The rings that makes magic happen

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A girl named Lizzie has just turned 19 and is going to move to New York her dad passed away and her mom took a gift he wanted to be given to Lizzie on here 19th birthday will this change things?

Mystery / Romance
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I wake up in a dark room. What brought me here? Or who brought me here? Wait..

I start to see a small light in the distance.

I try have closer to see what it is but before I could......


I slowly turn off my alarm clock and rub my eyes.

Oh it was just a dream I guess.

I start to get off my bed. I look around for a few seconds then, start to go to my closet.

After getting dressed I hear a knock on my door. I checked the door and it was my mom I guess she was coming to wish me happy birthday. I open the door and she bursted in not even a hi or hello.

"Happy birthday my darling" Mom said
"I wanted to give you this" Mom said.

I looked at the small box she had given me.

"Go ahead open it" Mom said excitedly waiting for my reaction.

I open the box and they're lied a small camera with some film.

"since it's the day you move to New York I wanted to give you something to capture every moment" Mom said sadly

"Thank you Mom" I said

"Oh and I almost forgot to give you this your dad said to give this on your 19th birthday"mom said

Dad I said sadly but also so excited to see what was inside the tiny box.

As I started to open the tiny box I saw a ring it looked magnificent

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