The File

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Chapter 7

Chris Robertson was out cold and was placed in a metal chair with his hands and feet bound so that he was sure to be where he was for a long time. He slowly awoken and noticed that he wasn’t going to be moving from his current position. He looked around and could tell that this wasn’t a good place to be. He couldn’t yell for help cause probably no one would hear him. There was very little light from the dying florescent bulbs above his head. Some kept flickering on and off, others completely out and then others fully lit. He figured if he would rock the chair maybe he could get free. He tried but the chair wouldn’t budge. It was bolted to the floor. He was still in the clothes he was in last night. He remember hiding be hind the dumpster and getting up and then that’s it. He doesn’t remember how he got here. He could hear some voices way in the distance and he was becoming nervous. He heard what sounded like metal locks opening and then a door creaking. He couldn’t see anyone but heard several voices. Before they came into view Chris began to kind of mumble and mutter some kind of prayer cause he thought that he was gonna be killed very soon.

“No reason to pray Chris. If we wanted you dead you would be dead already.”

This voice he had heard before. Chris started to think where he had heard it. Then it hit him that a bolt of lighting. It was one of the voices from the office building where Brady and Troy were murdered.

“If I get out of here, I will kill you Jackson or are you Toms.” His replied in a slick and sarcastic voice.

Toms stepped into the light so Chris could see his face. He glared at him with a half type smile as if he was trying to say to him I dare you to try. Chris didn’t look away at all. He kept his eyes focused on Toms. It was like he was trying to shoot laser beams from his eyes right thought Toms head. He kept looking directly at him daring him to do some thing about it. Then Toms did, he made a motion with his arms and Chris felt a sting on the back of his head. Jackson hit him hard upside the back of the head. Jackson leaned in and told Chris “that sting isn’t what your buddies felt at all was it. Oh wait they don’t feel anything any more do they” Well needless to say Chris didn’t like that statement and if he could say something he would, but with the position he was in it was better to keep his mouth shut.

In the distance the door opened again and by the sound of the footsteps all he could hear was what sounded like a heavy set man. “Where is the envelope Christopher.” Only one person called him that. “Dave, what are you doing here.” David Melman senior chief of undercover agents in in Manhattan New York. What was he doing here and why would he be involved in all of this. Chris thought for a minute and as Melman came into view Chris uttered “ Your name wasn’t on that list” Chris thought. “So you have seen the contents of the envelope Chris” Chris knew he had said too much now. Now they know he’s looked inside which is good and bad. He knew he would be kept alive until he gave up where he put the contents, the bad thing was that the moment he cracked if he does he will be killed.

Toms went to work on him. Punch after punch to the head and gut. Chris’s face bloody and he was now coughing up blood and was gasping for breath. It hurt for him to breather which probably meant that he had either broken rib or cracked ones. “Just tell me where it is and this can all be over Christopher.” “Dave there is no way in hell that I’m gonna give this up. How could you kill Brady and Troy.” “They blew it Chris, all they had to do was to keep an eye on the envelope and make sure it made it to the office when they lost it some how.” Chris began to think, A few weeks earlier Brady and Troy left New York to go and bring back a criminal for trial but never came back right away. That’s when they must have lost it. But Toms and Jackson got to it first and they were on the run. So they came back to the office to get some cover but they were tracked by Brady’s watch and that was that. “Hey Dave since Toms and Jackson lost it and haven’t recovered does there fate mean the same as Troy and Brady?” Then Chris wasn’t punched a bullet ripped through his leg and since he could move the attempt of moving the muscles made the pain even greater. He yelled loudly which didn’t matter cause no one was going to hear him anyways besides the men in the basement. “Chris this can all stop, just tell me where it is.” “I wont do that” Melman motioned to Jackson and he walked over to Chris and said “now this will be pain” He removed his hand form behind his back and in his hand was a container of salt. Chris’s eyes opened wide and new this was going to hurt. He was gonna keep his mouth closed he wasn’t telling. Jackson opened the lid and poured a little onto his hand and placed his hand on Chris’s face. The opened cuts burned and Chris’s face reacted to the stinging. Robertson new what was next. Jackson stood over him and began to tilt the canister of salt and it poured into the bullet wound in his leg. The amount of pain that he was feeling was worse than the bullet wound. Out of sheer desperation Robertson Yelled “434 Blake ave china town” Dave motioned to Jackson and he removed his revolver and put two bullets through Chris’s head.

Another voice in the room said bag him up and take him to steels up by the lawyers place. Leave the body there then send the receipt. I doubt the address he gave will turn anything up and the phone is empty no messages. I bet he gave some type of info to him and this might be the way for him to come clean to us or make some kind of slip up and lead us right to it. Toms un bounded Robertson body and Jackson helped him put his body in the bag. They carried him out of the building an threw him in the back of the car and drove to Steel’s Cleaners which was four blocks form Adam’s apartment.

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