The Space Between

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Chapter 22


“When I vowed to wait for you, I knew that I would be waiting forever. But I’ll still wait for you forever. And when forever has passed, know that my love for you is everlasting.”

Friday - Early Morning

The sound of banging threw me from the bed while I was still half asleep. I lay on the floor for a moment, trying to figure out what was happening. The banging turned into the sound of breaking wood, and the short silence that followed was quickly broken by footsteps and whispers. The sound traveled well in the open concept of the log cabin. It made it impossible to tell where it was coming from, however.

“You stay down here and watch the back of the house. Tommy said she would be here,” a man’s voice said.

I had to get out of there. I rose to my feet, and I could hear them on the upstairs level. It was too late. In a panic, I hit redial on my phone, which dialed Jack. I ran over to the door, pressing myself against it, trying to buy myself some time. Attempting to lock the door turned out to be a futile effort - I was thrown back when it was kicked open. I was shocked to see that it was a police officer who stood before me. When he reached down to pick me up from the floor, I held his arm, wrapping my legs up around his shoulder, arching my hip and pulling, using all of my body leverage. He began to yell as his elbow began to hyper-extend. The vibrations from his ligaments tearing between my thighs turned my stomach. He picked up his body as high as he could, lifting me with him. I knew what was coming. He was attempting to slam me to the ground. Every move he made so far was the picturesque scenario of what happens to an attacker who falls prey to the defense of Jiu-Jitsu. As soon as I felt him coming back to the ground, I let go of him and pulled at his ankles. He fell backward, hitting the ground hard. I sprang on top of him, achieving mount as I crossed my wrists, clenching his collared shirt. Pulling inward with my hands, I cut off all the blood to his brain, and he was two seconds from passing out. Moving only made it worse for him, and I simply moved with him as he flailed about. The hold I had on him was short-lived when I was struck on the side of my face. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t hold my thoughts together. I slipped out of consciousness and felt myself being lifted from the floor.


My mind was coming back from a dreamless dark, and I felt my feet suspended off the floor. I tried moving my arms, but they were bound above me, strapped to the top of the door, and my hands felt numb. There was an annoying tapping on either side of my cheeks, which caused me to open my eyes. I first noticed that my bra and underwear were still in place. There were three men standing in front of me, all police. One officer I had already become acquainted with, and he was now holding his arm.

“How’s your arm?” I sarcastically asked.

He responded by jumping toward me in a rage. One of the other officers who seemed to be the leader stopped him.

“Contain yourself, Ross,” he said.

I pressed further, trying not to appear weak.

“Yes, Ross. Sorry about your arm. Blame the Police Academy for not giving you the proper instruction on how to fight a girl,” I taunted.

My remark resulted in an insurmountable pain to my stomach when the leading officer struck me. I gasped for air, and could barely draw in any oxygen.

“I may have just made it impossible for you to ever have children,” he told me.

His comment hurt me more than the pain. With my heavy breathing also came tears.

“You see, you’re not that tough. So don’t flaunt that you are tough if you can’t handle it. We can do this the nice way, or the hard way. I’m guessing that when your breath returns, you are going to ask what it is that we want.”

“What do you want?” I wheezed.

The officer laughed in response. “I can’t believe I have not been promoted to detective yet. I can practically see the future.”

After I had caught most of my breath, the pain in my stomach was immense, and I could do nothing to make it subside. I moaned and squirmed in place.

“What we want is for you to tell us where Achak Rider is at this very moment.”

I said nothing in reply.

“Listen girlie, if you don’t want to get hurt, you are going to tell me what I need to know,” he pressed, flicking me in the forehead.

This irritated me so much, I felt an unbridled rage within myself that only gave me an inclination to resist the inhuman bastards.

“You are so annoying,” I responded.

“That is what my superiors tell me. But I am really good at what I do; that is why we are in this predicament,” he snidely remarked.

“I can’t feel my hands,” I cried.

“Well I can help you with that, but you gotta give me something.”

I remained silent, still trying to catch my breath.

“Listen, we already know about your little romance. And don’t try to deny it. Achak’s pictures of you in his apartment would make you a liar.”

I shot the officer a glance.

“Oh yes. We have those framed images. They are quite stunning. I just might keep a few. Tell you what, I’ll give them back if you tell us where he is,” he continued bribing.

“I wish I knew where Jack was. I came here looking for him. But I will say whatever you are thinking of doing with me, you need to rethink it. If you didn’t have a target on your back before, you do now. My Jack is going to kill you for beating on his girl,” I stated, trying to intimidate the officers.

They exchanged glances. The main officer looked back at me, and I could see what he was thinking before it happened. I quickly felt what his thoughts were as his backhand connected with my cheek bone. The right side of cheek began swelling almost instantly. I couldn’t help but cry.

“Now I don’t like to see a pretty girl like yourself all upset like this. But I gotta do what I gotta do. So it’s probably best that you don’t make threats.”

I was done trying to play tough. It wasn’t my makeup, and I was just trying to be strong, thinking help would arrive. Tears ran down my cheeks as I looked at the monsters. I may have been crazy - crazy for going there, but I wasn’t stupid. No human in their right mind acted to these extremes unless there was a lot of money or drugs involved. Somehow these police were in with the wrong people, and they were in danger of being exposed because of Jack. This was the desperation that Charles talked about. I became one of the unfortunate ones, like Jack’s wife and child.

“Let me help you out, girlie. You give me any info you have on Jack, and I’ll let you off of that door.”

“More bribery,” I remarked. “You’re going to help me? Just like you helped Jack’s wife and child. I don’t know where Jack is, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.” I cried.

“Should we call Tommy?” Ross asked.

Tellar turned to him looking angry. “Shut your mouth, Ross.”

“I don’t think she speaks English, Tellar,” the other officer told him.

I was then struck on the left side of my face by Officer Tellar.


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