FrAcTuReD (Part One) (Completed)

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Duke gasped for breath as he leaned against the stone tunnel wall that cut through the mountain, it had been two days since he fled from the cops at that hospital, something of which that he had to bribe an idiot nurse for with the rest of the cash that he had on him. All six hundred dollars.

Now he was broke and injured, not once but twice.

By that little bitch and the damned student councillor/teacher. But what shocked and confused him the second-time round, was that the woman somehow had a similar move set as to the way Charla took him down. It was by no means the way he imagined being taken down by a woman in heels. The woman humiliated him, but it brought up a question, who taught Charla and that woman those moves? Was it the same person? It had to be, but if that was the case then who? Questions for later, as of now he needed to get out of this damn town and back into the city, he had contacts there that he could rely on for this, ones that could deal with the little bitch if need be. He knew that she had gotten into some kind of trouble, but the details were so vague it was impossible to tell fact from fiction.

Except for one thing.

The recent murders and how those murders seemed to connect with the ones that happened here in the past month. And how Charla took him down with such ease, it looked slightly familiar to the injuries of the men who died, at least from what he could tell via the autopsy he snuck a peek at not long after the deaths happened. And the way she looked at him with such rage when he grabbed the little girl.

There was more to her, to her past that he needed to dig up. Would dig up, then use as leverage on the once great Liebert family. Nothing like a good scandal to ruin someone’s life.

Duke smiled, gripping his throbbing arm as a slight laugh came out. Oh, that little bitch would pay for what she did to him, he’d make sure of it.

The sound of a car driving through the tunnel caused him to freeze, instinctually turned his face towards the wall so as not to be seen, it wasn’t a police car, thank god. He looked back towards the entrance of the tunnel that he had taken, making sure no one else was coming by, this tunnel was one of two which led in and out of the Sharlton, one through the mountain and the other along the edge of the water.

This one had no surveillance, unlike the one near the cliff, so this was the best root to take without being spotted.

But he stilled when looking back, someone was there, standing at the other end. The orange glow of street lights shinned in giving the dark outline of the person. But Duke couldn’t tell who it was, their face obscured by the darkness.

His eyes narrowed slightly but chose to continue, he didn’t have time for some brat. It’d be bad if the kid alerted the authorities, but since he couldn’t see who it was, most likely the kid couldn’t tell who Duke was ether.

One saving grace at least.

Duke continued to walk, the sounds of his footsteps mixed with the heavy rain that fell echoed throughout the tunnel. Yet there was something wrong with this.

There was another set of footsteps.

Duke stopped in his tracks and looked back, the kid was still there, completely drenched from the rain, but his face was still hidden, not by the darkness but by the hoodie the person wore. Was this kid following him?

It could have very well been a coincidence, but still…

A slight feeling of unease came over him, as he turned back to keep going, he was halfway through the tunnel when he became annoyed, the damn kid was still following him. What the hell was wrong with this brat?

“Hey kid!” Duke snapped. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Unless you want to get your ass kicked back off.” He said when the person merely kept walking, hands in pockets, “Are you listening to me you…” he trailed off when the youth merely walked past him in silence, the faint sound of music could be heard blasted from headphones that were hidden underneath the hoodie. Duke relaxed, the kid didn’t hear him, but was probably just walking the same way. He gave a nervous laugh, what was he so anxious for?

It was just some random kid wearing headphones and a hoodie.

He froze. Headphones… and a hoodie… slowly his gaze drifted to the youth that slowly kept walking, he had caught a glimpse of a deep colour red, the same colour red that Charla Liebert had when he first saw her in his family’s bar. No, it couldn’t have been…

The youth ahead of him then stopped suddenly, now no longer moving forwards or looking back. Still as stone. His adrenalin spiking, Duke had to get out of here, flag down a car, something… but no cars came.


Wait, no this was good. If this was who he thought it was then… a smile came to his mouth as he looked arrogantly at the person’s back. “Are you really trying to scare me? I know who you are, you know. Not the wisest move following me don’t you think, your all by yourself in a secluded area…” he stopped suddenly when the person revealed the right hand, covered with a black glove, and gave a thumbs’ down. He frowned, what the hell did that mean? This wasn’t Charla? he scoffed. “You think that shit will work on me? Please, grow up kid. I should take your pathetic ass to court for what you did to my arm. Your little life is over you know when word gets out.”

That arm then fell listlessly to the side, like that of dead weight.

Feeling his confidence back Duke walked past the youth. “You should count the days you have left of your freedom, by the time I’m done you won’t have anything left.” And continued onwards. But stopped once more when he heard something metal being dragged across the cement. A chill went down his spine, quickly, he looked back and saw that the kid was now dragging a metal pipe.

Blood drained from his face as he turned and ran as fast as he could to the other end of the tunnel, this time being greeted by the white streetlights which led to the city. He gasped for breath and looked back when he was far out of the tunnel. There was no sign of the person.

Damn brat, who was this kid?

He intended to keep running, feeling unsure of the safety that he had as he pulled out his cellphone, but such a thought came too late for he was struck hard in the back by a metal pipe. The kid had thrown it at him.

Duke collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath from the force that he had taken. His spine and nerves screamed in agony as he forced himself to breath. He went on his hands and knees coughing to regain his breath before looking back. The kid was there, looking down at him in the drenching rain. Metal pipe in gloved hands.

A scream erupted from Duke’s throat, everything he had researched about the past deaths in the city all came flooding back to the forefront of his mind. This kid was the killer, and yet…

“You really think you’ll be able to get away with this?” he shouted, pushing himself back along the ground, trying to distance himself. “I know people that will end you!”

But only the music from the headphones met his response, followed with the metal pipe striking hard at his right leg. He could feel the bone snap from it. Duke screamed, first his hand now his leg.

“Stop!” Duke begged. “L-look, I’ll leave your family alone, that’s what you want right? I’ll…!” he stopped, now getting a clear look at the person’s face. But it couldn’t have been… “You… you’re… C…” but his words felt short as the hooded figured swung down once more, this time, towards his head.

Five minutes had gone by, the rain taking the blood of the man who now lay dead in a ditch along the side of the road leading to the town. His face completely unrecognizable, along with the rest of his beaten corpse. Grasping the metal pipe in hand, the hooded person knelt down to the disfigured corpse and spoke, voice drowned out by rain.

“Now you’re were you belong.”

Head turning to the cellphone that had been left on the ground splattered in the dead man’s blood before picking it up and putting it in the hoodie pocket, not like the man would even need it anymore.

Slowly the person stood, looking one last time at the bloodied corpse before turning back and walking once more into the tunnel, back to the town where no one would miss the dead journalist. now lying dead on the ground, broken and unmoving like disfigured toy thrown away. No longer cared for, and no longer needed.

The sound of music slowly being drowned out by heavy rain.

End of Part 01

Continued in Part 02...

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