The File

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Chapter 9

Adam had been sitting on the bed for about thirty minutes and had nothing to show for it. He got up from the bed grabbed his jacket from the closet, walked to the living room got the yellow recipe from Steele’s cleaners and headed off to the cleaners to get his suit. He knew that Toms and Jackson was outside in the car and were probably gonna watch his every move but, he was just headed to the cleaners and back. The thought of fresh air was appealing to him cause he had been cooped up inside trying to come up with a plan on something he knew was absolutely impossible. He walked out the door and noticed the car across the street and knew who was in it but he didn’t give pay attention and just crossed the street over to Steele’s like he has before. He opened the door and walked up to the desk. No one was there to to assist him at the desk. He looked around to see if he could call for anyone but couldn’t see anyone to call. Adam said “Hello, any one here.” No answer, just as he was about to leave a young girl probably about twenty or so came running inside “Don’t leave I’m here. Sorry was out back having a smoke” Adam pulled the yellow ticket out and handed it to the girl. She turned around and punched the number on the ticket on the control panel to start the conveyor that circulates the clothes around. Adam turned to look out side to see what Toms and Jackson were up to. He looked across the street and it looked like Toms was standing out side the car while Jackson was inside. The young girl was punching the info into the computer to ring him up. The conveyor stopped and she turned around and saw the body of Chris Robertson hanging there in place where Adam’s suit was supposed to be. She screamed and the top of her voice, Adam immediately turned around after being startled by the pitch of the girls voice and saw what she saw. The body of his long time friend hanging their like a piece of meat in a meat locker. He felt faint and sat down.

Toms came running into the cleaners like it was an armed robbery. The truth was that he know what was there but, was acting like he was in the right place at the right time. Now he could interview Adam in more depth. Adam was sitting there with his hands covering his face. Toms looked at him and motioned Jackson to come inside. Jackson was out side with the girl who was screaming. As Jackson walked in Adam looked up to see the two of them. He didn’t know what he was gonna say. He did nothing wrong, he came to get his suit from the cleaners but now he is even more involved with whatever investigation was going on than he wanted to be. Adam got up to walk out but, that wasn’t going to happen. Jackson stood by the door and looked at him with a half smile smirk. “Where you think your going, we have a few questions for you.” Adam just turned around and sat down while a crew came in with a gurney to collect his friends body and take it to the coroners office. Adam looked up feeling still a little woozy and looked at the both of them and asked “What do you want from me. I came in to get my suit and there was a body for him instead.”

“When was the last time you saw or spoke to him.” Toms asked in a low voice like trying to be his friend or something. Adam looked up at him and before he said anything he thought if he says the wrong things he could be implicated in whatever this was. He has absolutely no idea really to what this is all about anyway but that Chris had come to him with this problem. He stood up and looked them both in the eye and profoundly said “sorry guys, this is still all covered under attorney client information and since my client is not here right now I have nothing else to say.” Tom’s face stating getting red and Jackson just threw his pad down and blocked Adam’s way from getting out. Adam not being strong wasn’t going to put his hands on Jackson and course any more problems. Tom’s motioned to Jackson to move out of the way. Adam left the Cleaner’s and was headed back to the apartment when he saw Mariel coming. He crossed the street fast and ran into the building. He waited inside for Mariel to come thought he door. She walked in and saw the elevator open. She walked in and saw Adam leaning there shaking in tears. Basically he was having an anxiety attack that he has suffered before in his life time. She grabbed hold of him and tried to calm him down. She got him to his feet and told him that she was gonna get him to his Dr. Adam reached out and pressed there floor. She looked at him puzzled and he muttered to her “just get me to the apartment and Ill explain” She obliged even though it wasn’t what she should be doing. They got to their floor and Adam was on his feet but holding onto Mariel like a wounded solider would limp to the helicopter to ride the bird to the hospital. The door opened and she brought him to the couch. As he lied there she went to kitchen to get some thing to drink but realized that she is having the groceries delivered and all she could bring him was a glass of water. He sipped it slowly trying to get his composer back. He was calming down and Mariel was holding him stroking his forehead trying to make him relaxed and it was helping. Adam looked at Mariel with a weak sort of look and welled eyes and started telling her what happened. She was horrified. She asked him was that all the commotion across the street. He nodded and turned on the TV to see if it hit the news and surely enough it did.

“This is Brady Jordan reporting to live from Steele’s Cleaners on the upper east side. I’m standing outside where the body of Chris Robertson has been found brutally murdered. Chris Robertson was being sought by police for his connection with a murder that too place withing the CIA building involving two other agents. The scene has been barricaded off by police and what now appears to be FBI agents considering Robertson worked for the government. We will have more on this story as soon as we are allowed to receive any more information.

Adam turned off the T.V. and just leaned back. Mariel got up from the couch still with the fear that since Adam was kind of mixed up in all of this and the same fate that happened to Chris could befall him too. She went inside and laid on the bed buried her face in the pillow and began to cry. Adam sat up and it hit him. He’s gonna be buried. He remembered seeing that Chris had a wedding band on his ring finger so he had a wife. He went to the bed room and everything he was think just came to a stop cause all he could see was his love crying into a pillow. He laid down next to her to try and console her. She picked her head up and looked at him and just laid her head on his chest. He knew for now that the two of them just needed to rest, cause he had and idea in his mind on how to get her into that office building.

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