he could hide. He never really had it on until tonight so he knew that this place wasn’t safe anymore. He got everything together and left. He knew he had to get rid of this stuff but where could he put it. Somewhere no one would find it. He ventured off back to his office building. He used his id card to get in got up stairs and went to his office. He closed the door, was in his office for a little more than an hour. He left his office went out the front door and put his hands in his pockets right before he hailed a cab he pulled his right hand out and as he did he hit the button on the watch which activated it. This would give away where he was. He got in the cab and off he went to china town where he thought he could hide. He arrived got out of the cab and started walking. He then heard the a beeping. He searched his pockets and when he pulled out the watch he saw 3 numbers were close to him he dropped the watch and ran. He turned a corner in a dark ally and hid by the side of a dumpster. He must have at there for about and hour or so. He got up and then felt a slam in the back of his head. Jackson hit him hard with a pipe grabbed him a long black sedan pulled up he put him in and they drove off.

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