Ghoul Virus: Zombie Apocalypse

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Chris And Neil

Sometimes to gain something you have to loose something...
A bad dream caused Jaden wake up all sweaty from head to toe. He of course dreamt about his step Uncle Mark kill his parents or torture him.

He sighed heavily looking around his room. His room was big enough to accommodate 5 king size bed but there is only king bed on which he is sitting and getting his breathing under control.

There is a walk-in closet and a bathroom, in the right corner there was a huge window with a balcony attached which held a breath taking view of beautiful rose garden which held white and red roses. There was a study table with books and next to it was a bag on the ground.

He glanced at the watch on his bedside table which showed 6:45.
“Oh no! I have 15 mins left.” He thought and rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower then he threw on some denims and white T-shirt pulled his bag on to his shoulder and rushed down, he grabbed a granola bar and his car keys and rushed out locking the house.

He got into his Mustang GT and zoomed out of his driveway.
He reached college just in time and he went to his locker and picked his books out for the first class. He went into to the English class and down in his usual spot beside Natasha Stevens. They were quite good friends and Nat was exceptionally good at studies so she would help him study.

" Hey Jaden!” she smiled at him.

“Hey Nat! Done with your assignment? ” he asked.

“Of course! You? ” he asked

“Yup!” he replied

Lunch rolled in soon and Jaden was in the cafeteria, with all the gazes on him.

He was a charming guy with blonde hair, tall, build up figure and crystal blue eyes, he was the school’s heart throb, but he was never interested in girls or popularity.

He made his way to his usual table to find Chris and Neil the twins. They were tall and build with brown hairs and Chris had green eyes while Neil had golden eyes, it was difficult to differentiate because they looked exactly same from head to toe (except eyes) even while dressing they’d wear same clothes.

He sat down and with look in Chris’s eyes instantly notice something was wrong.

“What happened? ” Jaden asked the twins.

“Nothing new, the usual fights and beat up’s” Said Neil running his hand through his hair.

“What do you mean ‘nothing new’,he hit you so bad Neil! ” Chris retorted looking wide eyed at Neil.

“What?!” Jaden exclaimed, “You should really do something about it guys. Why don’t you inform the cops?”

“We can’t! Mom loves him way too much and we just don’t wanna hurt her” Neil said.

“Oh” Jaden thought.

They all sat in silence for sometime then sudden this idea popped in Jaden’s mind and before he could stop he blurted ” Why don’t you move in with me? My house is anyway way too big for one person” He said.

Chris and Neil looked each other in amusement why didn’t they think of it before?!

It clicked them “But we don’t have a job! We can’t completely depend on you” Chris said.

“Umm... You can work at my café and you guys are good guitarists so you can perform there.” Jaden suggested

They excused themselves to speak privately they got up and went out and come back after 5 minutes with smiles on their faces.

“We’re in” They both exclaimed.


later in the evening when the twins went home. They both sat down on the couch exhausted with the events of school. And only one thing running in their heads, their ‘run away plan’. They had made it before they agreed to Jaden about staying at his house.

Evening rolled by and their step father came home. As soon as he entered the twins got up and walked to their rooms.

“Wait! Where are you going? Won’t you welcome your father? ” Will, their father asked seeing them go away.

Chris snorted.

“Father? Who father? Our father was scott, and he is dead! We’re orphans.”
Exclaimed Neil and made a face which Will did not like.

“scott is dead, now I’m your father and you have to listen to me! ” He shouted.

“Father my foot! You sure are our Mother’s husband but to us you are just Will who hits his step children.” Chris retorted.

“Chris, Neil What the hell!? Where are your manners? Is it how you speak to your dad? ” Sophia, their mom asked while coming out of the kitchen.

“Mom! Please let us clear everything today. It’s only us and him! ” Neil spoke pointing at his so called step father.

“What do you mean? You cannot speak to him or me like that, I’m your mother and he is, and will be your father, you have to accept this, and I have noticed you guys are continuously picking on him, what is your problem, huh? What? ” Sophia said walking to Scott’s side, Will smirking victorious at the twins.

“Mom, he.....” Chris was about to tell Sophia that Will would hit them but was stopped by Neil who tugged his hand.

“He what?! He is trying his best to be a good father but you guys are making it difficult for him! ” Sophia was getting furious.

“Mom, because he can’t match our dad!” Neil gritted out.

“scott is dead! And now Will is my husband and your father! I know it is hard for you to accept it, but you have to accept it! ” She shouted. ” Go to your room now! Go now!” She said.

The twins obliged but come back after a couple of minutes with their suitcases.

“What’s all this? Where are you going? ” Will asked them.

“None of your business!” Neil shot back.

“Neil!” she warned.

“We’re leaving the house. ” Chris replied.

“What?! ” Sophia and Will exclaimed at the same time shocked.

“Yeah! Either he stays or us! But you love him way too much to let go, so we’re leaving! ” Neil said and both walked out with their car keys and slammed the door shut, leaving them shocked. Sophia broke down and cried on Will’s chest who holding her. But he was quite happy the twins left.

Meanwhile the twins reached the place where Jaden stays. And he gladly accepted them. The twins stayed in the room just next to Jaden’s and just same as it but except everything was double, like double bed, double study table, double etc....

The next day they even got job of waiters and performers at “The Café Of Music”. And their father didn’t even bother them. Chris and Neil stayed there happily for “Life Was Perfect For Them Now. ”

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