The File

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Chapter 10

Jackson and Tom’s were driving in their car and realized that hadn’t checked in with you know who. The who being the man who told them to place Robertson body in the cleaners. Tom’s didn’t want to go but it was Jackson who convinced him and it wasn’t by words. All it took was a look. A look that tom’s had come to realize that he was going to see a lot of. You see Tom’s wasn’t always corrupt. He got into a small situation a when he started working with Jackson.

The two of them had just become partners and were out during the evening hours when Jackson’s cell phone rang. He pulled over to take this call though. He told Tom’s that he was given a tip about a deal going down. Tom’s being the eager one said “well lets go then and stop it.” That’s all Jackson needed him to say. Jackson was under the employee of not only the police but of the Concordat Crime family. They arrived at their destination and turned off the car lights as they approached. Jackson told Tom’s to stay behind him and cover him. They got to end of a building and started to hear voices in the distance. Jackson told Tom’s to go in first but not to say a word. Jackson kept right behind him but Tom’s slipped and one of the guys pulled a gun. Jackson fired two shots but missed there was tons of gun fire. Bullets were breaking glass and Jackson was pinned down. The noise was too loud for Toms to hear and he peaked over the metal object and fired several times. The gun fire stopped and Jackson walked in. Another man was in the room with them. Toms got up and realized what he didn’t hear. The person who lied dead on floor had a gun in one hand and a badge in the other. Tom’s shot an FBI agent. Jackson was talking with the other gentleman in the room. Tom’s thought it was all over. The gentleman came over to Tom’s and thanked him for saving his life and introduced himself to him. “I appreciate you saving my life there rook. My name is Johnny Concordat” Toms knew immediately who he was but he knew him as Johnny “the Grim reaper” Concordat He stood up and pulled his gun out and aimed it at the two of them. Now Jackson was Concordat were just laughing. “Put that away Tom’s” Jackson said laughing. The gun in Tom’s hands was shaking. Jackson walked over and took the gun out of his hands. It was at this time that Tom’s knew that either he went along with what’s going on or be killed in a failed drug bust. Johnny walked over and handed Tom’s and fist full of Hundreds and said “you take care of me and ill take good care of you” From then on out every time that Jackson looked at Toms’ with that look in his eyes on them slightly squinted he knew that he would be going where he dreaded the most.

They arrived at a building on the upper west side and Jackson walked up to the door with Toms. The gentleman at the front opened the door. “Thanks Rocco” Jackson said as they both walked by. The next guy in the hallway spoke into a little hand held radio like ones the secret service had. The door down the hall way was your typical wood door. The fresh smell of Cuban cigars could be smelt in the hallway. The doors opened and they proceeded forward into the room. A thick brown leather chair was turned backwards behind a cherry wood desk. Jackson walked up to the desk to grab one of the cigars and Toms went to the Bar and got a glass of whiskey. They sat down and the chair turned around. There sat Johnny “the Grim reaper” Darcono. Darcono was your typical looking mobster. Jet-black hair that was slicked back, silk suit and of course the usual bling. The Rolex watch, Gold rings and necklaces. His name is unusual. Not his real name his mob name “the grim reaper” It basically meant when he showed up at a job you were as good as dead. He had killed many different men but the one he tells all about is the killing of Jay “ The Duke” Blonde. This guy got his name the duke for his love of John Wayne movies. He could recite almost any of them for you. Well The Duke wanted out of his life. He had done his time and wanted to leave, the only problem was he knew a lot and threatened anyone if they tried any thing he would not only kill them but their families too. Well that was when Johnny was called in. Johnny had a way of leaving his mark. He would carve a scythe on his victim’s chest. Well Johnny got into Blondes house and was there awaiting him when he walked into his garage. The Duke didn’t have a chance. He reached for his gun but, before he could do anything Johnny put two shots rights threw his eyes. Johnny did a little shuffle over to the dukes body bent down and carve his trade mark sign right through his silk shirt. That is how he became one of the most feared and still feared mobsters in the game today.

Jackson lit the cigar and Toms stood by the bar sipping his whiskey. “Fifteen years you have been working for me and you cant even sit and look at me can you Toms.” Toms Just nodded and looked at his partner all snugged in that Italian leather chair smoking his cigar. Darcono looked right at Jackson and asked him directly “Did he tell you what we want to know.” Now obviously Darcono was refereeing to Adam. “Well no, but he will just need some leverage.” Jackson said all smug. Toms Just looked at Jackson and was waiting for Darcono to carve his symbol in him for screwing up but if he did it to Jackson he would surly follow. Darcono got behind his desk and looked at him and started laughing loudly. “Hey I have and Idea.” He was not laughing any more, his laugh turned into a yell “Get you ass out my chair and go get the info and the fucking file.” Well needless to say Jackson got up and motioned Toms to the door and they walked out. The two other men one in the hall and the other by the door both laughed at them on the way out. That’s when Jackson said what he’s been dreading to say. “Toms if we don’t get this file and info back were both dead.” Toms was getting into the car and replied “Don’t know what will be worse, the death itself or an eternity in hell for what I have been through.” It was then when Jackson started to worry about Toms. Was he gonna flip or if they were in a bind would he do something rash to get away.

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