FrAcTuReD (Part One) (Completed)

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Chapter. 03

It took a bit to find her way over to the Student Councillor’s office, the bell had already rung and a number of students had rushed to class, save few for a number of lazy stragglers or those intending to skip and hang out somewhere.

St. Helens itself consisted of three floors for the main classes and had a two other buildings on the grounds that were connected, which consisted of one for being for workshops, like wood, metal work, cooking and sewing and other things in that regard, the other building was for that sports, lockers and even having a workout room and a second floor turned into a track for people to run and even a pool.

When Charla first saw this she couldn’t help but feel how jarring it was in comparison to her old school. The place reminded her more of a small college then a high school. But her father reassured her that it wouldn’t be hard to find her way around the school’s grounds. And in a way he was kind of right, at least for the most part, it did take her some time to find the Student Councillor’s office.

She knocked on the door and heard a woman’s voice telling her to enter, upon opening the door a number of books from a shelf fell in a cluttered pile to the floor.

“Shoot,” the woman in the office muttered before kneeling down, which seemed like a feet within itself since the woman was wearing a tight black pencil skirt and high heels. Charla found it kind of interesting since the old Student Councillor from her old school dressed in drab unflattering cloths but this woman looked way more like a high class secretary you’d see in TV shows with how her light blonde hair was done up in a slight loose bun and a thin pair of glasses rested on her nose which added more to her light blue eyes and her cleavage showing predominantly from her white elbow sleeved blouse.

Charla made her way over and assisted with picking up the books. “Here,”

The woman looked slightly surprised before smiling at her. “Thank you,” she merely looked at Charla before saying. “You must be the transfer student Charla Liebert.”

“I am,” she said as she picked up the remainder of the books and placing them on a nearby table. “Sorry for being late, I was… lost trying to find my way, a student helped me.”

The woman waved a dismissive hand. “That’s alright no harm done; I always tend to be a bit of a klutz when it comes to books and things of that nature. But I can run really fast and not fall, even when I wear these.” she indicated to her heels. “As for why I’m not sure I suppose it’s some strange hidden talent.” She then clapped her hands together. “Oh look at me talking away and I haven’t even introduced myself properly, my name is Ms. Clark and as you know I’m the Student Councillor so if you ever have any problems you can come talk to me. Regardless of what it is I’m more than willing to listen.”

“Thank you Ms. Clark I’ll be sure too—” Charla suddenly winced, stopping mid-sentence from the pain that ruptured from her had before rubbing her temple with her right hand.

“Are you alright?” Ms. Clark asked with worried concern.

“Yes I’m fine, just a headache I get chronic headaches from time to time.”

The woman rested her index finger on her chin while her left hand held her right elbow. “Oh yes, I believe your father Johan mentioned that on the phone. He told me you suffer from this from time to time. Is there anything you need to assist with this?”

She shook her head. “I don’t take medication for this, the doctors that tried too wanted to give me drugs that made me more tired than anything and I never wanted to be like that if I was at home with…” she stopped realizing what she was about to do.

“Who?” Ms. Clark asked.

She shook her head. “No one important, anyway my Dad told me I would have to talk to you first so I could know where my classes are?”

“Yes you’re right,” she moved to her desk and began looking through some files. “Give me a moment and let me check where your class will be… I’m sure the principle gave me a copy for when you arrived…” the woman searched and searched her desk before finding what she was after. “Here it is,” she proclaimed before opening it. “Now here it says your homeroom class is on the second floor room 204.” She glanced to Charla. “I can show you where your homeroom is if you’d like.”

“Sure that’d be helpful thank you,” Charla said with a smile before adding. “I also still need some books and a locker.”

The woman smiled and waved a dismissive hand. “A locker has already been designated for you it should be in your file that you have. And we have a store where you can get them; it’s not costly and at the end of the year you can sell them and get fifty percent back as well too, though if that’s not in your budget you can rent the books as well.”

Charla tilted her head at this. “Sounds more like something you’d see at a collage then a high school.”

“St. Helens has always been in this practice for a long time now, besides a number of the money that we have go to help that of the town.”

“That’s pretty interesting,” Charla said. “I never knew that.”

“Not many do, and it’s okay you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of this place in no time.” Ms. Clark then left her office with Charla in tow. “Now than it looks to be like your homeroom teacher is Mr. Emerson, now I hope you have a high tolerance for his… teaching.”

Charla looked at her with a confused stare. “What do you mean?”

“He can be rather high strung, and won’t take kindly to those who mouths off at him. Though I’m honest I think he’d solve much of that if he just shaved that mustache.”

Her expression became bewildered. “Huh?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” Ms. Clark said with a smile.

Ms. Clark led Charla to the classroom but not before taking her to the store where she could buy her books for her main classes so that Charla wouldn’t have to worry about needing to share a book with a student.

In truth Charla liked Ms. Clark a lot; in fact the Student Councillor reminded Charla a lot of her own father in ways her upbeat personality and even the way she worried. But this was still the first day and for all Charla knew Ms. Clark was only doing this because of her job, it was like that a lot at her old school; the way her old Student Councillor would put up a front but was really hated dealing with kids.

But Charla soon realized that wasn’t the case when Ms. Clark took another detour and showed Charla a small spot, it was a garden with a peach blossom tree with a stone bench and koi fish.

“Not many students come here,” Ms. Clark told her. “Some find it a bit boring and would rather to go the other parts of the school. But this place has been here since the first school was founded and it’s always a good place to come for lunch. There’s just something about the air here, it’s very calming.”

“You must come here a lot then,” Charla said.

“Oh yes, even when I was in school here this would always be my place, I’d come and sketch the area or the fish. There’s even a cat that comes here some times.”

“A cat?”

“Yes, we all call him Shadow, because he’s all black with these orange gold eyes.” she emphasized this by putting her index fingers and thumbs over her eyes to make them larger before laughing. “The same was kind of silly but it works, though you’ll recognize him since he has a scar over his right eye.” She looked to Charla with a kind smile. “You can come here too if you just want some space, I’m not always here but even if I am feel free to join me I don’t mind.”

Charla nodded. “Sure, thank you.”

Then Ms. Clark’s watch beeped. “Oh no! I’m supposed to be taking you to class not give you a tour!” she gasped before heading back the way they came. “Hurry, we need to get you to your first class or the Principle will scold me again!”

She’s more like a student then a part of the school’s faculty. Charla thought before laughing softly to herself. Her father was right, she would like this place.

The two of them rushed to the designated class and to Charla’s surprise Ms. Clark wasn’t joking about running in those kinds of heels. Or in that skirt for that matter, she could put runway models to shame with that kind of stride.

“We made it…” Ms. Clark said with a relived sigh before making sure she looked proper before turning and scanning Charla with her eyes, Charla flinched not sure what to expect but when Ms. Clark smiled Charla could only take that as an approval of how she looked. “Okay good looks like we can go in, oh wait.” She looked to Charla. “You might want to put your headphones in your bag. Just to be on the safe side.”

Charla’s expression turned to slight disappointment before she removed her headphones from around her neck and let out a breath as her grip tightened slightly on them. “Alright…” she then put her headphones in her bag carefully and her expression returned to normal.

Ms. Clark noticed this but didn’t say anything before opening the door. “Excuse me, Mr. Emerson…”

“What is it?!” the man snapped causing Ms. Clark flinched. “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of teaching?!”

“Yes I’m aware,” Ms. Clark told him. “But if you remember during this morning’s staff meeting you were going to be having a new student.” She then motioned Charla to come over. “This is that new student.”

Charla looked at her soon to be new homeroom teacher; the man was a thin stick of a sort and dark brown hair that looked almost black and had the most ridiculous mustache she had ever seen in her life.

In all honesty this man looked like he belonged in one of those old silent black and white films with how silly his mustache looked.

The man scoffed seeing Charla. “So you’re the girl everyone keeps talking about, well whatever your popular status has nothing to do with me,” Charla looked to Ms. Clark silently asking to explain what this man meant.

“It’s rare for a person to transfer here,” she said softly only to be overshadowed by Mr. Emerson, he then turned to the class and spoke up. “Listen up you little idiots; this here’s the new transfer student who came all the way from the damn city. You lot probably think a city girl is a big deal fat chance, for all you know she’s probably played with boys hearts so you boys better know what’s good for you.” he then looked to Charla with a snide expression. “Well?” he demanded. “Introduce yourself to them already.”

Charla merely arched a brow. Just how the hell did this man even get this job? “That’s all you’re going to say?” she asked him causing a number of the students to look at her in shock. Even Ms. Clark looked surprised. “I’ve heard way worse from my own teachers at my old school. You don’t know a damn thing about me, so if you’re trying to pick a fight do it to someone else.”

He glared at her. “You!”

Laughter erupted from the far back of the class; Charla looked to see Alex laughing.

“Something funny Miss Maxwell?” Mr. Emerson demanded.

“No, no way in hell teach. But hey I think you should let the poor girl sit down already and continue the class. You know, before we all die from old age?”

Mr. Emerson scoffed again. “Fine, you heard her kid, go sit next to Miss Maxwell and don’t act smart ether.”

Charla merely looked at him blankly and said. “But I thought that’s what school was for?”

The students laughed and even Ms. Clark at the remark before getting glared at by Mr. Emerson, in which the Student Councillor quickly recovered and said. “And with that I should take my leave, bye.” And closed the door before Mr. Emerson could say anything in response.

Charla sat down next to Alex who seemed to be rather impressed as a number of students were whispering about how Charla seemed to stand up against Mr. Emerson’s remarks and even throw them back into his face.

“That was awesome,” she said with a smile. “Though it’s shit luck you ended up in my class of all things.”

“It’s not that bad, I’ve dealt with worse teachers then him trust me, there could have been worse things that happened then some stupid remark.”

“True, but you know, I’m still kind of surprised. I thought you were a year younger than me. I had no idea you were the same age as me.”

“You wouldn’t be the first.”

“Shut up all of you!” Mr. Emerson demanded. “We’re finishing this lecture and there better not be any backtalk from any of you!”

As the class continued Charla felt another twinge of pain in the back of her skull but did her best to ignore it.

When the bell for homeroom came to an end the teacher said. “Classes will return to normal tomorrow so be prepared for homework, class dismissed.” Mr. Emerson was the first to leave before any of the other students.

Alex let out a groan of relief. “Oh thank god the class is over, I hate his lectures. They’re so boring!” she got up and grabbed her bag. “So what’s your next class?”

Charla looked at her schedule, and for a moment it became blurry, she shook her head to snap herself out of it. “It’s history,”

“Cool, that’s the same as me. Come on, I’ll show you were it is.”

Charla got up and slung her bag over her shoulder without saying a word. As they walked Alex asked her something.

“So how was it getting around?”

“It was okay, Ms. Clark showed me around a bit before taking me to class. She seems really nice.”

“Yeah she’s like that to everyone regardless of who you are she treats you the same. Kind of like a big sister that gives a damn about you.”


“Nothing,” she said. “Just venting that’s all.”


When they reached the class Charla suddenly felt a wave of dizziness return. Ah… that’s not good. “Hey Alex, do you know if there’s a water fountain nearby? Or a bathroom maybe?”

“Sure, there’s a bathroom down the hall and around the corner on your right you can’t miss it, it’s by the stairs.”

“Thanks…” Charla said with a slight smile before heading in that direction. When she rounded the corner she leaned against the wall, her head was now constantly throbbing; memories began to play in her mind, all jarred and jumbled like the static from an old television. It felt like her mind was about to split in two. “Not now…” she murmured as she gasped for breath. “Damn it…”

“Hey,” a male’s voice drew her attention but with her vision being so blurry she couldn’t see who it was, but she caught the emblem of the school’s logo on his vest it was a student. “Are you alright? You don’t look well.”

“I…” she managed as the pain became worse, her heart now pounding like it was inside of her skull like that of a drum. “I’m al…right.” she said as she pushed off the wall only to stagger and fall down to the ground, but instead of hitting the floor she felt arms catch her. More images in her mind ones of a place she hadn’t been too but it looked like that of the town. But the last thing that came to mind was her thoughts.

This is a crap way to start the new school day… before blacking out completely with the unknown male student calling for help.

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