Ghoul Virus: Zombie Apocalypse

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"you idiotic little zombie! I will kill you! You freak! " Damien screams while stabbing a lady zombie in the eye. "LANGUAGE! Damien!" Jaden warns. And Damien freezes and looks at him in disbelief. " Are you serious? They are freaking zombies! " Damien says. " But still! Today you are using it on zombies tomorrow you might use it on your wife! " says Jaden turning to look at him. " You are like the Captain America of Marvel! " says Damien " Ew! Don't compare me to an ancient old man!" Jaden said.( no offence to marvel fans) "you don't like Captain America?! Why am I even friends with you? " Damien retorts. " Oh c'mon you love me! " says Jaden. "Unfortunately! " Damien replies. " guys! Can you have your cat fights later we kind of have a situation here! " shouts Kyle from across the road. "Oops sorry! Let's kill some dead people!" says Damien pulling out his machine gun and showering bullets at the upcoming zombie wave. _________________________________________ A story about Zombie Apocalypse. A very dangerous virus has spread , engulfing the whole world and infecting almost everyone who comes in contact with the infected person's bite..... Ten poeple who have survived it along with some others have to find the real reason of the spread and help fight the infected. Will they be able to do it? How did this virus spread ? You will have to read to find it!

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

Introduction To Jaden

Learn to accept your reality and move on
Jaden, A man of gentleness. He was a rich 17 years and 5 months old guy. (Yeah, he counts each day). He had everything, charms, money, brains but one thing he didn’t have was a “FAMILY”.

Yes, he lost his family at the age of 5. It was his Step Uncle who killed his parents right in front of his eyes. He was also shot but survived the bullet which was inches away from his heart in his shoulder. Now, that he had survived he was tortured by his Uncle for the next 5 years, after which he escaped his Uncle’s house and lived in an orphanage ( yeah, he could inform the cops but who would believe a kid).

Don’t you dare think that he is rich because of his parents, his parents were sure rich but all that went to his Step Uncle after he ran away. So you can say, he has reached where ever he has on his own. Brave guy huh?

He doesn’t do anything great but run a café named ” THE CAFÉ OF MUSIC”. Yes, he loves music, he plays a guitar, he is a good chef. He learnt both these qualities on his own no classes, no nothing. His only teacher was time which brought along these situations to to teach him the lessons of life.

Hey everyone!
How u liked the chapter. This is my first book so plz excuse me for the typoes etc.
Can anyone suggest me a good cover for my book. Votes and comments are highly appreciated.


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