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suicide 2



I reached the deserted palace, and found them awake next to the grave, each of them lighting their cigarettes and breathing with rage and the force of smoke. I sat on the ground next to them at Ahmad’s head and said to them: I was at Islam last night

Tafsha said: This is the fake hypocrite who betrayed inside

So I told him: Our talk now is not about treason, he wanted me in an important matter

Qudas said: The important thing was cast on us, and is there anything important in this life at all?

I said: They are digging behind Ibrahim al-Washi’s suicide, and they will analyze the body soon. You must leave here, and this is enough money for you.

Tafsha said: We will not leave and we will not take anything, we can manage

Quds said: Do you think we are afraid of what they will find? Hahaha we are ready to face what we did without help from you or this hypocrite, you only manage your affairs, but did not hide your insanity? It is something radioactive in your eye, you are not normal

I told him: I know that I am not normal, but I am trying to be, but this is not our topic, I know that you are not afraid, but you can be put in prison for that. Take money and go and I will go with you

Tafsha said: We will not go anywhere, because we do not belong to any place, here we live and here is our death

I said to them: Do you think that you are making Ahmed happy? And glorious nothingness is so empty nonsense

Tafsha said: Ahmed is in nothingness now and we are also in nothingness. Do you not see this magic in vanishing everything?

I was sad when I heard it and when I knew it was true, but I did not know what to do with them or how to convince them to deviate from what they were doing and what awaited them. I was every time unable to help myself and help them, but this time I was very afraid. I heard the glorious sound of birds and went to my house.

This educated boy who studies psychology, Ibrahim’s younger brother doubted his suicide, and convinced his father of the feasibility of analyzing the corpse and knowing what he had taken and whether it was a natural suicide or not, because he never appeared to be depressed and did not complain about anything. A committee came to explain the corpse and found materials other than materials Drugs are in his body, so it happened in the village that someone poisoned him.

I don’t know if I was with them, would I have participated in killing Ibrahim al-Washi or not? I did not know what my psychological nature was, nor what decisions I might take in certain situations? But now what happened, they should flee because the doubt revolves around my glory being it was He was known in the village with chemicals, and they will go to his house soon to search it after taking the police permission, so they must leave. The order to go to his house was secret, but Islam knew and told me.

My family started to check on me, where have you been? What was I doing? And why did I return? I was not surprised by what they do, for it is all they want money, and I did not even pay any attention to that. What is important to me now is my glory, Mazen, or holy and holy.

Magdy and Mazen were worried not because they would be arrested if the items were found in Majdi’s house, but they were worried that they had not killed the sheikh yet. The police went to Magdy’s house, I was walking in the street looking for them when the police found them, but they were in Jabr. The matter will be done so quickly. Take everything in the house after searching it all, and the house was a vast ruin, the chemical number and now they are waiting for the analysis of these materials and if they match the killing materials, there will be other words. They are now wanted and whoever sees them must inform them. I went to Gabr and I found them sitting, smoking hashish, opposite some of them, silent.

I said: The police came to search your house, O Tafashah, and took everything

Tafsha said: And if you did and find a match? ,What will happen

Quds said: They will imprison us. Haha we will not be imprisoned because we are crazy and everyone testifies to that

I said to them: Run now, do not you know what a psychiatric hospital is?

Tafashah said: It will not be more ugly than the hell of your heart, or his heart, or your heart

Quds said: Go back from where you came and never come again, we will not run away from anything we have done

Meanwhile, the sheikh had scattered everyone in the village to search for them, as he had great hatred and hatred for them, and seemed to blackmail Islam that he was involved with them in murder, and if it was proven that he would be tried, so he had to say where they are and where are they hiding. Abandoned.

The news came from the lab that the materials were identical and that they were the killers. So the police moved around the place faster and started issuing warnings for them to go out, I was only afraid of them, but they kicked me out when the police came closer, so I went out raising my hands and told them that they were not armed and I allowed them not to use violence by all means and they would get out. In the infidels, because if they went to the sanatorium, they would not suffer much and would keep breathing. We heard screaming in the palace, and my house informants about the entry, they had to enter and indeed they entered and we found them hanging over the grave hanging naked and their body full of scars as if they were constantly wounding themselves.

My friends, you have nothing but disbelief and silence.

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