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Chapter 5

Adam got back to the city late that evening and eventually got back to his apartment by a little after 9:00 pm. He walked in and found the apartment dark. He flicked on the lights and found Mariel asleep on the couch. He walked quietly into the bedroom and put his clubs back in his closet. He walked back to the living room and stood be hind the couch and looked down at Mariel. She looked so peaceful ad thought to just lat her sleep she probably had a long day and figured she was very tired. He grabbed the blanket off the end of the couch and covered her. Adam made his way into the kitchen to get some thing to drink. He realized that there was no chance for juice cause the juice he bought earlier was bad so he figured the milk he had bought was still good. He opened the fridge and the carton was gone. He was sure he bought it. He looked again rubbing his eyes and then went to the sink to see if Mariel had spilled it out but it was clean. Mariel was good at making sure the apartment was clean. She liked coming home to a clean place in case anyone decided to stop on by. He looked in the garbage can and there was the carton. It was expired as well. So since this morning he hasn’t had much to drink in the house so he decided to settle for A glass of water. He took the glass into the bedroom turned on the lights and quickly turn the lights off in the living room so Mariel could sleep. Adam got undressed and took a quick shower. After he got out he toweled himself dry and put on some shorts and a old t-shirt and sat on the bed for a minute. He lay back and something kind of stung him. He sat up quick and it was his little tape recorder. The reason it hurt was because the lid was open. Adam didn’t remember the lid being open. He went to his desk in his bedroom and opened the third draw which was locked and the tape was still there. He sat down to think maybe it was possible he left it opened, but he clearly remembered closing it after removing the tape. He was looking for anything out of the ordinary. He just had a feeling something was wrong. He went back into the living room turning the lights fully up. He went into the kitchen and opened cabinets. Why he didn’t know but the noise he was making had awaken Mariel.

“Hey when did you get back and What are you doing.” she asked ever so tiredly

“something is wrong. I know it, don’t ask me how something is wrong. Did you see anything weird when you came home or maybe when you stopped in and went out.” the sound of panic was in his voice. Mariel sat up and thought. When did she come home. She came home in the afternoon to dropped off her stuff then go out shopping. Then it hit her.

“When I came home this afternoon I saw two men coming down the steps from the building. I don’t think I have ever saw them before.

Adam kinda froze for a few seconds. He felt kind of sick. The only think that came to mind is after he left for the club, Toms and Jackson came back upstairs and was searching the apartment for anything linking him to Chris. Mariel saw the look on his face and got up from the couch and came over to him and asked him “is there something wrong, what happened?”

Adam looked her in the eyes and told her in his most calming voice

“nothing to worry about right now, but I think two cops broke in looking for something.”

At this point Mariel took a step back and looked at Adam with wide eyes and was searching for the right words. She opened he mouth to talk but nothing was coming out. She sat down at the kitchen table and as Adam was coming over to talk to her he noticed the answering machine in the living room was blinking. He ran to it and pressed the message button. Mariel turned to look at him and see what he was doing. The first message was the one Mariel left and said she was coming home that’s when Toms and Jackson probably thought to get out and then passed her on her way in. The second one was very static and then dial tone. The third one he could hear a voice but, couldn’t make it out until he heard “Adam, I’m in trouble are you there, its Chris.” Then dial tone. Adam turned and thought why hang up and not leave a location. He also thought why didn’t Mariel call him to find out where he was. His phone he ran to the bedroom and opened the closet and got his phone out of his bag. He forgot to turn it back on when he left the course. He turned it on and there was one missed call and 1 text message. He quickly dialed his voice mail and it was Mariel calling to find out where he was and when he would be back. In his mind the thought how inconsiderate he was for not calling but he deleted it and went to see the text message. It was from a number he didn’t realize but this it what it read.

“Adam, I’m in trouble currently hiding in china town. Put some thing in off u need to see come get me asap when close text this #.

Adam immediately knew something was up from what he already knew from Chris earlier today. Adam started getting dressed in a panic and Mariel walked in and still kinda of shaken from hearing the fact that two cops were possibly illegally in there apartment.

“Where are you going so fast?”

“Out I need to go somewhere ill be back shortly?”

“Wait ill go with you, I don’t want to be alone.”

“No stay here and you will be fine ill be back shortly”

Adam sat down on the bed to put on his shoes and upon sitting he sat on the remote to the T.V. and it turned on to channel 2. The eleven o’clock news was on. Just as Adam got up there was a news breaking bulletin.

“This is Rich Andrews here with late breaking story. We have just been told there were two federal agents found shot in a wash room in Midtown this afternoon. Police are currently looking for this man. Chris Robertson, a New York resident was last seen in the office building and is currently at large. Robertson is considered to be armed and dangerous and if seen you should call the police immediately.”

Adam knew now that this had gotten out of hand. He knew he couldn’t go to china town to find him cause he couldn’t be seen with him at current time or he would be consider an accessory even though he knew what the truth is or what he believes to know what it is. The strange thing is only a few minutes after Chris left Toms and Jackson showed up. How did they know he was there. So some thing is wrong. He took off his shoes and just lay back on the bed with his hands over his face. Mariel had seen the picture on the T.V. and recognized Chris or she thought she did.

“Adam do we know him from some where?” Her voice had a mixture of confusion and panic mixed together

“Yes you met him at my High School reunion a few years back.” His voice kinda a muffled cause his hands was were over his face.

“Why do I think you mixed up in this. Your reacting to this news to strongly, and cops have been here or so you think. Adam I want to know everything.” Her voice was starting to rise a little.

“I can’t tell you right now, but I will. The less you know the better.

“ADAM, I am not being left in the dark. Your running allover and making me nervous. Now fucking tell me what’s going on.”

In the 7 years they have been together he has heard her yell maybe a handful of times. She was serious, she wanted to know what’s happening and if he was in any danger. Adam sat up and looked at her and asked her to calm down. Lets order some food I’m starving and Ill tell you. Adam walked into the kitchen picked up the phone and called Troy’s pizzeria which is a block or two away and ordered a pizza. While they were waiting for it to arrive Adam told Mariel everything he could. What Chris had found, what he knew and why. All Adam really knew is that Chris had witnessed the murders of two of his fellow agents. That there was a sealed envelope of importance that he had and that he might need help if this gets to a point of needing help from a old friend. Before Mariel could answer the buzzer went off and Adam pushed it and asked who it was. The voice over the speaker was an older gentleman and the reply was “Troy’s Pizza.” Adam buzzed him in. A few moments later there was a knock at the door and Adam looked through the peep hole and saw the face of the delivery guy. It was the same guy who has been delivering to them for a while now. Adam opened the door payed the delivery guy and took the Pizza. Through out dinner conversation wasn’t much. They cleaned up and the silence was broken by Mariel.

“How do you know he was telling you the truth? Is it possible he was looking for you to hide him and then represent a murderer. She pondered

“anything is possible but, I believe him. There are thousands of people he could have went to but he came and found me. So I think he telling me the truth.”

Adam walked to the bedroom. Mariel followed in stride. Adam lay down on the bed and looked at the clock. It now read 1:00:00 am and he figured Chris was gonna be fine if he was hiding he would get in touch with him in the morning and then he would go and get him early. Mariel changed into some shorts and a over sized t-shirt and got into bed next to Adam and lay on her side and kinda hugged Adam. Adam reached over his head and turned the switch to turn off the light. His last thought before he closed his eyes was why him and why now.

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