The File

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Chapter 8

Yet again another morning and Adam was awoken by the same usual morning noises and sights. First the blazing orange light that comes through the windows and the sound of the bathroom door closing and the shower turning on. Adam knew that Mariel was very concerned after what had happened the previous night but he didn’t want to talk about it. He got out of bed went over to his desk and got his phone. To his surprise there wasn’t any messages from Chris. This concerned him a lot. The message he got was saying how much trouble he was in and nothing this morning. Maybe something happened to him he thought. Adam walked into the living room and figured maybe Chris got him a message through his email. He sat at his computer and turned it on. He knew he had a few minutes so he went to the counter to get his mail and look through it and he realized neither he or Mariel picked it up. Adam got his house keys that had a mail box key on it and went down stairs. He got to the lobby and went over to the mail boxes and opened his. Mr. Adam Pearson it said with big bold black letters. He just thought for a moment. He would like his mail box to read Mr and Mrs Adam Pearson. He has been with Mariel for a few years now and they love each other a lot. It was a nice thought and something he has been considering for a long time. He put his key in the lock and tried turning it. For some odd reason the lock was kind of tough. Adam Jiggled the lock until it finally turned. He opened to box door slowly and saw it was really filled with letters, probably most of them bills and junk mail but between the mess was a long yellow piece of paper. He has seen these before it was a cleaning receipt from Stelle’s cleaners. Adam stood still for a moment trying to figure out if he actually had anything at the cleaners. He then remembered that he had Mariel bring in his blue suit to be cleaned last week. Then he thought how did it gent into his mail box. They usually will call him and let him know. Maybe they came by to deliver it and they saw the postman and gave it to him to put it in the box. Adam closed the door to his mail box and he was turning to go back up stairs when he looked out the front door and saw a familiar face. He saw Toms across the street talk to Jackson out side the coffee shop. They were just talking and then they got in there car and just sat there. Adam just felt the same feeling he had last night creep back into his stomach. Its that nervous feeling you get after you know something isn’t quite right. Adam thought to himself as he went back upstairs towards his apartment. He told himself he wasn’t going to tell Mariel about Toms and Jackson staking them out. Well they really are staking him out. She has nothing to do with any of this and he doesn’t want her worrying so he was going to put on his best face and go back inside with the mail. Adam returned to the apartment and went right to the computer. His email contained the usual junk messages and nothing he really wanted to look at until he saw a message saying urgent. Normally he would delete these cause they were junk but with everything going on he opened it. The message didn’t say much, It read “Office go visit. Picture kids life. Item told you about. CR” Adam stopped and thought something was wrong with Chris. Then he thought maybe he can’t come out of wherever he was and sent this for him to go get. Adam quickly deleted it so nothing could be traced to him and then he realized the message didn’t say where it was in his office. All it said was picture kids life. What did that mean. Adam leaned back in his leather chair and thought about it for a good 10 minutes when he heard the bathroom door open. He got up and walked to the counter to sort the mail. He wanted everything to be normal. There’s something he knew wasn’t right. He was going to be lying to her about everything today. Mariel came in and gave Adm a kiss on his cheek and took the mail form him. Adam hadn’t even began to really look at it yet. Mariel sifted through it and came to the receipt from Steel’s cleaners.

“Adam did you see this receipt. I guess your suit is ready to be picked up” She said softly

“yeah I saw it, Ill go over there tomorrow before I go to the office.” He replied in about the same tone of voice.

Mariel handed Adam his mail and she went over to the desk to look at her mail and see what she had. They remained pretty quiet for most of the morning. They chatted basically about the bills that were in the mail. Who was gonna pay this and what they were gonna split. Adam took the rent bill into the bedroom and looked out his window towards the coffee shop and saw the same car with the two cops in it. What could they possibly want with him. He wasn’t going to tell them much anyway and he hasn’t seen Chris in a long time. Adam thought about the times when he was younger and he and Chris hung out all of the time. He remembered that he and Chris had kept all of there stuff in a box in the wall of his parents basement and that’s when it hit him. The message he got. It was a reference where to find the envelope. Chris put it in a box in his wall in his office. He knew he had to get it but he didn’t want to be too obvious so he wasn’t going to run right out and get it. Then he thought about another problem. How was he gonna get into Chris’s office. He knew Chris was working for the CIA and he couldn’t just walk in and get it. He figured he let it go for now and figure it out tomorrow. Adam went back inside and showed Mariel the rent bill and said He would take care of this month. She tried to argue that they would split it, but Adam insisted and said he would cover it this time. She looked back at him and smiled and told him she was gonna go to the gym and would be back for in a while. Mariel got up form the computer and got her bag and briefcase from the bedroom and walked towards the door and before she left she gave him a kiss and Said “see you later”. Adam smiled and watched her leave. He thought about trying to figure out how he was going to get into Chris’s office, then he remembered that Toms and Jackson were sitting out side and Mariel was about to walk out the door. He thought that she was gonna see them or would they approach her. Adam ran in to the bedroom and looked out the window. He saw them still sitting there and then looked straight down. He saw Mariel walk out the building and then turn as she got to the bottom of the steps and headed toward her gym. Did she see them? Maybe she did but she didn’t want to raise any suspicion and just kept on walking. Maybe she didn’t even notice them and just kept on moving. Adam watched her turn the corner and there was no movement from Jackson and Toms so Adam felt a bit of relief. He figured that they wanted nothing to do with her and it was only he that they were waiting to come out. Adam sat down on the bed and tried to figure out why this is happening to him. He could have prevented all of this by giving all the info to Toms and Jackson when he first met them but he didn’t. He was knee deep in all of this and he knew the only way to get himself any type help was to get that envelope. He got up and walked back to living room and sat down on the couch and looked at the time. It was 12:27pm and he figured someone had to be playing a game today. He turned on the TV to find a game and the first thing on the news was the story about Chris. Adam kept on switching the channels and this was all he could find until he got to the sports channel and there was a baseball game on. Adam figured he would watch the game and contemplate how he could get to that office. Three hours went by and Adam hadn’t figured out how to retrieve that envelope. The phone rang and it was Mariel calling to say she was going to go shopping and did they need anything. Adam gave her a list and told her to get what they needed and have it delivered and come home. He didn’t want Toms and Jackson to have any reason to come and help her for any reason or see him come down stairs to help out so having it delivered made it easier for him and they couldn’t see him to try and talk with him. Adam went back to the bedroom and put some his clothes away and opened the closet and saw Marie’s business suit and then he thought about an idea. Could Mariel help him and could this stupid idea work? He didn’t know but figured trying didn’t hurt. He looked out the window and they were still sitting there. He figured he was safe for now and that he could plan this idea out with her and maybe she would help but, there’s a chance she would say no. Adam went back to his desk got a legal pad off the desk and at down on the bed and started planing.

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