The Space Between

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The day to always remember

What had happened to Jack Ryder was a secret that no one wanted to tell. They could not uncover its truth, but only believe in his legend. The ones who knew the truth continued searching for him, while his enemies’ belief in such a legend caused them to shudder. The Mysterious Stranger, My Angel, My Jack, Achak Wave Rider -his life had been so many things. His coming into this world began miraculously, and turned into a secret tragedy.

I, Madalyn Amore, was given a name I had to constantly remind myself of, but never answered to. I stayed in touch with Charles, and he helped my mother and I relocate from our Witness Protection location in Nebraska. One year and eight months later, I stood on a beach in Maui. Behind my beach-front condo were hibiscus flowers and behind those were mountains. The surfing was incredible, and my skills caught the attention of the locals.

The Space Between became the title of my next journal. It was quickly filling up with many thoughts and remembered dreams. Some were nightmares of our last night together. My afternoon naps in the hammock were my favorite past time. You were always with me as I slowly went to the space between sleep and awake. Because I could not find your star, I continued believing you were in other places. I occasionally tuned into the news, only to look for signs of you. As your revenge unfolded, there were many signs that you still existed as well as the savage nature your enemies fell. The most telling sign of your continued existence happened today.

I dug my toes in the sand as I held my surfboard. It wasn’t the sharp breeze that caused these tears. I had awoken from a dream that I did not wish to. And as I slowly faded from the space between, you were standing in front of me. The dreams never lasted as I wished they would. I always tried to force myself back to sleep to be with you, and for you to be with me. It never worked. So, here I am again, crying for you.

As I began to step into the surf, my mother’s screams from inside the house turned me around. And because I have always believed you were something more, there you were again, coming down the steps of my porch, into the sand. Charles stood behind you, holding my mother’s hand. You lifted me out of the surf once we caught a hold of one another, never to let go. If I had not already been with you in the space between, I would have second-guessed your embrace.

You whispered into my ear as the waves crashed up to your knees and touched my toes.

“Madalyn. You know the space between sleep and awake?”

“That’s where I’ve been going to find you,” I answered with tears of joy.

“You found me…”

“The Earth had been applauding them when the Ocean waves continued crashing, never to stop.”

- Chief Wave Rider


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